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Friday, July 23, 2010

23 July 2010~ : C2AGE 2010 report

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Now....to update you before I sleep~
I bring you.....

*holds up the "Applause" sign board*

It's kinda late to update on it, lol, I know~
But I still just wanna update coz it was seriously a fun event!!!!
Though it is the last cosplay event I'll be attending before SPM is over, but well, it left a pretty deep and lasting impression in me~


Omg~ isn't she like, the most kawaii Chii that you've ever seen? I wanna pinch her cheeks!!!

I managed to find out the name of these cosplayers...but I still have no idea what characters are they....can you tell me if you know? Thanx~ :3

Huhu~ the girl with the neko ears and paws is Malaysia's beloved cosplayer, Ayase-chan!!!!!
She is not just an awesome cosplayer, she's a really nice person too!!!
And, for your information, I'm proud to tell the world that she is an ex-student from my school~ *w*

Ahh~ my fave pic from throughout the whole event~
a precious shot with dear Ayase-senpai!!!!! *heart*
Hope I can meet her again in future events, especially Comic Fiesta!!!!

Huhu, a pretty shot with Ranka (Lavena) and Sheryl~
Lavena ish sho damn cute~~~ X3

Hahax, another one of my fave shot~
Mukuro (Airi) and Naruto (Sparda)...look at the distance between Sparda and I~ XD
Don't get me wrong~ I'm not afraid of Naruto~
I just feel more secure in Mukuro's arms~ XD
*ish shot*

Ooh~ Temari-chan!!! Cosplayed by Sakura Wong~ :D

The Cosplay Checkers competition in progress....
this was actually the first picture that I snapped when I first arrived. It was about 2.30pm or so~

Two bunnies and a butler....? @@

A group of hot Vocaloid nurses~ *w*

Chrome Dokuro (Fion) and Yuuki Cross (Dion) desu!!!!
The cosplayers are a pair of twins, in case you don't notice~~ :D

Lelouch playing chess...................

Deep concentration......
......til I could feel the tension as well...... @.@|||

and wait....Lelouch's opponent was....Byakuya...?

My dear friends, Douji as Mikuo and Chiaki as Miku~
Looking cute as a pair~ :3
and P.S., the Miku wig is mine~ XD

Uhuhuuuuuu~~ the three Nekos!!!!! <3

Yayyyy~ found Tamaki-sama (Weez)!!!!!
Posing with my dear Rin (Fishie) and Len (Zee)~

Aik!!! Kyouya-san (Xajin) is hitting on Rin??? OAO

Another pair of Miku (Huko Yee) and Kaito~

Yayyy!!!! Found my papa who was Gumi (Celestia)~~ and also Jyuushirou-sama (Iqbal)~~

Mukuro-sama~ XDXD

Yoshhh~~ my shot with Hibari-san (Nixon)~

Mix of Shounen Onmyouji and...uhh....another anime that I dunno.... Q,Q

The only trio of KHR peeps that were there~~ :D
Mukuro, Tsuna and Hibari~
Hehe, pose pose with Mukuro-san!!!
(What is with the waffle bag???)

Happy people with happy smiles on their faces~~ *KA-CHEEK!!! <3*

The undeniably hot and charming Kaito (Xan) !!! >w<
If only I had my Miku wig~~ >w>

The Naruto gang~~ XDXD

Yayy!!! Found the other Vocaloid group!!!!! The group of people that I was dying to meet since before!!!
Len (Xiaoqi), Luka (Rei) and Gakupo (Ruyi)~ Kaito (Hikari) was missing in the pic coz she arrived there a lil late~ gomen ne for not taking pic with you, Hikari!!! >.<

A precious shot with my dear imouto, Mae Yen @ Rin~~ <3
Nee-chan loves you!!!!! *hugs*

Me and Wani with her not-so-complete version of Ryoma~ XD
Was at C2AGE just to get the MAGe Fiesta shirt from her~~ >W<

Me and my cousin, Chloe, with her character as Oz Bezarius~ :D

Pole-dancing much...? O.O|||||

Mukuro: I like to lick my trident~
Yukino: What the...... =w=|||||

Posing together with Airi's Mukuro trident~ *w*
hehe~~ *ish in perasan mode*

Wow....a rare sight to see that Mukuro playing Jenga~ XD

And his opponent was neko girl, Hanatsu...?
What a game~ XD

Mukuro: *pokes butt with trident* Hehehehehhhh~~~

Mukuro: No hard feelings, kay? Come, smile for the camera!!!!!!! ^o^

The panel of judges for the cosplay competition~
from left: Kikyo, Ayase and Dai Kurotenshi, the three best and most experienced cosplayers in Malaysia!!!!! <3

We pokes!!!!
Mukuro: You dare..? *evil stare*

Ciel X Mukuro scandal!!!!

One of Malaysia's best cosplayer, Space-chan!!!
She retired from cosplay just not too long ago~ it's such a rare opportunity to get to see her~~ :D

Usagi L...?????

Mukuro's sexy pose.... *nosebleeds*

Don't hurt her!!! *aims gun at Mukuro's butt*
Mukuro: The heck????

Camwhore with my dear Emo~ :3

Rin and Miku taking a break desu~
it was a pretty tiring day for them~

What is that in the sky???
Is it....

Me picture with my dear Zee~~ X3

Mukuro's cool pose~~ *w*

Mikuo X Len...?
Wow, this event sure had quite a lot of BL pairings... =A=|||

Kawaii Miku taking a break and drinking bubble tea~ :3

Hanatsu and I played with Zee and Douji's Magnet headphones~
Uhuhuhuuuu~~~~ *w*

Yuuki Kuran in night class uniform version and Kaname Kuran~~ :D

Yayy~ got a pic with them too~ *w*

Ciel ish tired desu~~ =w=

What???? Where's Kaname when you need him?????

Mukuro is drawing circles on floor....
must be something bothering him~

Oh yesh!!!! I finally broke Mukuro's trident!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yukino: *evil laughs*
Hungary: O.O||||

Hungary: Why would you do such a thing????
Yukino: Oh don't worry, he won't find out~~ >w<

Mukuro: Why the heck did you broke my trident for??? WHY??? WHY????
Yukino: Wha- heyy!!! Lemme go!! AHHH!!! *suffocates*

Weapon change!!!!
what a change~ O.O|||

That's about it then!!!!!!!
For the full album, go check it out in my Facebook profile, kay??

Wow, freakin late at nite ady!!!!!!!
Ice princess gotta hit the sack now~~

OYASUMI NASAIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/Yaoi fanatic cosplayer blogger, Yukino~

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!