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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 Jan 2012: Comic Fiesta 2011 REPORT!!!! -part 1-

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(Shiomaru's "a tribute album" is awesome~ *w* if you don't like or don't know her, then you're missing out on all the nice things in life~ O3O)


Comic Fiesta 2011 lowered its curtains to end this year's 2-day mega ACG event on the night of 18 Dec 2011 (Sunday), leaving behind a chaotic day 1 overshadowed by a crazily awesome day 2.
Day 1, as everyone knows, is a chaotic day due to its crowd control being managed by the irresponsible KLCC management team. But stereotyping an event by just judging it on one day is just going to make all those who gave up to come for day 2 a tad bit regretful (for those who couldn't come for a GOOD reason, then it's okay~ |D). Day 2 was definitely more controlled, and although this year's 20,000 visitors' target wasn't achieved, but everyone seemed to enjoyed themselves.

As for me, I personally enjoyed both days, though day 1 was too much of a chaos, but I had MY OWN ways to enjoy both days~ LIKE A BOSS~ =w=+)

So, like last year's report, I'm seperating the whole events' report based on several categories into several different posts, just so it looks more organized. XD

(do be reminded that the pics in this posts are damn crappy, so I hereby apologize beforehand. ;w;)

Okay, so for day 1, I woke up at 7am to get ready for the big day. |D Feeling reallllllll sleepy yet nervous and excited at the same time, I was shivering all the way to KLCC. XD

Laid out my pwetty costume on my bed. :3 this is the dress part of the costume. wearing the jacket at the venue later on. >W<

My "luggages" that I lugged all the way to KLCC. =W=

We then left the house at about 9am. Dad sent us all to the LRT station.
Damn shit late train is damn shit late, but let's not discuss on that part.

So we rode the LRT to the Masjid Jamek station to interchange to the Gombak line.
Went into the train, not bothering to look at which line we took, until suddenly I realized that we boarded the wrong line (MAJOR ORZZZZZZ)
We quickly went down at the next station and switched lines. Then we finally got ourselves to KLCC~ QwQ <3 (oh, and there were already several cosplayers in the train as well, so that's how I knew we were in the right train~ |D)

Then we FINALLY REACHED KLCC!!!! QWQ *tears of epic joy is epic*
KLCC was already packed by the time we reached there~ @@ and the first thing we did when we arrived was go to the toilet. (trust me, you don't have a single second to go to the toilet once you're changed into your costume. An experience I've faced so many times before. FML~)

Then we finally went into the hall~
my expectations for this year was really high, but when I arrived in the hall, it was then I realized that my expectations were....NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT IT WAS. o______o

nothing compared to what I imagined is said in the picture below.


There were already THIS MUCH people at 10.30am. @@

The ticket booth, so innocent. ;w;

Okay, so skipping the part where I go: "WTF IS THIS SHIT??? WHY IS THE LINE FOR THE TICKET LIKE SIAL THIS YEAR???? LAST YEAR WAS NOTHING LIKE THIS!!!!!!" and then I realized that it's COMIC FIESTA 2011 for goodness sake. =w=
So, I managed to skip the line and had to let my two sisters wait in the line coz I headed straight to the two-day ticket counter. (same trick I used last year, derp~ =W=)
met up with my dear imouto, Mae Yen, and stayed with her as the both of us did makeup and preparations for our characters together (although she did left me later on coz she got her pre-ordered tickets~ TTwTT)
and it was then I realized that fake lashes are hard to put on without a helping hand of someone else.
(okay, random shit. MOVING ON~)

After getting our tickets, we proceeded on to get into Hall 5, but thanx to the crapshit KLCC management, it took us 20 minutes to finally get into the damn hall. No doubt, it was CRAZY. @@
After walking in there for a while, said hi to a few peeps, we then proceeded to go out and eat since we havent eaten anything YET.

And as planned, we chose to eat at Starbucks. :3
Funny to have to walk into the place with all those foreigners looking at me like I'm all dressed up for a circus or something, but WTH. I just walked in like a boss. 8D

Ordered our stuff, and the barista at the POS was pretty surprised when I handed to her my Starbucks partner ID card. XD

and then we took some photos. :D

le me and my stroganoff beef pie & caramel cream frapp while my sis noms on tuna finger sandwich. :3
my wig is pretty messy here coz my wig cap came off while we were walking to Starbucks. ;____;

miss diva slurping on dark mocha frapp~ 8D

after lunch, we proceeded back into hall 4 to fix my falling fake lashes and my messed up wig and took another 30 minutes to get back into hall 5, all in the while missing the whole of Mikuni Shimokawa & Ceui's concert~ QAQ|||

but when we FINALLY MANAGED to get into the hall, we still got to see Ceui performing LIVE IN FRONT OF OUR VERY OWN EYES. OAO <3

Sorry for the bad photo quality, BLAME THE PHONE CAMERA. ;_____;

Mikuni & Ceui performing "Sousei no Aquarion" together~ it was AWESOME. *w*

after the concert, I proceeded to go and meet two of my besties from two different primary schools.
The first one I met was Feresthe, a best buddie of mine all the way back in standard 4 & 5 while I was still studying in SJK (C) Chi Wen in Labuan. He didn't change a bit, only thing was that he grew up A LOT. 8D Sad thing was I didn't take a picture with him. TTWTT sorry dude OTL

Then next was my bestie from my standard 5& 6 life in SJK (C) Khoon Aik in Kangar, Perlis. Her name is Sze Lan, one of the prettiest girl around I ever known. (NO JOKE PEOPLE <3) and I'm really happy to know that she also got herself involved in cosplay (sistas FOREVA~ <3)

and for her, I managed to take a pic with her~ >W<)

Me (and my sucky looks) together with Sze Lan as Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. SHE LOOKS SO DAMN ADORABLE~ <3

walked around the place for a moment, nothing really special to look at coz feeling quite uncomfortable with the people squeezing about. Admired some cosplays for some moment, gets admired and photographed for some moment, and then I saw...


COSPLAYING AT ITS FINEST, I must say~ XD (btw, the horsehead happens to be someone that you will see in my next post~ 8D)

le my sister posing for the cam with the cat and the horsey~ she wanted to take a pic with the doggie though~ XD

and the rest of the day practically went down with me doing a private (okay, maybe not SO private) shoot with my photographer from Singapore, Jeremy, who happens to be the official photographer for our Fujoshi High School group back in CF2010. The pics from the photoshoot will be uploaded soon after I managed to download the file he sent to me~ ;w;

Went back home by 7pm (thank God for TouchNGo cards, I now deem them as livesavers~ 8'D) and everyone was DROP DEAD TIRED. @@

Meanwhile back at home, Mickey suddenly took an interest in cosplaying by cosplaying an unusual character.....


the bear hat was actually bought by my neechan at one of the booths at the price of RM45. Not bad for a really nice hat. 8D

le Mickey posing for the camera. *photogenic style FTW*


Ahh, well, that's it for the report on day one. :)

sorry for the delay in posting up the reports. With my busy work schedule and all, it's really hard for me to find a time to sit down in front of the computer the whole day and update my blog. And by reading this, you can expect the next two posts to be arriving late sometime soon. IDK when, but I know it won't be as lightning fast as I used to do last year. ;_____;

anyhows, back to bed for me. Work is on for me again tomorrow.