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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

08 Feb 2012: Comic Fiesta 2011 day 2 report!!!! :D

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Ooookayyy, so before I start on my report on Comic Fiesta 2011 day 2 report, I just want to say a few words.....


Being busy with work and all, plus with my stupid idea of going out while I'm on my day off made me unable to update my blog. QWQ

Right, so here I am, FINALLY being able to sit down in front of my PC (and yeaa, NOT FOR LONG ANYWAY~~ OTL) so I decided to update on my blog a little~ ;w;


Okay, so, day 2 was, as everyone said, BETTER, I really mean, WAYYYYYYYY BETTER than day 1, so all of us definitely had more fun on day 2 compared to day 1.

The proof?

Well, I'll show it to you in the form of pictures below. XD

For day 2, I cosplayed as Miku Hatsune Himitsu Keisatsu version (yes, again~) but for day 2, I teamed up with a whole Himitsu Keisatsu team (except that we're missing out on the Kagamine twins... ;w;) and at least I wasn't lonely and I made new friends~ :3
Photo quality for day 2 report is MUCH MUCH better as they're taken by Michiru's awesome camera~ *w*



Miku Hatsune: Yukino @ yours truly /flips hair
Kaito Shion: Naito Ryuu
Luka Megurine: Joanne Lee
Meiko Haigo: Haruhi Syaoran
Gumi: Hanatsu
Gakupo Kamui: Alex Ming
Kiyoteru Hiyama: Zul Loveless

(cosplayer names are based on their FB names~ :3)

So yea, I'm the Miku of the group. 8D
But the one who formed the group was none other than the lovely Meiko, Haruhi Syaoran, who happens to be my beloved oneechan~ <3 so all credits to her for successfully handling the group.
The group would look more nice and colourful if only the Kagamine twins could join us orz ;w;

I initially wasn't supposed to be part of the group, actually. But the group's original Miku had a major bump on the road (I heard them say that her costume went missing upon shipping~ QAQ) so since Hanatsu was part of the group and I happened to cosplay as Miku of the same version, so I volunteered to fill in for the position~ >W<

Oh look, my wig made me look like I'm shining~ OwO |||

btw, do you know that the Kiyoteru of our group is actually the horse head guy from day 1? 8D <3

Looking for something at the distance...at all directions...

soooo exactly where is our target?? =W=||| *facepalm*

ahhh, Meiko ish not ready yet~ OwO

Awkward pose for me is awkward ahaha~ ^w^|||

Lol, we look like we're the Justice League or something orz

Hanatsu and Naito posing for a picca~ :3

Lolol, Naito, why the long face?? :w;

Kiss my gun to shoot you dead...

(lol what kind of caption am I giving?? =W=|||)

Joanne, Alex and Hanatsu. The colourful Justice trio. 8D

Michiru memang smart to take this photo. 8D
I was actually talking to the phone while posing for the photographers. OTL
I was talking to my photographer, Jeremy, if I'm not mistaken. =w=

A really nice shot of me by Speedz Low Photography.
Thanx for the pics!!!

My fringe looks extremely messy.
But who's to say it doesn't make my whole look nice? 8D

oh wait, it didn't. |3

ahh well, after this phase was our group unofficial official shoot by Jeremy, which I will update in the NEXT post. :3

after we're done with our short photoshoot, Hanatsu and I, and our gang went off into the KLCC garden to do a duo photoshoot. Ahh well, just to entertain ourselves while we're outside and not wanting to go back inside the packed halls. Ahahahh~

Hanatsu using the camera as her mirror to adjust her wig~ 8D

Photobombing level: Gumi~ 8D

We went back into the hall at about almost 5pm (after Shiomaru finished her performance, that is~ ;w;) because Hanatsu had to head back to her campus and we wanted to go back into Hall 5 to do a final venture around the place.
Got some really nice small stuff and a nice small sketch of chibi D18~ 8D and a KHR yaoi doujin!! XD

later on, when we finally decided to want to leave the place, we said goodbye to a few people. And the person that I want to say goodbye the most to is Malaysia's ACG community's beloved Shiomaru~ :3
Forked out RM30 to buy her Tribute album. Yeaaaa.


before leaving the hall, I FINALLY got to snap a pic with her!! >W<
Was really shy to grab a pic with her before this, and this time, I finally got a pic with her. :3

My extremely tired face and messed up look together with the awesome Shiomaru <3 she's cosplaying as an OC from Baskin Robbins~ :)

after we left Hall 5 and walking back to Hall 4 to grab our stuffs and take off my wig, someone saw me and walked up to me and was with this really broad smile looking at me, with hopeful eyes. She asked me: "Do you still remember me? 8D" and while I was trying to collect back memories with a blur look on my face, she then walked away acting disappointed.
With that voice of hers, I immediately knew it was actually...


Sorry, sweetie, for not being able to recognize you faster on that day. My brain was only half alive back then. ;w;

got to take a pic with her anyhows~ >W<

oh gawd, was my hair THAT messy back then? o___o|||

and after that it was back home we went.
Everyone was definitely worn out and half dead and all.

But it was worth it, trust me. :)


Aite, so, besides getting stuck outside for the whole day and getting squashed inside both halls, most of the time it was really all about knowing how to make the most out of the event in midst of the cramped place and crazy situations.
And with that, you leave with a rather satisfied feeling in you, knowing that you didn't have any regrets going to an event this big held in an iconic venue.

Congratulations to the Comic Fiesta committee for being able to organize my fave ACG event in the venue that I wished for it to be held in. 8D also congrats for being able to prove to the KLCC management on day 2 that y'all are more capable of handling this event. >w<

Congratulations to the KLCC management team for being such an asshole for day 1. =w= *slapped*
and congratulations to the other event in the KLCC hall for being such a good sport and not throwing water bottles at us. XD

either how all of us felt about the event, it's undeniable that Comic Fiesta is getting better by the years. And I hope for this year, it IS going to be DA BOMB.

okay, moving on to the next post, which I doubt I will be able to finish updating by tonight. ;w;

till then, this from me to you......

Yukino wishing everyone a (kinda belated) Nyappie Dragon New Year 2012, Happy Awal Muharram, Happy Thaipusam and Happy Valentines Day to all you human beings out there!!! >W< <3<3

SEE YA!!! :3