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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iratella's history (updating tomorrow)

(I changed the whole story, so please wait for the new one to be updated in this post)
The young mafioso principessa (mafia princess) lived a life full of trials more than anyone else. She has gone through so many to finally achieve what she holds in her heart for very long. Tsuna makes her as his most trusted alliance in the Vongola family due to her family background and also a very historical event in the mafia world that had her to recieve the title as a Mafia Princess...

Iratella was born on the 14 August in Milan, Italy, to Iraden and Arinie (pronounced as A-ree-nee-e) Mattatore Catena. She's the second child and the youngest among all her seven cousins. She has an older brother, Iratellio, who is older that her by 3 years.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iratella's family history


Iratella is the icon of the Italiano Mafia world for having the ultimate courage to sacrifice her trust against her own older brother, Iratellio, to restore peace between Vongola, Catena and Varia. Iratella's  family has a magnificent line of history that make her one of the most respected mafia in the whole world.


The Mattatore Catena family is one of Italy's most powerful and influential mafia family. With a great history of over 400 years and nine powerful generations of Sky Bosses, this family's history becomes an important key to unlock a 400-year-old mystery for the one and only (actually two) surviving member of the family.

The founder of the Vongola family, Vongola Primo, Giotto, has a younger sister, Giella. Giella is a pure Italian beauty and there were many guys who chases after her. Her parents wishes for her to get married and settle down with the Duke of Florence, Raphele, whom Giella describes as "stuck-up, snobbish, spoilt big brat", which is all true. Despite being a handsome duke, Giella very much hates his total playboy attitude and she would always wonder why would any girl want to fall in love with him. (When compared, Raphele is like the more handsome version of Dr. Shamal...) The young 17-year-old beauty uses her brain to avoid Raphele at all times and of course, sometimes with the help of her loving brother Giotto.

Whenever questioned, Giella would never reveal who she has a crush on, until one day, Giotto himself found out that Giella was in love with one of his lower-levelled henchman, Vincent. Giotto of course supports his beloved younger sister, but their parents disapproved him and looked down on him. No matter what her parents said about him, Giella still loves him and trusts him whole-heartedly. Whenever she's with him, she senses a pure and strong power in him. Vincent was always the laughing stock of Giella's parents until one day during a battle between Vongola and a rival mafia family, Vincent saved Giella from the rival with a hidden element he's never shown to anyone before - Sky. Everyone was shocked when they've seen this, because another Sky guardian in the same family is impossible. Vincent didn't want to cause any trouble to the Vongola, so he willingly left the Vongola family, having to leave his beloved Giella behind. When Giella's parents saw how devastated Giella was after Vincent left, they decided to give Giella what she wants. But for Vincent to get Giella, he must first defeat Raphele, Sky Boss of the Guerra family. Vincent won easily because of his raw and powerful Sky flame. Raphele, who suffered humiliation and defeat for the first time, hid away from the public's eye forever. Vincent is then happily married to Giella and they started off their own family, using Vincent's surname, Mattatore Catena.

Soon enough, the Mattatore Catena family grew into one of the biggest families in the whole of Italy. Seeing Vincent's success in creating one of the most influential mafia family, Giotto offered Vincent to make the Mattatore Catena family one of Vongola's alliances. Vincent agrees. To seal the deal, Giotto gave Vincent a custom-made Vongola pocket watch as a symbol of Vongola's protection over Mattatore Catena. With the help of Giotto to guide him along the way, Vincent grew even more confident by each passing day. Soon, the Mattatore Catena family became the second most powerful mafia family in the world.

Generation by generation, the Mattatore Catena family was proudly ruled by nine magnificent Sky Bosses who at the same time are helping to take care of the Vongola family. The Vongola pocket watch was also passed down to each generation, keeping it as a symbol of protection from the Vongola family. After 400 years, the Vongola pocket watch is passed down to the hands of the 9th Mattatore Catena Sky Boss, Iraden.

Iraden is said to be the best ever Sky Boss that have ever ruled this blood-related-only-member mafia family. It was this time when the Varia started to be active and desires to take Vongola down. The Varia came to know about how much influence does the Mattatore Catena family had, so they decided to take them down as a shortcut towards taking down the Vongola family. They devised a plan that changed the face of this powerful family and the life of the young survivors once and for all.

On the night of the annual family gathering in the home of Iraden, everyone in the family was present. Just when the night seems to be like any other silent and peaceful night, a bomb was set of in 7 different strategic locations in the area of the castle. Many were killed by the bomb, but some of them survived. Iraden gave it his best shot to protect everyone that survived. But those who survived were masscarred in the mansion itself, including Iraden and his wife, Aritella. Before dying, Iraden handed over the Vongola pocket watch to his youngest daughter, Iratella, and asks his trusted Storm guardian, Simora,  to bring Iratella to safety. Iratella and Simora ran into the dark woods that surrounded the Mattatore Catena castle as the Vongolas came in to rescue any survivors, which seems impossible.

The glorious image of the Mattatore Catena family changed forever after the memorable incident. A massive funeral was held for all those who died in the massacre. Vongola 9th honored Vincent as a brave hero who sacrificed himself to protect his family. His heroic act is inherited by his daughter to take revenge on Varia and the person behind all these acts.

P.S: Will be edited if there's any change in the history line

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Iratella Mattatore Catena

Okay...this is the draft for my KHR online roleplay profile...I'll post up the history of her family later~~~


"It's time to break these chains, to look you in the eyes...to tell you...it's all over now......"

Full name:
(Italian ~real name~) Iratella Mattatore Catena マッタトレ・カテナ・イラテッァー
(Japanese ~disguise name~) Yukino Hayasaka 早坂雪乃

~Yuki: the common name that her friends call her
~Yu-chan: sometimes her friends address her with this name too
~Tella: her nickname TYL after everyone found out her real identity
~Iratella-sama: the name that the Vongolas call her
~sorridente mattatore (smiling star): the DeVastella Six Grand Officials gave her this name because she always has a smile on her face



~student at Namimori
~DeVa Six Grand Officials' Lighting Guardian (mafia)
~last surviving heir to the throne of the Mattatore Catena family

~Mattatore Catena

Appearances: (picture of Iratella will be uploaded next time)
~(height) 159.5 cm/163 cm TYL
~(weight) 43 kg/45 kg TYL
~(hair colour) brown with light brown highlights
~(eye colour) dark silverish-grey

~cheerful: always seen as a happy girl since young until she grows up, full of smiles at all times
~positive-thinking: always looks at the bright side of things, except some certain things
~childish: can be childish at certain times especially when she really wants something
~becomes more mature TYL: thinks more maturely TYL compared to present days

Positive points:
~helpful: likes to help everyone around her
~determined: always determined whenever she does something & doesn't give up easily
~nice & kind: traits that make it easy for her to get along with EVERYONE
~smart: aces exams in school & learns new things easily & quickly
~obedient: listens to Sky Ace (Hanatsu) & carries out tasks efficiently

Negative points:
~clumsy: clumsy at times, but she grew out of this point TYL
~blurrish: sometimes take a little while to understand something
~sometimes attack enemy without control when she's in traumatic mode

~vanilla ice-cream
~books (novels, magazines)
~songs (all songs~!!!)

~Varia (totally hates them)
~a day without singing & dancing
~people who dislikes books (man, she's obssessed with books)

Dying will flame:

Box weapon:
Slient Striker ~Silent Dischetto~

Animal box:
Roaring Lion

~singing & dancing
~animal tamer
~martial artist
~speak in almost 20 different languages

Personal items:
~family necklace
~a pair of special guns: used when not in suitable time to use box weapon
~iPod: essential for a singer like her
~pocketwatch with Vongola crest: the key of her past
Alongside with the history of Iratella, I will upload the picture of her. ^^

Friday, September 25, 2009

A questioon survey tagged by Vivi on Facebook~

Please answer the following questions

Are you scared of creepy creatures?:
-creepy creatures like snakes?? yeah, i'm scared of them...

Are you scared of cockroaches?:
-YES, coz they are dirty!!!!

Do you get scared in the dark?:
-yeah...sometimes after I watched ghost movies...><

What is your favorite day of the week?:
-as long as it's a holiday...

Your dream car:

Your dream vacation:
-Japan & Italy~~~

In your next birth, you would love to be:
-a happy person~!

In your past birth, you must have been:
- a fighting knight...???

Your favorite pizza topping is:
- cheese........XDDDDD

How many kids do you want to have?:
-2...one boy & one girl...

Last TV channel you watched:
-History channel

What are you wearing right now?:
-T-shirt & shorts...

What do you wear at night in bed?:

Your favorite toy in childhood:
-my bunny toy which I name Suzie...

How many teeth do you have?:
-count for me lor...

When did you last visit the dentist?:
-early this year...

Which toothpaste do you use?:
-Colgate (what question is this???)

Your preferred toilet paper brand:
-urr............soft one is better......
Three things you can't live without:
-my mp4...my handphone....& my family....^^
If you had one person to take with you on a deserted island, it would be:
-my dog~!!! (but he's not human, is he??)
Your dream celebrity date:
-urr..................Hiroki Aiba or Ryosuke Yamada~!!! XDDDD

Do you believe in aliens?:
-yeap, but they've not shown themselves to us yet, so I still doubt it...

Do you believe in ghosts and such?:
-totally...although i still doubt it...

Favorite cocktail:
-none...too young to drink...

Favorite fruit:
-apple...orange...grapes... (oh, wait, that's three...)

Favorite flower:

Have you puked at a party?:
-yes, i think...=.=????

You would love to get a tattoo done on your:
-nope, don't feel like getting a tattoo....

Have you pretended to be sick to avoid someone or some meeting?:
-a couple of times....(haha...i'm bad, rite??)

Do you cry easily?:

Do you swear a lot?:

Favorite body part in the opposite sex:

Corniest pickup line used by you on someone:

Corniest pickup line someone used on you:

What's your childhood nickname?:
-adik (until now...that's what my parents call me though...dunno why...)

What's your nickname these days?:
-Yukino, Stephy, stuffy bear (???)

Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing situation by your parents?:
-dunno wor......

The food you hate to eat:
-bitter gourd....petai~!

Your favorite breakfast cereal:
-Cookie crisp...

Do you have any pets?:
-yeap...my dog called Mickey~~

If yes, describe your pets:
-He's small...black & white...definitely cute...very obedient...intelligent...5 years old~

Which is your favorite holiday?:

Have you ever been drunk out of your mind?:
-I don't drink....

Ever been in a car accident?:
-involved, no...witnessed, yes....

The boy band you secretly listen to:
-none....i don't secretly listen ler....

The body part you would love to get pierced:

When did you last diet to lose weight?:
-during recess for the whole bulan puasa...XDDDD

What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?:
-open my eyes...XDDDD

Do you read newspapers or books in the toilet?:
-nope....scared later drop on the floor and get wet....

Are you in love with someone these days?:
-my dog~!!! XDDD (then again, he's not human...)

Would you date a hottie who is totally dumb?:
-no way~!! that'll ruin my image~!!!

Has anyone slapped you on the face?:
-yeap...my mom...(forgot what was it that i did that made her really mad....)

What is the color of the underwear you are wearing?:
-guess lor....

Which is your favorite underwear brand?: -i wear whatever i got lor...i'm not specific...

What is your favorite denim brand?:

If you could afford a fashion designer, it would be:
-Dolce & Gabanna~! XDDDD

Your first cell phone was:

Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?:
-text...save more money~

Are you a sensitive person?:
-very sensitive....

Would you go for a one night stand?:
-no way~! i'm not dumb!!!!

The romantic movie you like most:
- Koizora (Sky of Love)

The action movie you like most:
-Transformers (is it sction???haha)

Do you believe in heaven and hell?:

Which is your most memorable trip with friends?:
-not yet lor....

Which newspaper do you read daily?:
-The Star

The magazines you like to read:
-CosMode, wink up, Myojo

Your first job was:
-none yet

Did you have a best friend in school?:
-Yeap!! Dominica, Michelle, Haine, Kaede....basically, everyone in class is my friend!!

Which email service do you use most?:

Have you ever walked to save money?:

Where do you shop for clothes
every mall that i went to....

What was your pocket money as a kid?:
-RM 1.00 daily....now increased to RM 150 monthly...

Can you talk to someone for long hours on the phone?:
-nope...unless discussing important matters...

Do you like taking stupid surveys like these?:
-if i'm too bored...XDDDD

If yes, do you have too much free time?:
-now, yes...

One memory you wish you could erase:
-lots ler...
Any sport, you are really good at:
-Taekwondo, badminton (long time ady didn't play, so not really good at it now...), chess (kinda suck, but at least i know the basics...^^)

In your purse, you keep a photo of:
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn, myself (I.C.), Vampire Knight

Do you take any medicine daily?:

Have you ever lied about your age?:
-yeap...a couple of times...best success was to a Japanese guy who was trying to court me via online...

The last person you kissed was:
-my mom~~& my dog~~~XDDDDD

The last country you visited:
-Italy (in my dreams....XDDDD)

Do you need music while you are studying?:

A song you loved as a kid:
-a lot~~~

Any kiddie song you still remember:
-"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star~~~"

Habits you hate in others:
-liar, likes to annoy me a lot on something that i claim to be true & that person keep saying that i'm lying on that thing....

On a scale of one to ten how obnoxious is this survey?:

One habit of yours, you wish you could change?:

you brush twice a day?:

How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?:
-depends on what occassion I'm going to that morning...maybe 20 mins to 1 hour...

Are you a day person or a night person?:

Your favorite cartoon character:

Have you made a complete fool of yourself anytime?:
-yeap...lots of time....

Any word or sentence you repeat often:

Describe your computer monitor:

One book you are dying to read:
-all my novels that i bought during BookFest last month...

One movie you are dying to see:
-NEW MOON~!!!!!!!!

One music album you are dying to hear:
-not sure.....

How much time did you take to complete this survey?:
-2 hours...(was running around helping mom to do stuffs...)

Don't you think it was really stupid?:
-some was stupid...some was okay

Haharxz...kinda stupid though...but at least all of it was the truth~~XDD

Sunday, September 20, 2009

21 September 2009~ (2nd day of Raya...^^)


The 4th day of our one week long Raya holidays...it's a Monday & we're staying at home for the day to watch Raya programs on TV...for me ler, it's the day to online and update lots of stuff and also to find out some informations about KHR, cosplay and lots more~~

Yesterday me and my family went out for our usual Sunday family outings after church. Yesterday our outing destination was The Mall. As usual, we ate at McDonalds. There, I saw my junior, Tan Li Koon. But I was too busy to say hi to her, so I ber she's thinking that I didn't see her...T^T *Sorry, Li Koon...*
Hehe...then, we went to buy a few T-shirts at Giordano...hehe, it's the "Green Environment" T-shirt...mine is black colour...nice oh...

Then after that we went to dad's office...went online there to download songs...downloaded tons of Vocaloid songs...wow...hehe...last last week I only downloaded 5 Vocaloid songs...back then my favourite song was "Just Be Friends" by Megurine Luka. But after downloading almost 15 new songs yesterday, my favourite songs are "Cendrillion" Shion Kaito & Hatsune Miku version, "Twin Star" by Kagamine Rin & Len, and "MAGNET" Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka version. I also downloaded all of my most awaited Taylor Swift's songs....^^

Huhu...now, I'm playing Yoville on Facebook...and also LivingSocial Pick Your 5...hehe...done quite a lot of pickings...^^

For now, my cosplay plans for Yuuki is going smoothly....but not my Ranka Lee one...T^T...the reason?
Most of the dress that I get to find is the fancy fancy ones....none of that I've found is something simple and can be edited just a little bit....sobs...
The cosplay plan that is going on the best is definitely Iratella's one...haha...that's because this one is a group planning, so it's going well...

Gonna play games now...hehe...
Update again tomorrow...
My Iratella trivia maybe will be posted up here in this week...feel free to come and check it if you like...^^

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tiring day yesterday~

Yesterday's DeVastella family outing was kinda of a failure....T^T
All because Sky Ace (Haine) couldn't come along with us when actually she's the most important person in our family~~~ *sobs*
We still had fun anyway~~
Basically, we started off our day in Times Square...Nicole, Michiru, Sakurai & me reached first as we waited for Kaede to reach. Kaede decided to come by herself as she had something to do earlier while the rest of us went there by Nicole's parents' car. We met up with Kaede in Borders half an hour after we reached there. Then, we went off to eat at McD's, while we talked a lot about the Cosmo's Theme Park...about all the things that they have there, about the Ghost House which is the latest attration (and all of us just kinda freaked out after we saw the ad of the Ghost House outside the ticket counter later on...).
After eating, we started our "journey" around Times Square entering almost every clothing store to find a black coat for all of us (DeVastella guardians). But in the end, all we got was just...eh...either too expensive...not the colour we wanted...not the style we wanted...nice price, bad quality...haizz....so bad...so in the end, the best coat we've seen is...well...Kaede's coat...it is the best and nicest coat that we've seen...so I think we have to continue to find the coat for ALL of us (there's 6 of us...minus Kaede's one, we still have to look for five more...) After we get to find coats for all five for us, then we'll start to look for accessories, black ties, white blouses, wigs (most of us have out-of-the-colour-scheme hairs for our characters), contact lenses and posing practise. Haha...so maybe our cosplay plans for events will be successful only next year...^^
So...back to about my character trivia...my character's name is Iratella de Albergo Catena and her family is the only mafia family in the whole world whose members are all blood-related family members. The whole name brings the meaning "Iratella of the Star Snow". The meaning of their family name means very much exactly like their nature. Albergo ("star") stands for the position of their family where they stand in the eye of the mafia world as a shining star for their fame as the most powerful and influential mafia family in Italy. Catena ("snow") stands for the pure and flawless beauty features and looks of all the members and also the flawless, merciless and accurate killing of all the hitmans from their family. Iratella and all her family members starting from the first generations all the way to her generation (the new generations) have all of the traits that everyone describes them. But Iratella lost her whole family after the Varias launched an ambush on her family during their annual family gathering.
Huhu...her WHOLE family history is quite long...400 YEARS~! So if you wanna know more about my family traits and Iratella's history, trivia, personality, abilities, box weapon and more, I'll post it here soon, maybe in this few days time since it's holidays now.
Watching Video Music Awards '09 now...watched the part where Kanye West insulted Taylor Swift...now I totally HATE KANYE WEST~!!!
But Taylor Swift made a superb comeback when she made her debut in VMA '09 as she went around NYC for her performance. I think it was WAY MORE AWESOME than Lady Gaga's performance (which I think Lady Gaga's performance was WAY over the top...*bleekkkk...hate her...*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One long week of no internet is torchering enough~

YAY~!!! Another week of holiday for me to rest~!

After a long torchering week without going online, I finally get to go online~!

I'm now updating lots of stuff online, especially my facebook and of course my blog...haharxz~

For these few days that I've not been online, me and my friends, Hanatsu, Kaede, Michiru & Akiko has been planning on our very own mafia family, thanks to all of our craziness for Katekyo Hitman Reborn, starting from Kaede...XD

Our mafia family is known as DeVastella family, a unique Italian family full of conflict in and out, members made up of many different families who have special histories of their own. We had an idea to make our own family after Haine started this trend in our class. We even started our own thread in the KHR Dying Will online roleplay page.

Below is the list of the family's Six Official Guardians who are in our class:

1. Haine: Sky Ace, Hanatsu & Hanatasia
2. Yukino: Thunder guardian, Iratella Albergo Catena @ Namiko Yukihoshi
3. Michiru: Mist guardian, Michiru
4. Kaede: Storm guardian, Lucia (forgot her full name) @ Kaede Koshima
5. Lya: Sun guardian, Akiko Yurika
Each guardian are chosen to be the guardians of each of the elements based on our personalities that we've set for ourselves. Like Haine, she is a good leader and she also bullies her guardians...a lot...and she had also been the one who started this thread, so she can be the heir twins, Hanatsu & Hanatasia. As for me, I was chosen to become the Thunder guardian because of my cheerful personality but aggresive fighting. Michiru was chosen to become the Mist guardian because of her mysterious and cold personality (doesn't matter if it was in virtual life or real life, her personality is just the same...always the "don't care" type....XD). Kaede was chosen to become the Storm guardian because like the storm, her mood changes quickly like the storm as well. Lya was chosen to become the Sun guardian because of her bright personality.
I'll leave the story of my family tomorrow...
Oyasumi minna-san...
Below are my two most favourite pics that we took~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Huhu...found a new roleplay game online~^^


Haine introduced a new online roleplay game to me...haha....just being here for two days & I'm already addicted to it!!! ^O^ seriously addicted to it! Although it is no less or more than the Comic Fiesta forum, but I find this site really fun to be in!! XD

Since early this month, the 4 Cekal anime group has been totally stuck with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! after Haine kept talking about it. Haha...she also introduced me to the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! online roleplay...so till now, this is what I'm addicted to~XD

Anyways, busy doing my own made-up character, only 60% finished...gotta go finish it now~! XD

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Homework-filled life last week~~~

The past week, I DIDN'T SLEEP AT ALLto finish my homework~!
It's beacuse I was absent for the last three days before the week-long holiday, homeworks piled up like crazy...
Luckily I managed to finish it, and now, new pile of homework is coming because final exam is next month...T^T...
There's still so much I still don't know...physics, add maths, chemistry, biology.....blah blah blah...I think it's all of the subjects.
It's still October, but the teachers are starting to bug us to start studying...study, study, study, study, study, study....the word "study" just keeps ringing in my head...it stinks~T^T~
It's making me really stressed out. I can't disappoint my parents for this time's exam, or it's goodbye for good to Comic Fiesta...that is the last thing I'll want~!

Went out to The Mall and found out that there's the MATTA Fair going on in PWTC. Wanted to go actually, but my mum didn't want. Bought a gorgeous new white blouse today~^^~ Really loved it...

Anyway, tonight gotta finish my moral folio, modern maths or I'm dead for real...

Haharxz...~ Nothing else to say~ so just have to stop here for now...^^

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tomorrow is school again~! NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~

We're going back to school again tomorrow~!
So not fun at all......
Besides, I'm still in my quarantine period...sobs...
Oh, ya, I went to the BookFair @ KLCC for the past two days, which was Sunday and yesterday. On Sunday, I finally found the latest issue of CosMode magazine in Kinokuniya. But I didn't manage to buy it until yesterday. While my dad was busy shopping for books in KLCC, me and my elder sis went off to Kinokuniya to buy the CosMode magazine...costs RM79...T^T...waste of money, I know...but it was worth becuase it gives me inspirations, ideas and tips for cosplay, which is very handy for a newbie cosplayer like me.
I also got an inspiration to cosplay as Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid2) because I found out that it seems quite easy to cosplay as her. And also because she is very famous now. I also like the cosplayers who cosplayed as her in the magazine, especially the girl called Sagaya, because she looks really nice in Hatsune Miku's costume...so I think for next year (maybe Comic Fiesta or ACGC 2010, if I can go, that is...) I'll cosplay as Hatsune Miku. The outfit can be done myself. I can buy some cloths of the colors needed for the top, skirt, belt and handband. The stockings can be bought in i-Socks. I'll order the wig from Japan (I have a couple of good websites and friends who can help me) and pay it to them.
My Ranka Lee and Yuuki Cross is going well...just need the year-end holidays time to get it done.
Haizz....gotta finish my homework for tomorrow...I wish i can fall sick tomorrow, so I have an excuse to go back earlier...haharxz...LOL...I'm becoming a bad girl...but that's beacuse i still don't have enough rest during the holidays...haizz...
*thinking of cosplay events...haharxz...I wanna go enjoy myself to the max during CF this year~XD*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Today, same as always...

Woke up at 8am...bring my dog for a walk...went back to sleep because still felt so drowsy then. Since I've finished watching Macross Frontier, there's nothing for me to do...haiz...freakin' boring....
Planned to go to the Book Fest in KL Convention Centre today, but couldn't make it because it was too late and we haven't prepare ourselves yet. So maybe only going tomorrow. There's quite a number of books that I want to buy. Then if got sell anime stuff, I'll buy it as well. Hehe...
Nowadays, Anime Tech got nothing much to buy. Even if want to buy, but then later feel like, don't want to buy...T^T...donno why I'm always like that whenever I go to Anime Tech...most probably because now I'm crazy over Macross Frontier, and now they still don't have any Macross Frontier merchandises yet...Vampire Knight merchandises are increasing its numbers, but still not up to my wants yet.
Oh, ya...got a haircut just now, but too embarressed to show my pic...kinda odd lah my haircut this time....sobs...if I know, I'll just ask the hairstylist to trim my hair a little...haizz..I regret myself...
Now I'm going to go look for some videos on YouTube, or maybe go play The Sims 2...boring boring...wanna go back to school faster, but at the same time, don't feel like going back to school...I wanna quarantine myself...tell teacher that I really really kena H1N1...haha, LOL....but then if simply say then really kena, ahaha...then I don't know what to say...(nice going, Yukino...you got yourself into trouble...)

Now, I'm going to go do a few updates on my Facebook, then move on to do whatever I want~^^~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

YAY~! Macross Frontier rocks~!

I've just finished watching Macross Frontier....and it was TOTALLY AWESOME~!
Each episode just makes me sit glued to the sofa for hours~! XD
All the situations that the characters faced leaves a very deep impression in me...from all the comedy to the action...from the romance to the drama...everything was simply awesome~!

Alto Saotome...

Ranka Lee....

Sheryl Nome...

Michael Blanc...

Luca Angelloni...

Nanase Matsuura...

Ozma Lee...

Clan Clang...

Catherine Glass...

Brera Sterne...

Everyone is just so AWESOME~!

Macross Frontier left a very deep impression in me. It shows how vast is the skies....the galaxy...that is how big our dreams are...if we are willing to reach out to the skies as we chase our dreams, although it is really hard to get to it, but then as long as we are with everyone we love...we care...we will definitely get that dream that we aim for alongside with everyone...it'll be the most sweetest achievement that we can get...^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The time of my life~! XD


Now that I have the DVD, it is easier for me to prepare for my Ranka Lee cosplay...^^

Comic Fiesta '09 cosplay plan:
~Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)
-yellow dress with blue details + yellow scarf + boots + green colour hairspray
-partner: Azusa Megami (cosplaying as Sheryl Nome)
-practice singing and dance of Ranka's part for the song, "Lion" for the competition
-contact Azusa as much as possible so that can practice together

~Yuuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

-day class uniform (finish up Alexis's one or order online) + boots + brown hairspray
-partner: Haine Hanatsu (cosplaying as Sayori Wakaba)
-photoshoot in October or November as a preparation for Comic Fiesta '09
-contact Haine so that can confirm our time to hunt for materials together and set our time for
-won't go for competition for this character

Altogether, I think it'll turn out well...the dance for "Lion" is 100% done, just need time to practice it over and over to make it perfect. I'm looking forward to go for my first cosplay competition. I didn't know that my first cosplay competition will be in Malaysia's all-year rounder up event, which is Comic Fiesta. I'm excited and nervous at the same time (it's only four months from now, it's not far away, you know~) because, well, it's the biggest cosplay event this year! And also, a lot of my friends will be coming to Comic Fiesta this year~! I'm not worried about my Yuuki Cross, since I'm not using this character for competition...I'm only worried about my Ranka Lee. Not because of my costume, but because of my "Lion" performance. I've been very used to singing Sheryl's part and not Ranka's part...T^T...so now, I have to work hard on Ranka's part so that I won't mess up. And oh, still have to prepare a skit so that it doesn't end up just singing and dancing later when we go up on stage...T^T...

*wishes gambatte to myself and proceed to continue to watch "Macross Frontier"*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

OMG!!! Gathering is already next Saturday?!?!?!

Our gathering is already nxt week?!?!?!
Everything is not completed yet...
emcee's script...
stage & hall decoration...
I seriously don't know what to do...
and it's already next Saturday~!
really hope it'll all go well...
rehearsal is next Wednesday & Friday...
(Somebody help me....!!!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DaiCon Fest 2009 post mortem...^^

I attended the highly anticipated DaiCon Fest 2009 last Saturday...expectations were high...but it didn't seem to achieve my expectations...*sighs*
Not too many cosplayers came...although there were cosplayers, but then not as much as the amount of cosplayers that came for both ACGC & Animangaki (i didn't go for animangaki, but according to my friend who went for the animangaki, it was a BLAST~!)
I lost my way in the campus to the Grand Hall...I had to walk a REALLY big round before I managed to reach there...so by the time I FINALLY reached there, I was freakin' exhausted...(XoX)
It was because I was late, I couldn't make it to register for the karaoke competition...they said that I was TOO late...it kinda broke my heart...
There wasn't any entertainment for the visitors...unlike ACGC, at least there was dance performance for the visitors...
Chihara Minori was invited as a guest in the DaiCon event...but she came in like, 5 pm...the time when majority of the visitors are going back...then, only certain people, those with tickets are the only ones that can see her...imagine, the price of the ticket is RM 250 & RM 150...people who really wants to see her but could not afford the ticket are disappointed over this. I mean, the committee susah-payah invited her to come but only THOSE WITH TICKETS are allowed to go in...it's really not fair for those who can't go in to see her...(for example, like me...T^T)
Although it was disappointing in a few ways, but they spent a whole lot of effort to organize this event for everyone...I would like to thank them for making an effort to entertain us all...
To thank you for all your hard work, cosplay members of the EMINA Club, MMU Cyberjaya are invited to attend SMK (Perempuan) Jalan Ipoh's Resource Centre Prefects Annual Gathering on the 25 July 2009 (Saturday). Not gonna reveal any of the programmes yet, but there's definitely gonna be COSPLAY!!! Former SMK(P) Jalan Ipoh student, Vicky Oh Soke Yin, or now known as Ayase will be cosplaying for the mini cosplay slot together with her partner, Kikyo. You can come as a cosplayer (free entrance) or as a normal visitor (RM 8 entrance fee). Please contact me by sending a comment on this blog & feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


'allDaiCon is this Saturday~!!!!

I can't believe it!!!!

My friends & I are all looking forward to this day for like, forever!!!

We've been planning to go to DaiCon since March...

All of our cosplay friends (except for a few who are facing SPM this year like Cheryl & Elaine) are gonna attend the DaiCon...

I'm still not sure whether to cosplay on that day or not...I'll be really happy if yes~!

DaiCon 2009 is one of the biggest cosplay event ever to be held in Malaysia, next to the Comic Fiesta which is always the all-year round-up cosplay event. Organized by the EMINA club of Multimedia University Cyberjaya campus, this is the first ever one of a kind cosplay event which combines all the Japanese modern visual subcultures like cosplay, anime, J-pop, J-rock, manga, games & J-fashion. There's also gonna be a good number of figurine & merchandise booths on that day.

For all Johnny's Entertainment artists' fans, good news!! The committee will be opening the "Johnny's Section" where all Johnny's artists fanatics can gather to share your love towards your favourite Johnny's artists while music videos, concerts & interview clips of your favourite Johnny's artists play. There's also gonna be booths selling all the merchandises of all the Johnny's artists, so to all Johnny's lovers, prepare enough money to spend on all of your favourite artists merchandises!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Found a new Japanese movie...!!!

I was looking through the movie section in the Weekend section of yesterday's (20 June 2009, Saturday) when suddenly, the title of a movie caught my eye...

"Dance, Subaru!"

Subaru and her twin brother Kazuma share a dream in becoming ballet dancers, but their passion is discouraged by their father. After Kazuma's death from a hereditary illness, dancing became Subaru's only happiness and she yearns to lose herself in dance. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she runs into cabaret owner Isuzu, who recognizes the talent in Subaru and trains her in her nightspot.
But to become a professional ballerina, Subaru has to overcome harsher challenges than merely satisfying the cabaret drunkards. Spurred on by her rivaling dance companions, Subaru enters an international dance competition, to vie for recognition and a scholarship to any top ballet company in the world.
Subaru and her companions soon discover that there are more to compete than the championship, and tests of friendship, betrayal and self-worth come one after another. Gradually the youngsters learn about themselves as dancers, as persons and as friends.

The main casts are Meisa Kuroki as Subaru, Ara as Rizu Park, Yuta Hiraoka as Kohei, Miku Sano as Mana Kurena, Ken Maeda as Sada, Toshio Kakei as Amano & Kaori Momoi as Isuzu Hibino.
The release date of "Dance, Subaru!" in Malaysia is 18 June 2009~

Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally found my favourite songs!!!!!!!!

Finally i got majority of the songs I've been dying to get for ages!!!
Below is some of the songs that I've got...
-Bacchikoi!!! (Dev Parade) -Naruto Shippuden-
-Eat You Up (BoA)
-I Did It For Love (BoA)
-Kokoro no Tamango (Buono!) -Shugo Chara-
-Konna ni Chakaku de... (Crystal Kay) -Nodame Cantabile-
-A Little Pain (Olivia) -Nana-
-Winter Sleep (Olivia) -Nana-
-Gorgeous 4U (Jun Fukuyama) -Special A-
-Hidamari no Gate (Jun Fukuyama) -Special A-
-Special Days (Yuko Goto) -Special A-
-Hare Hare Yukai (Aya Hirano) -Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
-Zukkoke Otokomichi (Kanjani 8)
-Northern Cross (May'n) -Macross Frontier-
-Lion (May'n & Megumi Nakajima) -Macross Frontier-
-Survivor (Tohoshinki)
-Mirotic (Tohoshinki)
There are still quite a number of songs which my friend haven't downloaded for me...(My comp can't download any songs or videos due to some problems...)
The main song requests that I really need is Hey! Say! JUMP's latest album...haha...!!! Love all their songs!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blogging for the first time...haha....

Yay...my first blog...never had one before this...so, I guess from this day onwards, I'll be posting lots of my everyday life stories here...
Thanx to my elder sister, I've crazed to own my own blog...guess that means both of us will be fighting for the computer every single day, haha...