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Saturday, September 25, 2010

25 September 2010~

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> Dear - Miku Hatsune (music box version)

Wheee!!!! you have no idea how much i miss my blog and also all my fellow blog readers!!!
how have all of you been doing?? 8D

As for me, well.... not so fine~~ @@
Coz.... my SPM trials are like.... next week!!!!
And I'm soooooo not prepared for it!!!!

Well.... I'm screwed.... for sure..... and imma die after the three weeks are over.... not because of pressure.... but because of the 100% assurance that I'm gonna be in deep shit when I get my results....
damn damn damnnn~~ @@

Hmm.... i do hope that I get at least a pass for every single subject... i've been working my ass off for all this while just to prepare myself for this death-defying exam.... yeah, the trials are WAYYYYY harder than the actual exam....
don't believe?
well, just take it for yourself and experience it~@@
it hasn't begin yet, but I'm already feeling the pressure.... THE INTENSE PRESSURE!!!!! >A<
hope i can handle the pressure.... T^T

25th September.....
you know what special event we have today?
That's rite~
it's the birthday of our dear DeVastella Sky boss...

Well, since she didn't want anyone to quite remember the day, so I'd like to just keep it simple~ ;)

Otanjoubi omedetto gozaimasu ne, Hanatsu~ ^w^

Well, since I'll be having my exams next week (or more like tomorrow), I won't be online for the next three weeks to come. (yeah, my exam is three weeks!!!!!!) Maybe occasionally, but I don't think I will..... >.>|||
Kononnya I'm under a restraining order and that I'm not allowed to use the computer until my exams are over~

anyways, you won't be hearing anything from me for the next three weeks, so if there's anything, here's what you can do~ XD
~for those who only know my blog (or read my blog often) drop me a message in my Cbox.
~for those who are in my friends list in my Facebook, just leave a post on my wall (guaranteed to be replied after three weeks~ XD)
~and for those who have my handphone number, just drop me a line or a text message~ ^^

Okay... time to bid farewell for three weeks....
damn, I'm gonna miss you all~ TTwTT
this is your KHR/cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/fanfic fanatic blogger, Yukino...
SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

09 September 2010~: PURIKURA MADNESS!!!

Currently listening to:
> Close to You - It's ("Papa to KISS IN THE DARK" ED)
> Starry Sky - Capsule
> Lonely in Gorgeous - Tommy February6 ("Paradise Kiss" OP)
> Departures - Aozu feat. Bin to Cap ("Prince of Tennis OAV" TH)
> Fly High - Toshihiko Matsunaga ("Prince of Tennis" OP)

> Cyclone - 12012 ("Romeo X Juliet" ED)
> Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ - Lena Park ("Romeo X Juliet" OP)
> Madness of Duke Venomania - Kamui Gakupo

Hey there, peeps!!! XD
Been quite a while since I updated my blog~
*head gets hit by stone which was thrown in by one of you*
Okay, I get it!!!
Three days isn't that long after all!!! I know!!!!

Anyways, here's a little update on my.... life?? XD

Hoho, I've just found out about the awesomeness of purikura!! XD
Oh, no no no, not the purikura booth kind of purikura-ing, but the online purikura-ing~!!!!
Online purikura is the cheapest way to get your everyday photos getting purikura-ed without having to pay anything at all!!! Woots~
Hoho~ I gotta say that although I don't have a deep obsession for purikuras, but I do enjoy making them~ it just makes all my pictures look even cuter and nicer!!!!

The website that I've used to edit and purikura-fy all my pics is http://www.purikura.com/ .
Go check it out!!!!
It has loads of cute frames and stickers to spice up all your plain photos! <3


These are some of the photos that I've edited last night and also just now~ XD

This is one of my favourite shots from my first ever photoshoot, the Vocaloid School Memoirs 2010.
Mikuo> Hanatsu
Miku> Yukino (me)

"Your touch is like magic...
one touch from your hands lights up my life for eternity...
one touch from your hands to make me feel secure...
one touch from your hand to make me be yours forever.... ♥"


"I've got your back, and you've got mine...
Together, we will support each other through hard times and all..."

"We are tied together by fate from the very start of our lives....
Thus...no doubt that we were meant to be together....

Miku: Ahh~~ what beautiful sky~~
Mikuo: What beautiful scenery~~ *stares at Miku*

"Sleepy trio at the train station~"
All three: ZzZzZzZzzZzZzzZ~~~
photographer: ish ish ish~~ syioknye tidor~ *snaps photo*

"Sisters stick together for life~
and there is absolutely nothing in this world that could ever come between us~ ♥"

A sweet shot of my imouto, Rin and I in C2AGE 2010~ ♥

"We are one big happy family!!!! ♥"

Everyone: CHEESE!!! ♥
Elissa: *Broadway pose* XD

These are just some of the pics that I've edited so far~ my server sucks so the pictures uploads into the purikura site a lil too slow~~ >.>|||

Anyways, if I get to edit more of my pictures, I'll upload it here, kay?? 8D

Well, now, imma go enjoy my purikura-ing or maybe study a little (I've neglected my studies up until today OTL)

Until then,
this is your Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi/cosplay/Vocaloid fanatic blogger, Yukino,


Monday, September 6, 2010

06 September 2010~: "Just Be Friends" singing-practise session

Currently listening to:
> Take it Off - Ke$ha
> Be More - Dino Cavallone starring Kenta Kamakari ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn! character song)
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine feat. NicoNico Chorus
> Just Be Friends - Halyosy
> Airplanes - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams & Eminem
> Love The Way You Lie - Eminem feat. Rihanna

Why.... why am I feeling... so... drowsy...?
I knew I slept more than I'm supposed to last night + this morning.......
but, yeah.... still sleepy~ =w=||||

to avoid myself from being sleepy, I'm currently practising on how to catch up ( yes, CATCH UP!!!) on the song, "Just Be Friends" by Luka Megurine.
My friends and I are planning to perform this song offstage during Comic Fiesta. Offstage as in kinda like those street shows that we do for free. All of us are crazily in love with the song, so we decided to do it since we all love this song.

We are deciding to do the Luka Megurine feat. NicoNico Chorus version of the song as, well, it is a song where a group of people are singing the song, including the oh-so-holy-osy, Halyosy.

This is the link!!!
(this video belongs to its rightful owner and also to NicoNico Douga. I own NOTHING!!! XD)

Song: Just Be Friends
Artist: Luka Megurine feat. Nico Nico Chorus
Title: 合唱『Just Be Friends』- Nico Nico Chorus
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67gQ1v2iRZA
Uploader: AnotherNicoUploader

The idea of doing this performance came along when I shared the link of this video on Facebook. Lotsa my groupies love this version of the song. So when I suggested to them that we perform this song, they were like, OKAYYYY!!!!
But, haha~~ we don't dare to perform this song on stage as we are afraid we will screw up the lyrics.
Then all of us came to a conclusion that we shall do an off-stage performance, outside or... somewhere in the Manhattan Ballroom.

So now.... I have perfected the  chorus. I just... can't catch on the parts where I have sing real fast... Q.Q
But, I shall do my best and perfect the whole song!!!
And when all of us do, then we shall rock Comic Fiesta with our awesome off-stage performance!!!

I'm off to perfect my singing and also properly memorize the lyrics of the whole song!!!!!!!!!
I hereby present to you the romaji and english translation lyrics for those who don't know the lyrics~ ^^


Just be friends All we gotta do
Just be friends It's time to say goodbye
Just be friends All we gotta do
Just be friends Just be friends...

ukandanda kinou no asa hayaku ni
wareta GURASU kakiatsumeru you na
kore ha ittai nan darou kitta yubi kara shitataru shizuku
bokura ha konna koto shitakatta no kana

wakatteta yo kokoro no oku soko de ha
motto mo tsurai sentaku ga BESUTO
sore wo kobamu jiko ai to kekkajika touchaku no kurikaeshi
boku ha itsu ni nareba ieru no kana

yuruyaka ni kuchiteyuku kono sekai de
agaku boku no yuiitsu no katsuro
iroaseta kimi no hohoemi kizande
sen wo nuita

koe wo karashite sakenda
hankyou zankyou munashiku hibiku
hazusareta kusari no sono saki ha
nani hitotsu nokotte ya shinai kedo

futari wo kasaneteta guuzen
anten dansen hakanaku chiji ni
shosen konna mono sa tsubuyaita

kareta hoho ni tsutau dareka no namida

All we gotta do Just be friends
It's time to say goodbye Just be friends
All we gotta do Just be friends
Just be friends Just be friends...

kidzuitanda kinou no naida yoru ni
ochita kaben hiroiageta to shite

mata saki modoru koto ha nai sou te no hira no ue no chiisana shi
bokura no jikan ha tomatta mama

omoidasu yo hajimete atta kisetsu wo
kimi no yasashiku hohoemu kao wo
ima wo kakko ni oshiyatte futari kizutsuku kagiri kizutsuita
bokura no kokoro ha toge darake da

omokurushiku tsudzuku kono kankei de
kanashii hodo kawaranai kokoro
aishiteru no ni hanare gatai no ni
boku ga iwanakya

kokoro ni doshaburi no ame ga
bouzen shouzen shikai mo kemuru
kakugo shiteta hazu no sono itami
sore demo tsuranukareru kono karada

futari wo tsunaideta kizuna
hokorobi hodoke nichijou ni kieteku
sayonara aishita hito koko made da
mou furimukanai de arukidasunda

ichido dake ichido dake
negai ga kanau no naraba
nando demo umarekawatte
ano hi no kimi ni ai ni iku yo

koe wo karashite sakenda
hankyou zankyou munashiku hibiku
hazusareta kusari no sono saki ha
nani hitotsu nokotte ya shinai kedo

futari wo tsunaideta kizuna
hokorobi hodoke nichijou ni kieteku
sayonara aishita hito koko made da
mou furimukanai de arukidasunda

kore de oshimai sa......

Just Be Friends


Just be friends All we gotta do

Just be friends It's time to say goodbye
Just be friends All we gotta do
Just be friends Just be friends...

It came to mind in the early morning yesterday
As if I gathered broken pieces of glass

What the heck is this? Drips from my cut finger
Is this what we really hoped for?

I knew it at the bottom of my heart, the hardest choice would be the best
My self-love refuses it and repeats self-contradiction
When can I tell it to you?

In the slowly decaying world, I'm struggling but it's the only way
Carving your faded smiles, I pulled out the plug

I screamed with my hoarse voice, rebound and resonance echo in vain
Nothing is left at the end of the unchained me
Coincidences that sticked us degenerates into the dark and are broken in pieces
"No matter what we do, life is just like that" I mumbled
Somebody's tears flow down the dried cheeks

All we gotta do Just be friends
It's time to say goodbye Just be friends
All we gotta do Just be friends
Just be friends Just be friends...
Yesterday a tranquil night made me realize
It'd be useless to pick up fallen petals

Because it'd never bloom again
It's tiny but already dead on my palms
Our time stopped long ago

I remember the season we met first and your grace smile
Bringing up old issues, we hurt each other as badly as possible
Our minds are full of thorns

With this continuous dull relationship
Grievously I can't change my mind
I still love you, I don't wanna be apart from you, but I have to tell you
It's raining heavily in my mind, I'm stunned, I'm standing dead, my vision is blurry
Despite my determination, the pain is still penetrating
The bond between us has come apart and is dying away in everyday
Goodbye, my sweetheart, it's over
We have to leave without turning back

Just once, just once, if I could have my wish to come true
I'd be born again and again and go see you on those days

I screamed with my hoarse voice, rebound and resonance echo in vain
Nothing is left at the end of the unchained me
The bond between us has come apart and is dying away in everyday
Goodbye, my sweetheart, it's over
We have to leave without turning back

It's all over

For all you peeps who are listening to this song for the first time, I tell you...
If you don't, I shall...
KAMIKOROSU YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Lol, jkjk~ XD)
Well, off to perfect my singing now!!!!!!!!!!
This is your cosplay/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/Vocaloid fanatic blogger, Yukino...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

05 September 2010 (2)~: My wish has been fulfilled!!!! XD

Currently listening to:
> Just Be Friends -music box version-
> Be More - Dino Cavallone starring Kenta Kamakari ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" character songs)
> Loop - Heidi. ("Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" ED)
> Shiver - GazettE ("Kuroshitsuji II" OP)
> Take it Off - Ke$ha

Oh wowowowowowwww~~
After several attempts of searching his song (and yes, phailed so many times along the way), my wish has finally come true!!!!!!

It's Dino Cavallone's long-awaited character song!!!!!!!!
*falls in love*

I personally didn't knew that he has a character song, until my friend, Fion, told me about it.
She was talking to me about Byakuran's character song, "Parade", which has just been released lately. When I heard about it, I felt kinda weird because so far I only know the song "Perfect World" from Byakuran. When I asked her whether or not Dino had a character song, she simply said yes. I was slightly mortified and I didn't wanted to believe her in the first place as so far, he didn't had any character song. Well~ I just had to take back my words when I personally stumbled upon his song.
And when I listened to it, I was full of hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His singing voice is... indescribable!!!!!!!!!!
I totally fell in love with the song~~ :3
Sighs.... why is Dino so damn hawt???? makes me wanna raep him~ >:3
(lol jk~ XD but if I could, then I WOULD~ XDXD)

See for yourself on how awesome is my hubby~ XD

Song title: Be More
By: Dino Cavallone
Seiyuu: Kenta Kamakari
Title: Dino Cavallone - Be More - English and Romaji lyrics + mp3
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92REAKz_NN0
Posted by: WillowsSilence121

Personally, I know that when you hear this song for the first time, you'd be like, what the heck is Dino singing??? Coz that's my first impression as well~
to avoid any misunderstandings on what is he really singing, here I present to you the romaji and the english translation lyrics to the song~ ^^


yukkuri ikiteikeru nara
chotto wa chigatta kamo ne

tatakai wo negatteru wake jyanai
mamoru yatsura ga iru kara honki ni nareru no sa
kotoba wa iranai kakugo ga aru no nara
tsukihanasaretemo, mayou koto ga attemo

tsuyoku naritai no nara
maji de kakatte konai to

tatakai wo kobanderu wake jyanai
nakama no kanashii kao mou mitaku wa nai no sa

tsurasa, kibishisa mo sore wo norikoenakya
shikkari mamorinuku tsuyoi sono ishi to
sono kizuna

kotoba wa iranai kakugo ga aru no nara
tsurasa, kibishisa mo sore wo norikoenakya
shikkari mamorinuku tsuyoi sono ishi to
sono kizuna


Be more slowly
Be more slowly
If I go living at ease
For family
For family
It’s probably a little different

It’s not like I wish for a fight
Because there are people I need to protect, I’ll become serious

No words are needed if there is resolution
Even if I’m forsaken, even if there’s something that confuses you
Come follow me

Be more hard
Be more hard
If I want to be stronger
For yourself
To myself
I’ll seriously carry it on

It’s not like I refuse the fight
I just don’t want to see my friend’s sad face anymore

The pain and strictness too, I have to climb over it
Hold it tightly with that strong will
That bond

No words are needed if there is resolution
The pain and strictness too, I have to climb over it
Hold it tightly with that strong will
That bond

Now you know what the whole song means, don't you also agree that it is a very beautiful song?
if you don't agree so, then I'll just have to enjoy the song myself~~ X3

Well~ I gotta be off to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn now~ I'm currently stuck at only episode 189!!!!! Well... since 189 is just a recap episode~ that means I'm moving on to episode 190~~
Only another 11 episodes to go!!!!!!!!!! XD

This is your cosplay/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino~


05 September 2010~

Currently listening to:
> Shiver - GazettE ("Kuroshitsuji II" OP)
> Loop - Heidi. ("Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" ED)
> Bokutachi ni Aru Mono - Romi Paku ("The Law of Ueki" ED)
> Just Be Friends -music box version-

Gomen ne, couldn't update my blog last night due to some house hold problems~
Could've had the time, but unfortunately, I got caught up with something and it distracted me from updating my blog. I couldn't even think of any idea on how to continue chapter three of my fanfic!!!! @A@
So... memeningkan... *sighs~~~*

It's a friggin boring Sundayyyyyyyy~~ @@
Unlike the usual Sundays where my family and I would go out to shopping malls and more for a family day out, today was just another plain stay-at-home day. Could've been more fun if we were doing something together, but it seems... nah~ takde pun~~ Q.Q

So... all I could do today is to catch up on KHR which I have been left behind SO FAR!!!! By this week, KHR have already reached episode 201. And guess what: I'M STILL STUCK AT EPISODE 186!!!!! Argh~ this sucks man~ so no matter what, I'm gonna chase it like it's the last thing I'm gonna do!!!!!! XDXD

Well... suddenly I don't have the urge to write (more like type) about what happened last week after we came back to school after the Independence Day holiday... well, to make things short, our media room was robbed!!!! <(OAO)>
dunno which idiot was responsible for all of it~
But if I get to find out whoever was responsible for this act, I will KAMIKOROSU that person!!
No, seriously!!!!!!
A television was stolen, apparently.
But besides that, everything was fine. For now, all students were given restrction order. No one is allowed to enter the media room until further notice. Which means~~ I can forget about going into the media room and carry out any responsibilities as the secretary for this time bein g until everything is sorted out~ yayyy~ XD
(not being happy about it... just a figure of speech~ >w<)

Had a camwhore session last night~ ^o^/
Haha, I know I still suck at camwhoring, but just wanna post it up for fun~
Some of these are already posted up on my Facebook, so for those who have added me on Facebook, you can see more of 'em in my album entitled "All About My Life~"

So here I present to you a lil sneak preview of the album... or more like, a preview on the camwhore pics that I took last night and also a few from last week~ niahahahhhh~
(I somehow realize I'm feeling kinda narcissistic lately~ XD)

A sweet dedication to my beloved nation, Malaysia!!!
Happy 53rd Independence Day!!! <3

A random pic that I took after waking up from my afternoon nap~~ =w=
was still sleepy when I took this~ XD

^w^ Hyuuuuuu~~~ <3

Hi-5....? 8D

Tiger eyes~~ >:3

Serious look~ @.@
(phailed at trying to smize~ >.>|||)

Araaaa?? You looking for me? ^w^/

This is the "I miss my Dino~" look~~
Friggin innocent, eh? 8D

But it's okay~ Coz I know he loves me too!!! \(^o^)/
(I shine with happiness~ *w*)

Okay... enough camwhoring for now~ @@

Well~ I gotta be off to go watch and catch up with all the animes that I'm left behind at~ >o<

Til then~
this is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino,


Saturday, September 4, 2010

04 September 2010~

Currently listening to:
> Loop - Heidi. ("Kaichou wa Maid-sama" ED)
> Take it Off - Ke$ha
> Something 'Bout Love - David Archuleta

It's the afternoon of the first day of the two-week holidays.
Currently waiting for the time to start the house chores.
While waiting, now I'm browsing through YouTube for some of the latest music videos.
The above videos are some of the videos of the songs that I like~

First song, "Loop" by Heidi., which is the second ending song of "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!".
(Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05swRd3XYhY )
I was watching "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" the other day when I heard this ending song. First impression on the song?
I've been listening to the song since last night until, well, now!!!
This song is just friggin awesome!!!
And, the drummer of Heidi. is so damn HAWT~~ *drools*
I'm SOOOO gonna download the full song once it's out in Gendou~~
Kaichou wa Maid-sama FTW!!!!!!!!!!

Second song, "Take it Off" by Ke$ha.
(Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edP0L6LQzZE )
I do love this song~~ it has a very cool beat and very suitable to dance and also for cheerleading~~ hahax~
All of Ke$ha's songs are so cool~ so upbeat and fun~~ XD especially this song!!!! This song is cheerleading material~ can I suggest this song for my cheer team juniors to use this song for next year's sports day? *w* (i doubt that they'll actually hear me out~ XD )
There are some songs in her album, like "Your Love is My Drug" don't really.... suit my music taste (too cheesy for my suit~ ohohooo), but wow, "Take it Off" is pretty cool~~ XDXD

Third song, "Something 'Bout Love" by David Archuleta.
(Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhRvd0bzIoE )
Finally!!! After a few months, American Idol 7 runner up, David Archuleta had released yet another beautiful song~ "Something 'Bout Love" is a very sweet song~~ it is about how love is to him~ and also how love is towards the perspective of people. To everyone, there's just something about love that makes you love, well, love~ after listening to this song, I found out that, love isn't just about the love between a pair of lovers, but also about love to friends, family, others~

So, whadaya think of these three songs? 8D
tell me your views of these three songs and of course, enjoy their music vids!!!!!!!

Okayyy~ almost time for me to start my house chores~
I'll update again on today's events tonight~
Til then, see ya later~ :)


Friday, September 3, 2010

03 September 2010~: Prologue of the Hari Raya holidays

Currently listening to:
> I Never Told You - Colbie Caillat
> Airplanes - B.O.B feat Hayley Williams & Eminem
> Kissin U - Miranda Cosgrove
> What Are You Waiting For - Colby O'Donis feat. Mizz Nina
> Dear - Miku Hatsune feat NicoNico Chorus

Thank Goodness It's Friday (no, I'm not talking about TGI Fridays~ XD)~
It's finally the holidays!!!
Been a pretty long wait fot this day to arrive, when I can finally get some- no, not some... but PLENTY of rest from all these harsh weeks~ XD

But well, as usual~~ we SPM candidates won't have that much of a fun holiday (AS USUAL) as we will be sticking our noses into all our books and extra exercises to prepare ourselves for SPM trials. Yup. SPM trials begins on 27 September. Yeah, it may seem like still a long way to go, but in fact, it's not. Days go by really fast lately, so in a snap, school will reopen and we will be taking our exam by the next. Wow, am I ready to die or am I ready to die~ (Oh heck, yesh, I AM ready to die~ )

Btw, we have recieved our SPM trials time table. One look at it makes me nervous for the whole day. It is set. Our big day is coming soon~ the day when screwing up the papers aren't the best option if you wanna succeed in life. The arrangement of the papers in the time table was pretty fair, but... well, still... I feel more and more scared whenever I look at all the subjects. I can actually begin to imagine how will the exam turn out to be. Heh, I bet I can't even score a single A+ for the trials even if it's English. How hard can it be, you ask? Well, save that question for yourself and try it out by your own, then tell me how it feels. XD

Feeling tired on the first day of a long term school holiday (Long term, as in, two weeks~ XD) is nothing unusual, as you have wasted a lot of energy for all this time, and when you finally found the time for a break, then you'll realize how tired you have been. So, that's practically how I am feeling right now. Sleepy, tired, worn out.
The bed seems so seductive, I just feel like raeping it tonight. (Just a figure of speech!! XD)
Which means I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. No one shall disturb!!! My slumber tonight can only be peaceful and harmonious with no disturbance of anu form. Anyone who dares to wake me up from my slumber will be thrown into the sea filled with merciless flesh-eating piranhas!!!!!
Lol, of course I was just joking~
(yeah... lame jokes usually pops out whenever he or she is in a half-concious mode, like I am right now.... >.>|||)

This two-week holidays is also a good time for me to catch up on some of my story.
So, this is how I plan. I will do my revision during the daytime and finish up my story at night. That way, I can still write my story and study at the same time~ just hope I won't get too caught up on finishing my story until I abandon my responsibility to do my revisions. Literally, that will be my last option if I were to wish to succeed in my trials~ :D

Ahh~ time for me to start on my story~
oh, just before I sign off, I'd like to wish to all the Muslims out there....


Have an awesome Hari Raya, everyone~ and to all the non-muslims, have a great holidays~ and to all my classmates and of course all my form 5 friends, have a great time spending our school holidays studying for the sake of trials, kay? ^O^

Okays then~
any update on this week will be updated tomorrow as now I'm going to catch up on my story now~ (yeah, I've repeated it twice.. so what?? XD)

This is your Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi/cosplay fanatic, Yukino...