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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22 Nov 2011: Love you for A Thousand Years...

Current mood: Too tired til I don't feel sleepy or even have the appetite to eat~ :/ hurrmmmm, something's wrong with my body nowadays~ TTATT

Hey there, everyone!! :D
Here I am, at night, blogging again. I have no life, I know orz
But I'm trying my very best to blog as frequent as I can to keep everyone updated with my life (as to those who actually keep up on what I do everyday, I thank you very much~ ;w; <3)

I'm not much of a Twilight novel fan, but I do watch the movie~ :D (I skipped "Eclipse" though.... TTwTT)
and with the new upcoming Saga, Breaking Dawn part one, releasing VERY soon, all Twilight Saga fans are now in the Twilight frenzy mood, which includes yours truly~ ;)
And of course, yours truly is also on the hunt for new nice songs from the Breaking Dawn saga soundtrack, and here I found, AT LAST, an epicly beautiful song, epicly suitable for Breaking Dawn.

A song brought to you by the  one and only awesome Christina Perri~ :3
Maybe there's alot of you out there have already heard of this song, and also loads of you out there who haven't. Nevertheless, it's worth for me to share the song here for you to enjoy and to LOVE.

No need to post lyrics here or else you'll miss out on the awesomeness of the video~ |D

or if you DO want the lyrics, here's the official lyric video of "A Thousand Years"~

the lyric video is equally epic as the original video, so with this video you can enjoy this epic song while singing along to it~ :3

(all videos belong to their respective owners, I OWN NOTHING!!! >n<)

So, well, ENJOY!!!



Sunday, November 20, 2011

21 Nov 2011: Iratella Catena @ GAMP 2011

Current mood: Yeah, sleepy, but I CAN'T SLEEP. =w=

Currently listening to:
> Diamond Crevasse ~end of triangle~ - May'n
> Pink Monsoon - May'n
> Scarlet Knight - Nana Mizuki
> Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine


Yea, I know, GAMP 2011 was almost one month ago, but since internet at my house was down for a few weeks, so, yea, I only get to upload it NAO~ >W<

This wasn't a planned photoshoot actually. It just so happened that Hanatsu bought the sword from one of the booths there, we both happened to cosplay as Iratella and Hainexia (which, yea, only like a FEW people knows that we were cosplaying as Iratella and Hainexia, and we only happened to cosplay as them because we were kinda lazy to do fancy cosplays. Very troublesome. |D) and we just thought of doing it for fun. :3
and all of a sudden it just turned out to be, well, PRETTY NICE. 8D

Though some looks kinda...weird...but, well, I like 'em. :3

Iratella Catena Vongola Sword photoshoot
GAMP 2011 @ IMU Bukit Jalil

Photographer: Michiru
Make-up: Hanatsu
Props (sword): Hanatsu
Edits: yours truly~ ;)

Mai favourite shot of the day~ >W< <3

Fierce eyes are fierce~ *staressss*

I carry the burden from both the Vongola and the Catena family, and this sword is the symbol of the two family's bond.



at the event venue, they prepared a little small set that is Halloween-themed for us to take some pictures there (note the spider cobwebs on the background~ |D)

Edited these as well to give the studio-like effect~ *w* -proudface.jpg-


Well that's about it then. This is the last photoshoot that I'm having until Comic Fiesta 2011. Have to cut down on my photoshoots for now coz i have to work and I don't have time for it~ |D

My new costume has arrived last week~ (THANKS DOUJI!!! >W< )
gonna post up pics of my pwetty new costume when I have the time~

til then,

(and I'm sick again.... TTWTT)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 Nov 2011: Alone again, but not lonely~

Current mood: DAMN SLEEPY~ =w=

Currently listening to:
> Back to December - Taylor Swift
> Scarlet Knight - Nana Mizuki
> Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ - Lena Park
> Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock
> Take Over - Mizz Nina ft. Flo-Rida


I always knew in my mind and my heart that this day would finally arrive. And I always have been wondering and imagining how does it feel like, how would I react, how would I accept it in every way.

And when it finally ACTUALLY arrived, things weren't as how I thought it would be.

Yeah, I'm talking about me being single again.

And yes, it's totally different from what I actually imagined it would be.

I always thought that breaking up with a guy would be hurtful and I will be crying my eyes out til I could cry no more. I always thought that I would go through depression and think of ending my life just like that.

But I was wrong.

I was actually much happier, in a sense that although we are no longer in a relationship, but we are still happy to be friends.
At least that's better than having to tolerate a rather annoying boyfriend (an honest POV of mine, thank you very much~ :D)

At least right now that I'm single again, I'm not lonely, as I have loads of other things in life that can help me forget about this problem. :)

For example, my family, friends, and my cosplay. :)
They always help me get through the day.

and speaking of day, it's damn LATE LATE LAAATEEE at night, I need sleep, and I need to go to work tomorrow.

Starbucks for the WIN!! :D

Good night, fellow netizens~ :)
(AND I MISS BLOGGING!!!! o[>w<]o)