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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

09 July 2014: Special announcement!!

Current mood: Quite excited for the release of the new animes this season!! Especially the one about to be mentioned in this post :3 I'm feeling abit tired too, so I'll take a good rest after I'm done with this~

|| Kaze wa Fuiteiru - AKB48
|| Blue Rose - AKB48 Team K
|| Namida Surprise! - AKB48
|| Milky Way - VERTUEUX


Hello, lovelies!! It's rare for me to update my blog when it is not during event season, but here I am to make an announcement!! If you are a subscriber of my Youtube channel coincidentally, then please do read on!! :)
And if you're not, then do read on too!!! And subscribe to my channel!!!

(lolwat shameless self advertising)

Anyway, so I guess alot of le fellow fangirls of "DRAMAtical Murder" are hyped over the release of the anime adaptation over the week. I certainly am!! 

...though the only thing is that I have never played the game before this. OTL
But I do keep up with the story of the game by reading walkthroughs and watching gameplays online. I also have some of my friends telling me their views and experiences of the game so I kind of understand the game's main plot, characters, the feels and what not.

What really made me got stuck onto the fandom real tight is the SOUNDTRACK. The entire soundtrack of both "DRAMAtical Murder" and "DRAMAtical Murder re:connect" is just -- awesome! I don't exactly know how to describe it. The background tracks have a hint of futuristic and makes me addicted to listening them a lot, and the ending credit songs as well as opening songs are really just awesome! I can listen to the entire soundtrack list for both series over and over again. 

I really hope I can find a way to install the game onto my laptop soon so that I can play it and feel the feels personally. All my friends have been describing about them feels all the time, and I really do want to experience the feels wwwww

Alright, so here's the special announcement!

To commemorate the release of the anime adaptation of the game, I will be doing covers on a set of chosen songs from both the games' soundtrack list! 

Specifically, I've chosen four songs to cover:
- "Crystalline" by Itou Kanako
- "Milky Way" by VERTUEUX
- "Tears" by Itou Kanako
- "Immer Sie" by Itou Kanako (re-cover)

Each of these chosen songs have a certain amount of feels that made me want to sing them very badly. Ah, and I do know previously I did posted a song cover on "Immer Sie", but I took it down again after a few days because I realized how the audio is a bit too crappy orz.

All song covers will be of separate videos and I will upload them one by one some time within this month. I will try my best to finish them up as soon as I can (I still need to memorize the lyrics properly first orz), so please look forward to it!!

Also, if you would like to subscribe to my Youtube channel, you can click here: Yukino's Youtube channel . Do take note that I do not have a specific theme for my channel. Every video that I upload goes here, which includes event coverage, concert coverage, doujin scans and song covers. So yea, I hope you'll like my channel!!! OwO)

Thank you so much, and please look forward to more updates from me in the future!!