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Sunday, April 7, 2013

07 April 2013: Miracles May (cover by me)

Current mood: So stressed out I wanna cry. ;___;

Music Playlist:
 = Miracles May - Kanoko Ito [Violin version] (OST "Sweet Pool")

Ohai, people! :D
For those who are in my FB friends list and following me on Twitter, you do know that I'm currently having a bad case of cough and runny nose as well as my final exams. ;w;

HOWEVER, in midst of finals, I found the violin version of "Sweet Pool" 's "Miracles May", so right after my first paper, I went back home, and voila! A new video~ XD (lolwhutisdisIdonteven)

Hope you enjoy it~ :D


Video description: 
Hello, lovelies! :)
It is actually the week of my final exams right now, but I decided to take some time off because I really really wanted to record the cover for this song.

This song is called "Miracles May", originally sung by Kanoko Ito for the BL game by Nitro+Chiral, "Sweet Pool". The lyrics of the song touches my heart whenever I listen to it, and for some reason, I can't help but crying whenever I listen to it :___;
I had a strong urge to sing this song so badly right after I found the violin version of the song (in which I've used it to cover this song), and I've always wanted to sing this song since I first listened to it, like, 3 years back. Now that I've got the chance, I've got no regrets! :)

Just so you know, I'm currently having a bad case of sore throat and runny nose. ;___; and I sang this song while having all these illness. Guess I overworked myself on studies. OTL

Another reason why I've thought of making a song cover for this is because I'm attempting to launch the "Sweet Pool" game I've downloaded months ago. Until today, I have no clue how to launch it. ;__; I've seek help from a lot of my friends, but none of their advise helped me much. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do comment below!! Much help is appreciated, thank you! :D

Enjoy my cover!! :)

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Picture at the end is from my Miku Hatsune Secret Police official photoshoot from Comic Fiesta 2011. Thanks to Jeremy Yeo, my photographer, for the awesome photo! :D visit my WorldCosplay account for more of my cosplay pictures! :)

Copyright notice: I do not own any songs that were used in this video! All songs belong rightfully to their producers and artists.
Now, back to doing revision for my finals.




Monday, April 1, 2013

01 Apr 2013: Hatsune Miku makeup by me

Current mood: Kinda groggy ;___;

Music Playlist:
= Electro Saturator - Miku Hatsune
= Torinoko City - Miku Hatsune
= Time Machine - Miku Hatsune
= Nisoku Hokou - Miku Hatsune
= Yellow - Miku Hatsune


Hello, people!! :D

I was thinking of updating something special related to C2AGE today, which are the hints for the special project under me. ;w; but since today is April Fools Day...I'd rather not update on that yet because I'm worried some of you might not believe it ;A;

I hereby tell you that the hints are VALID and the special project is really commencing ;A; I'll update about it in the next post though...which...I'm not sure when OTL.
You'll know when I do. XD


So just a short update for today. :)

For those of you who've subscribed to my Youtube channel, you should've watched the video that I've uploaded on how I did my makeup for my Miku cosplay. XD
If you didn't, here it is for you guys! :3

I've also uploaded two song covers last night, so you can go check it out too if you like :D

I'm gonna be rather busy this week and next week...and for the many weeks to come until after C2AGE 2013. ;___;
Nevertheless, I'll try my very best to keep you guys updated on my current progress and everyday life :D

Gotta go now, have to prepare for my biggest presentation coming up on Wednesday ;A;