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Friday, April 4, 2014

04 Apr 2014: Animax Carnival 2014 (Day 2)

Current mood: Pretty good :3 I'm making plans for Comic Fiesta 2014 as of now, and I'm really excited for it!! XD

Music playlist:
|| Kaze wa Fuiteiru - AKB48
|| Kibou ni Tsuite - NO NAME
|| Heavy Rotation - AKB48


Hello, fellow humans!! :)

Yeap, I'm back with a new event report.
I attended Animax Carnival this year, but this time around, I attended only day 2 as I was working on day 1 .w.

As I've already attended Animax Carnival last year, I roughly know what to expect of the event. I really wanted to enter the hall to watch the cosplay competition and also see Yuki Godbless and Jiaki Darkness in person....but oh well, I got caught up with a lot of friends outside the hall. |D
But I guess that was a good thing, because I got to catch up with a lot of friends whom I've missed out on during Comic Fiesta last year. The amount of selcas with friends that I took this year was surprisingly...a lot. I mean, compared with other events I've attended, I took more selcas this time around. Usually I only take about, less than 20 photos...? This time, it was more than 30. WOOHOO. 8D

Hey, it's a form of achievement for me, okay? ;w; *slapped*

We all got a lot of weird stares from the non-event-goers, but hey, I don't blame them since they know nothing about cosplay. owo)

For Animax Carnival this year, I got glued to Chelcy (again hueh), my darling imouto, Ryn, whom I've not hang out with for almost two years (cue happy tears wwww) and Miharu babeh. XD we ran around all over the place, bumping into friends that we all know, selcas, fangirling over cosplayers (I fangirled over all the AKB0048 cosplayers HUEHHH), random fun moments and learning how to pose from the professional photographers. OwO

Now, for photos!!! XD

Note that I'm going to post about 80 photos in this post (less than half of them are mine pfft), and the following pics are taken by me unless stated. :)

 I tried to kawaii. I somehow failed. And the photo is blur. Sobs.
Yeap, I'm Kuroko again for Animax Carnival. XD I was figuring that this will be my last time cosplaying as this version of Kuroko. I'll move on to another version because I've found myself a partner who will be my Kise!!!!! :3 she's from Sabah, unfortunately, but I'll be waiting for her to come over to KL again then we'll do a KiseKuro photoshoot yayyyy~ :3

 I suppose this is how Kuroko's passport photo look like? OwO 
Coincidentally I took this photo against a dark background hurr

 Finally get to meet the cutie Ririan in person!! :3
She is cosplaying as Anarchy Stocking from "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt". XD

 Together with the man behind Calvin Pixels Photography. CALVIN Y U SO DERP. TROLL MODE ON.

 We tried to serious. We ended up not knowing what to feel. LEL.

 Together with mah yaoi scandal counterpart, Forat. Hurhur.
...we are only a pair whenever I cosplay as a male character huehue.

 Diabolik Lovers

Left: Ayato Sakamaki CN (??)
Right: Raito Sakamaki CN (??)

 Bumped into the lovely Yugana who was cosplaying as genderbend Mat Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland". She is gorgeous as ever, and DAMNNN THAT MAKEUP SKILL. 

 Just when I thought I won't bump into her, Bean saw me first!! XD I thought I wasn't able to meet her since she said she will only be around for a short while. OH WELL, I STILL MET HER. XD

 Yesh, this person blessed with good looks is none other than the awesome Erwin Smith cosplayer whom I took photo with last year during Comic Fiesta day 2. :3


Mimori Kishida CN Mae Ryn

(Taken using my Samsung Galaxy Trend)


Mimori Kishida CN Mae Ryn

(Taken using my Nokia N8)

There's a lot of difference between the previous one and this one. I think this one is sharper although the color is slightly dull. owo

 Allow me to introduce to you my lovely imouto, Ryn!! She is one of my first cosplay friends and we got to know each other through Comic Fiesta Forums wayyyyy back in the days when I first started to get to know all the people in the cosplay circle...which was about almost 5 years ago. 
My lovely imouto has grown up alot ;w;

And she is one of my main influences for my increasing love for AKB48. XD

 New friend made!! :3 
I remembered that I was about to walk past her when she caught sight of me and just called out "KUROKOCCHI!!!!" to me and ran to me and cling onto me. XD super friendly cosplayer all the way from Sabah, her name is Pinky Apple, and she is my new Kise!!! :3

(I actually had two Kises on Animax Carnival that day. You'll know who is my second Kise later huehue)

 Another new friend made!! :3
She got to know me through my days as part of C2's organizing team, and whoa, I'm surprised that she knows me even though this is our first time meeting each other. OwO
Rosa Aoba is her name~ XD

A much clearer photo of the both of us :3 
Damn the lighting for ruining a lot of my selca pics sobs.

 Managed to bump into ikemen Joe Yee cosplaying as Ren Jinguji from "Uta no Prince Sama!"

JOE YEE STAHP BEING SO IKEMEN. Your aura so mabushii that it makes me wanna dai. *dies*

(Pardon my weaboo sentence lol, but that's the most accurate way for me to express my feeling when I saw her at that time hur)


Ayako Kuroki (Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th) CN (??)


-from left-
Ayako Kuroki (Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th) CN (??)
Atsuko Katagiri (Atsuko Maeda the 13th) CN (??)
Mimori Kishida (Mariko Shinoda the 8th) CN (??)

I was literally fangirling when I saw them wwwww
It's been quite a while since we got to know each other through Facebook, and we finally got to meet each other in person!! Samantha is cosplaying as Chocola from "Sugar Sugar Rune" XD

Managed to meet Rii (unexpectedly) after braving through the crowd like mad wwww

 Nyaaaa meeting the cutie Guki for the first time!! :3 
She is cosplaying as Madotsuki from "Yume Nikki"~ XD

 Kill la Kill

Mako Mankanshoku CN Kazumi Nao

*cue holy light and "Hallelujah" chorus in the background*
This was actually a sneak shot :'D she was doing a shoot with other photographers and I was just like -- *whips phone out, opens camera app, takes photo*

 We fujoshis are a bunch of trolls :'D
Miharu is on the left and my dear musume, Shu, is on the right. XD

Managed to meet my darling musume, Shusuke!! :3 

 Ikemen Takayuki Yew as Hajime Saito from "Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan" XD

 Uta no Prince-sama!

Otoya Ittoki CN Ryan JC



Atsuko Katagiri (Atsuko Maeda the 13th) CN Yin Jiang

MOE MOE ACCHAN~ *hearts*

 Shingeki no Kyojin (Casino AU)

Eren Jaeger CN Mikki

Ikemen Mikki ish ikemen hurrrr~

 Another new friend!! :3
She recognized me, but I couldn't recognize her coz I couldn't catch her name ;w; it turned out to be Reese~ ;w;

 Cutie Hana Hisa hnghhhhh~ :3

 Managed to meet with the forever ikemen Spacechan!! :3 sorry, though, that we couldn't go yumcha as promised...since the both of us were busy at the time when we met ;w;


Left: Mayuyu (Mayu Watanabe Type 3) CN (??)

Shingeki no Kyojin

Erwin Smith CN Keiven Ngo
Levi CN (??)

 SOOOOOO, Miharu and I have found a potential new Erwin cosplayer!! He has the looks for Erwin, and he just needs to improve on his overall cosplay since he's only just begun cosplaying for Animax Carnival. Nevertheless, we look forward to an upgraded version of his Erwin cosplay~ XD


 Unexpectedly bumped into another one of my imouto, Mitsuki Rin!! She is cosplaying as Inori Yuzuriha white battle dress version from "Guilty Crown"~ :3

 Another one person whom I've really missed over the years!! It's been God knows how long since we last met, Angela~ ;w;) *throws flower petals*

 Ayyyyyy the pretty pretty Jyeng as Miku~ :3

 Yayyyy Ashley!! XD
Although she wasn't cosplaying on that day, she still looks pretty~ *hearts*

The forever kawaii Asleno!!! :3 she is cosplaying as Asuna from "Sword Art Online" XD

Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%

Otoya Ittoki CN Yen康康


 Met with the gorgeous Avie Rui who was cosplaying as Marry Kozakura from "Kagerou Project". :)
Her coscard is her Celestia Ludenberg cosplay which I really love, so I am really happy to get her coscard~ XD

 AYYYYY YUUKII dem bewbs are precious, ya know?? XD
Junko Enoshima's bewbs, I mean |D

 Troll Cha my bro, THE Christopher Cha huehue XD
Nice to meet with you again, bro!! :3

 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

C.C CN Audrey Konekohime
Lelouch Lamperouge CN Mohd Khairie

 AAAAAAND I finally meet this ikemen in person!! Khairie is a really nice guy~ XD
I'm sorry to hear about your accident in Japan~ ;_;

 Kill la Kill

Nonon Jazukure CN Mushroom Yit Ying

-INTERNAL SQUEALING- and I practically squealed out "NONON! NONONNNN!!!" before I asked her for a photo .w.

 Kill la Kill

Uzu Sanageyama CN (??)


 Not sure why, but these two lovely ladies here (Aple -middle- and Mimea -right-) had apparently been hunting high and low for me...for my coscard orz.
In the end, I only had one more left, and Aple got it ;w; I'M SORREH, MIMEAAA~ QAQ I shall give you one the next time we meet, okeh ;w;

 And this is my second Kise for the day!! Chiaki so bishie as Kise and it is one of my favorite cosplays by her~ XD
Fun fact: We were actually of the same height, so I had to bend down a bit to get the right height difference |D

Haven't met you in months, and you are so awesome ady hurr~ :3

 The one and only lovely Amelea @ Mocchi!! :3 It's rare for me to meet her during events, and I was definitely happy to finally see her again!! :)
Her Rin Kagamine Secret Black Vow ver is gorgeous~


Freya CN Venus Lim

I secretly took a photo of her while she was doing a shoot with the photographer huehueh

 Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Dino Cavallone CN (??)

It's been so long since I last saw a Dino cosplayer in an event!! I have yet to know who is the cosplayer. Once I do, I'll rush to compliment on the tattoo coz DAMNNN IT'S FINE~ 8D

The last person that I met before I changed out of my costume and wig. XD

Thanks for the compliment!! :3
But I don't think my failed Kuroko should be called as cute OTL

Photo by: Asleno

 Selca compilation by Chelcy~ XD
It's probably the only selca pic I had with Chelcy from the day ;w;

Photo by: Chelcy

 All the other awesome human beings compiled into one pic by Rii~ owo

Photo by: Rii

 Group selca with the Zawawi sisters, Miharu and Ririan wwwww

LEENA-DANCHOU BE SO FABULOUS. And Ririan is like a creep XD

Photo by: Miharu (photographer: Mae Ryn)

Never a dull moment with the Zawawi sisters~ XD And Ririan is still trying her best to fit into the photo haha XD

Photo by: Miharu (photographer: Mae Ryn)

 Finally, everyone gets into the photo~ XD
Zawawi sisters (Leena and Sophia), Miharu, Ririan and me~ :3

Photo by: Miharu (photographer: Mae Ryn)

Shot no.2 XD

Photo by: Miharu (Photographer: Mae Ryn)

 My leng leng Jasmine whom I haven't met in so long after AniManGaki omgggg ;w;

Photo by: Miharu

 A new friend!! :3 ...whose name I did not ask orz
Kuroko is taller than Midorima in this pic...BUT HEY, IT'S ONLY FOR THIS ONCE. HUEHUE.

Photo by: Miharu

Awkward pose is awkward OTL
But Mikki is so cool hurrrr ;w; and trust me when I say that I never knew she was cosplaying as Eren until the next day when she told us GAHHHHH

Photo by: Miharu

 Together with the Chang sisters wwwww~ SO MUCH LOVE! XD

Photo by: Miharu

 Selca compilation by Miharu! :3
I look like I'm smiling so unnaturally in my pic with her ;w;

Photo by: Miharu

Ikemen danchou pls. :3
I'm so short beside Yuan, thus I live up to Kuroko's height. ;w;

Photo by:  Miharu

 Together with the adorable Zizi Moo who was cosplaying Gou Matsuoka from Free!

Photo by: Miharu

 My selca together with Mitsuki using her camera XD

Photo by: Mitsuki Rin

 Polaroid photo collection taken by Rosa Aoba~ XD
Mine one together with my Kise is so adorabruu because the frame of the polaroid film is pinkkkkkkk~

Photo by: Rosa Aoba

 My photo together with Samantha~ :3

Photo by: Samantha Thang

My Midorima for the day whom I am taller than wwwwww

Photo by: Shake Rain

 Group photo, round 2!! :3
This time involves Bean, Miharu, Sophia, Leena, Ryn and myself. 8D

Situation of this photo? Both Leena and Sophia were holding up their devices respectively to take our group selca pics. We didn't know that both of them were holding it up at the same time, but it was by luck that all of us were looking at Sophia's tablet at this photo XD

Photo by: Sophia Zawawi

And this was when we realized that we had no idea which to look at~ XD
Leena said she had the side view pic of the pic above though huehueheue

Photo by: Sophia Zawawi

We met at pretty much the last minute, moments before I took my stuff to change out of my costume. Thanks for taking some time and the little chat! And also for this selca pic. XD

Photo by: Thomas Kuan (Hexlord)

 "Brofist meh or you will get punched by meh!!"
....definitely not something that Kuroko would say lelelelel

Photo by: Cherrie Lim

 I seem to be in a lot of photos crossing over different anime universes lolololll. XD
It was normal to see pics of me and Ryn together, but there were a couple of pics taken by other photographers (which I have yet to find) where the group consist of myself, Chelcy (Ranka), Ryn (Mimori) and Miharu (Mikasa). Crossover level over 9000. 8D

Photo by: Matsumoto Kura

My infamous "pulls tie to seduce you" (wait wat) pose for the day huehue

Photo by: Sousuke Aizen

I sincerely thank Blur from NaNeee? Photography for guiding me and teaching me how to pose and get the perfect angle for a perfect look in pictures! Through our short photoshoot session, I realized how much I still need to learn in terms of posing. ;w;

Photo by: NaNeee? Photography

I look like a badass here while Ryn looks as innocent and pretty as ever as Mimori~ :3
...KUROKO ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE BADASS (unless he is the yandere character in the fanfic or something huehue)

Photo by: 陳國強


And with that last photo, that concludes the photos from Animax Carnival 2014 day 2!!!


My thoughts?

Hmm...since I've already known what to expect from the event, I turn to hunting down for friends, selca and having fun by doing random stuff with them to enjoy myself. Needless to say, I certainly did. :)
All the old friends I got to meet and hangout with, all the new friends that I got to know, all the crazy stuff we did, all the fangirling over awesome cosplayers throughout the event area...that's just how I have fun in events.
To have fun in events is to enjoy it to the fullest with all your friends. At least, for me, that is how I have my fun for all the events I attend. Sure, it's nice to have special guests to grace the event and also booths with fancy stuff. But, for me, with the right people, any sort of event can be fun, fun, fun!!!! :3

Surprisingly, I enjoyed myself to the max this time. I was thinking that I might just end up planking at a corner, but well, I was the one running all over the place hunting down for everyone whom I've promised to meet up with. No regrets on that one, that's for sure. XD

The next big event that I'm looking forward to is C2AGE. If I won't be able to go for both days, I will go only for day 2, and most likely I will be redoing my Sheryl Nome cosplay (provided that I'll be hardworking enough to add on the stuff that I missed out on during Comic Fiesta last year).

Anyways, off to bed now. I'll look forward to updating my next post!!

Till then,