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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

25 Dec 2013: Comic Fiesta 2013 (day 1 + day 2)

Current mood: I am kinda in the mood for eating...? OvO it's like, almost 12AM and I'm noming chocolates. BECAUSE COMIC FIESTA IS OVER AND BECAUSE YOLO. //kicked

Song playlist:
||Leia (Cinematic Remix version) - DJ'TEKINA
||Jiyuu no Tsubasa (piano duet version) - Animenz ft. Tehishter


thus the title because I am lazy to separate this into two different posts -- //shot

Hey, everyone!!! Merry Christmas!!! :D

Didn't exactly had any sort of celebration for Christmas today coz I was busy settling some other stuff. But, since there's 12 days of Christmas, so I shall properly celebrate it in the 11 days to come. XD

As for now, I would like to update on Comic Fiesta 2013 as well as another special post about the one cosplayer who came down to Malaysia from Thailand for Comic Fiesta. :3 If you have been following my Twitter and Facebook lately, yes, it is Zeasonal. XD

Reason for updating today of all days is because my busy working schedule will resume as usual from tomorrow onwards, so...yea .w.

To sum up everything as of now, pics are mostly camwhore pics because I was pretty much lazy and tired to go around and meet everyone~ QuQ 

Day 1 began with me rolling to Zea's hotel and picking her and the rest up before we rolled to the event venue. Upon reaching there, we were COMPLETELY STUNNED with the amount of people there. Trust me when I said I sort of regretted buying the entry tickets because I went in to the halls for only a short while on both days. QuQ

Anyways, all of us finished preparing at about...almost 3pm? And we went into the hall at about 3.30pm. HAHAHHAHAHA *dies*

And yes, we died eventually coz the amount of people in the hall just -- idk what to say. I COULD'VE DIED IN THERE IF I WASN'T BE CAREFUL. D8

Now, for pics from day 1. XD 

Note that all pics will be posted in no particular order because screw it. |D
All photos are mine unless stated. :3

Dear Leena,

Pic credits: Leena Al-Zawawi

Thank you so much for the kind compliment. I LOVE YOU. QAQ

Pic credits: Nishino Kaede

Suddenly Makoto shorter than Kuroko?? OuO *pat pat Mako's head*
But it was nice to meet you again~ XD and running into each other in slow motion uhuhuhuuuuuu

Pic credits: KeyBeholder Ng

Wig was already on its way to malfunctioning here in this pic, but it was nice to meet you again, dear~ :3

Pic credits: Fishie Yee

And that is not even Kuroko's pose. OAO)|||

Pic credits: Leena Al-Zawawi

YESHHHH met the pretty pretty Brendaaaa :3 I love your Ranka cosplay~ :D

Pic credits: Brenda Ee

I managed to recognize you first muahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhh //kicked

Pic credits: Yamada Miow Miow

Group shot yeshhhhh :3
From left: Ashley, Zea, me and Leena 

Pic credits: Leena Al-Zawawi

This was my look for CF day 1. Definitely improved so much more than before, right? XD

Kuroko ish emo? .w.


Together with Yamadaaaaa :D

Bishie bishie Makoto by KeyBeholder. :3
I still remember how I fangirl-ed over your Makoto cosplay back in CosMart, and now we are running towards each other in slow-mo because HECK, we are awesome. 8D (wat)

Double Kurokooooo *3*
Miss you lots, Douji :D congrats on finishing SPM!!!!


Zeasonal cosplaying as Alucard genderbend version from "Hellsing". Demmit, she looks so good. ;w;
I watched how she did her makeup from start to end, and DAMN, it's so intricate. OAO

More Zea as Alucard. OwO)/

Dearie Chelcy as Shermie uhuhuhuuu

NGAHHHH HINATA DEARRRR how long has it been? ;w; Miss you alot~

Together with Leena!! Thank you for the Christmas present~ :D

Derp group shot!!! :D
Derp Kuroko is derp. Excuse my derpiness.

Together with Zea!! :3
...why do I suddenly look so serious .w.


Together with a new friend from Singapore, Shin Kage! :3
She's so pretty I wanna craiiiiiii~ QAQ

I love your Kotetsu wwwwwwwww

So, day 2 began the same way as day 1, only difference is that we arrived later but finished preparing earlier. XD 
I also went in to the event hall ahead of my gang because I had to attend a "wedding" uhuhuhuuuu~ XD

Met with long-time childhood friend, Agnes!!! :D 
We actually bumped into each other in the monorail the day before CF day 1, and then on day 2!! :D

Miss you lots :3

Pic credits: Agnes

And another childhood friend too, Shaza!! OH GOD YOU PEOPLE MAKE MY DAY wwwwww

Yayyyy Agnes :3

Hai Joe you so bishie. OvO

This was actually a long-time request by me to these two. XD and YAYYYYY they made it came true~ XD

Erwin Smith is cosplayed by Bean whereas Levi is cosplayed by Miharu. :3

Tried playing the Pocky game with Miharu.

LOL FAIL. *runs away*

Danchou was deliberately staring into my eyes and to avoid from being distracted (MORE LIKE SEDUCED) by his stare, I had to look down. THUS THE AWKWARD LOOK. *cries*

Because danchou is very manly. 8D

Happy Newly Weds...? OvO)/

Together with the duo that drove many fangirls nuts with their love for each other :3 (wait wat)

Bean, please stop being so bishie.

...actually, please don't stop, so that I can have something to fangirl over whenever needed. 8D

Miharu babehhhhh Y U SO ADORABLE :3

Finally bumped into Haru-neechan!!! :3

After 1 3/4 days of Comic Fiesta, WE FINALLY SEE EACH OTHER. GOODNESS ME.


Chillin' in the food court below after a crazy day. I swear I was unable to go anywhere after that because I was too tired .w.

Already removed my wiggu here .w.
Together with the pretty pretty Shin~ :3

Another new friend from Singapore, Wei Lin!! :D
Cosplaying as Makoto from Free!

I've met two very bishie Makoto in two days. I am a happy fangirl now. ;v;

AAAAAAA regretted removing my wig so early~ oAo

Zea cosplayed as VOCALOID's Kaito Setsugetsuka version on day 2. It's one of my most fave cosplays by her. :3

SO, for Comic Fiesta 2013 day 2, I also did a special (noob) EruRi shoot for Bean and Miharu. :3
Of course they will be having a much more professional shoot for next year, but for CF this year it was kinda for the fun of it only. XD

Photos below are taken using my pitiful Nokia N8 then pitifully edited by the noob me. OuO

Erwin: SUSUMEEEEEE~!!!!!
Levi: ......wat

Reiner be derping at the back LOLOLOLLLL

My favorite shot of the day. 8D
Tsundere heichou. PFFFTTT.

Okay, so I have a video that I have recorded on day 2. This is specially for all EruRi supporters. XD
Although the video itself is kinda short, but hey, IT'S INTENSE TOO. OvO



And that's about it for Comic Fiesta 2013 for me!! :3
I didn't really get to buy anything from the event this time around. All I got were my preordered Erwin x Levi badges and Yuegene Fay's poster. :D
I also got quite a precious collection of coscards too this time, but since I'm so lazy to take photos of them, so...yea. .w.

This post is basically reported from my point of view, so it may had been a different experience from you? XD but this was how Comic Fiesta was like for me this year. The event itself was awesome as always, and with the right people, the experience will always be awesome!! :3

I will be making a special post next within the next few days (while I still have the mood to blog more~ owo) to tell on my experience bringing Zea around KL for the past one week. XD
It had been one hell of a roller coaster ride for myself the past week, but hey, it's the memories that counts. :D

As of now, I wish to go to bed early because I just came back from sending her off at the airport.

See you guys soon!

Til then,