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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iratella's history (updating tomorrow)

(I changed the whole story, so please wait for the new one to be updated in this post)
The young mafioso principessa (mafia princess) lived a life full of trials more than anyone else. She has gone through so many to finally achieve what she holds in her heart for very long. Tsuna makes her as his most trusted alliance in the Vongola family due to her family background and also a very historical event in the mafia world that had her to recieve the title as a Mafia Princess...

Iratella was born on the 14 August in Milan, Italy, to Iraden and Arinie (pronounced as A-ree-nee-e) Mattatore Catena. She's the second child and the youngest among all her seven cousins. She has an older brother, Iratellio, who is older that her by 3 years.

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