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Sunday, October 20, 2013

20 October 2013: Cosmart 2013 Day 1 Report

Current mood: A bit groggy as of now, maybe because of the fatigue. But other than that, I'm totally fine...I THINK.

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Haven't been updating my blog at all these few weeks 8'D (Main reason: lazy!)

Anyway, I attended a rather small scale but fun event yesterday. Cosmart was organized by the Comic Fiesta team and it is kinda like a bazaar? - As what I'd call it - for cosplayers. Some of the cosplayers were selling 2nd hand cosplay stuff for other cosplayers that might be interested to buy.

It's kinda depressing for the fact that there was nothing there that I needed to buy...well except for some stuff that I thought was kinda cute (but heck, I didn't even needed it for my cosplay OTL)

But overall, with the right kind of people, a small event will always be a fun one no matter what.

AND HECK, we had a chaotically good time yesterday. XD

The day began with me reaching at Farenheit88 by 9a.m, and the place isn't frickkin opened yet ;__; and then I saw Ying Tze standing in front of me orzorzorz I wanted to go up and say hi to her but I was too shy and she was super fabulous-looking while I look like a total idiot orzorzorz

In case you were wondering why I was super early...I wanted to buy the Comic Fiesta early bird tickets lol. I had to replace the ones that were stolen along with my purse two weeks ago (ugly sobbing) and also a lot of my friends asked me to help them buy the tickets. :D

The rest of the day progressed with a series of crazy ass incidents and also an unexpected casual photoshoot with one of the cosplay photographers that I look up to, Forat Shot! :D I will wait for the photo by him and I shall post it in my dA and WorldCosplay! :)

Met a lot of close cosplay friends and also a few new friends! Had a great time hanging out with dearie Hanatsu and also a new friend, Chelcy, who then became a very close friend of ours in mere hours yesterday XD

Now, time for photos to tell the story of the day!
The sequencing will be: selca photos first followed by cosplayers' photos and photos taken by friends.

(P.S: I look horrible in most of the selca photos coz I slept pretty late the night before... ;A; also, all photos were not edited because I am lazy to do the editing.... *runs*)


Arrived super early at Farenheit88!! This was taken about 9.10a.m? And the doors were still closed then ;__; gdi

Selca together with the bishie bishie Bean (豆子) as Erwin Smith from "Shingeki no Kyojin". :D
I said "DANCHOU!!" out loud when I saw her arriving at the venue orzorzorz sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean to do it on purpose ;A;

Bean's danchou cosplay is so bishie, I'm literally fangirling whenever I pass by her wwwwwwww

Selca together with Hanatsu and bishie Spacechan! :D
To Spacechan: I didn't know that we were the first ones to spot you :'D
Photo is a bit blur, unfortunately *sobs*

Selca together with Thong Cheong Seng cosplaying as Eren Jaeger from "Shingeki no Kyojin"! :D
Had a great time chatting about shit loads of stuff ;w; thanks for your coscard too! XD

So, these are the "high" trio that went practically high during the whole event

Left is the cutie Chelcy and middle is dearie Hanatsu :3

Also met the super cute Riko on that day! :D 
She was feeling unwell, unfortunately D: *pat pat Riko's head*

Got a chance to selca with Takayuki Yew! :D SENPAI NOTICED ME!! /slapped
The both of us are actually fans of each other: I am a fan of her cosplays and she is a fan of my singing. ////////
I didn't get to ask what was the character she was cosplaying orz but the costume was beautiful *A*

Met with Chiaki too! She is cosplaying as Tifa from "Final Fantasy VII". :) 
She told me that she rushed down from Putrajaya all the way to the event after finishing her shoot. 
I'm so happy to meet her again! XD we've been meeting each other more frequently this year as I have been frequently attending events too :) I've known Chiaki for almost 3 years now and it's so awesome to see her cosplay every time together with her partner, Takayuki :D

Bumped into another senpai, Weiss!! :D 
(holy shit, I look like an idiot here)

Selca together with my dear imouto, Mitsuki Rin who cosplayed as Miku Hatsune Snow version. :D

I am sorry for I don't know the name of this character, but the costume was so pretty, I can't help but --
But I do know it's from the series, "Valvrave" -- uhh...something something. (I should be slapped to death for this)

CN Zx Teoh
Series: Valvare the Liberator

Uhuhuhuuuu swimming trunks version 8D

Matsuoka Rin CN Manwai Lai
Haruka Nanase CN Tetsuya Shino
Series: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

I love the expression!! :D

Ciel Phantomhive CN Shelly Rasetsu
Series: Kuroshitsuji

His smile -- (faints)

Makoto Tachibana CN KeyBeholder Ng
Series: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

REINER REINERRRR~ *3* ( - Reiner fangirl alert TUT TUT -)

Reiner Braun CN (not sure)
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin


I'm a sucker for Assassin's Creed cosplay but I don't know much about the game....I AM SUCH A FAILURE IN LIFE QAQ /leaps off building/

I am not sure of the series and character, so if you happen to know it, do let me know! :D

CN Viv Minami

Eren Jaegar CN Thong Cheong Seng
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin

Aiyer so cute la these two wwwwwwww

Aladdin CN Jyeng
Morgiana CN Asleno
Series: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww -inserts more hearts here-

Met the moe Xsaye today too!! :D So glad to meet her again after our last meet in AMG. xD
I'm happy that she still remembers me ;w;

*deep inhales*

Levi CN Icebaby Suet Yee
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin


Mikasa Ackerman CN (not sure)
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin

She is actually noming a bread ouo

Sasha Braus CN (not sure)
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin


Yukina Kou CN Snow Yang (BISHIE SNOW hurhurrr)
Series: Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi

Special guest speaker for the day: Angie!! :D
She is a local cosplay idol, and I look up to her a lot for all her awesome cosplays :) She had a cosplay workshop on that day too and I learned a lot from it. :D

...I feel so bad for taking pics of cosplayers cosplaying as characters that I don't know of ;A;
But I still take pics of them because their costumes are so beautiful~ and I want them to feel appreciated for their cosplays, so I took photos of them too. 

so as usual, if you know the name of the character and the series, lemme know!! 

CN Lim Kei Li

I saw her pass by me a few times, and it took me a while to realize that she is cosplaying as Ai Haibara!! MY CHILDHOOD FEELS wwwwwww

Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara) CN IceQilin IScream
Series: Detective Conan

We took this while waiting for Angie's cosplay workshop to begin :D
I notice that I pose differently when taking my own selca as compared to selca-ed by others ;w; 
The "high" trio huehue

Photo credits: Hanatsu

 Got to take pic with Leena and Adam!! :D sadly Sophia wasn't able to join them coz she was tired and asleep at home orz
Thanks for the big hugs, guys :D

Photo credits: Leena Al-Zawawi


 Together with bishie Spacechan huhu :3

Photo credits: Hanatsu

We had lunch at Teppanyaki in the food court of Pavilion :D
Chelcy so cute wwwwwwwww

Photo credits: Hanatsu

Took this photo and edited it with LINE camera coz I was bored and flowers are pretty :'D


Took this only a few hours back to show off the little chick hair clip that I bought from Takayuki Yew's booth. It's so cute amagahhhhhh ;w;
(P.S: This photo is edited and added with a filter to reduce the appearances of pimples. Pimples are really bad these days D:)

And that's about it! :D
It's been a while since I last attended an event and becoming so "high" until we kept laughing over the smallest things.
We also had to run though a rather heavy drizzle after lunch coz the weather decided to play tricks on us (I AM NOT AMUSED)

Overall, I would always like to say that a small event is actually much more fun because it's just simple and the most important thing is the connection between us and our friends. :D
And also it's easier to spot people because of the size of the place XD
It is a bit cramped, but hey, better than nothing, right? :D
Thanks for dropping by my (miserable) bloggie! :D

Till next time~