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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Iratella Mattatore Catena

Okay...this is the draft for my KHR online roleplay profile...I'll post up the history of her family later~~~


"It's time to break these chains, to look you in the eyes...to tell you...it's all over now......"

Full name:
(Italian ~real name~) Iratella Mattatore Catena マッタトレ・カテナ・イラテッァー
(Japanese ~disguise name~) Yukino Hayasaka 早坂雪乃

~Yuki: the common name that her friends call her
~Yu-chan: sometimes her friends address her with this name too
~Tella: her nickname TYL after everyone found out her real identity
~Iratella-sama: the name that the Vongolas call her
~sorridente mattatore (smiling star): the DeVastella Six Grand Officials gave her this name because she always has a smile on her face



~student at Namimori
~DeVa Six Grand Officials' Lighting Guardian (mafia)
~last surviving heir to the throne of the Mattatore Catena family

~Mattatore Catena

Appearances: (picture of Iratella will be uploaded next time)
~(height) 159.5 cm/163 cm TYL
~(weight) 43 kg/45 kg TYL
~(hair colour) brown with light brown highlights
~(eye colour) dark silverish-grey

~cheerful: always seen as a happy girl since young until she grows up, full of smiles at all times
~positive-thinking: always looks at the bright side of things, except some certain things
~childish: can be childish at certain times especially when she really wants something
~becomes more mature TYL: thinks more maturely TYL compared to present days

Positive points:
~helpful: likes to help everyone around her
~determined: always determined whenever she does something & doesn't give up easily
~nice & kind: traits that make it easy for her to get along with EVERYONE
~smart: aces exams in school & learns new things easily & quickly
~obedient: listens to Sky Ace (Hanatsu) & carries out tasks efficiently

Negative points:
~clumsy: clumsy at times, but she grew out of this point TYL
~blurrish: sometimes take a little while to understand something
~sometimes attack enemy without control when she's in traumatic mode

~vanilla ice-cream
~books (novels, magazines)
~songs (all songs~!!!)

~Varia (totally hates them)
~a day without singing & dancing
~people who dislikes books (man, she's obssessed with books)

Dying will flame:

Box weapon:
Slient Striker ~Silent Dischetto~

Animal box:
Roaring Lion

~singing & dancing
~animal tamer
~martial artist
~speak in almost 20 different languages

Personal items:
~family necklace
~a pair of special guns: used when not in suitable time to use box weapon
~iPod: essential for a singer like her
~pocketwatch with Vongola crest: the key of her past
Alongside with the history of Iratella, I will upload the picture of her. ^^