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Monday, October 29, 2012

29 Oct 2012: Big Bang Alive GALAXY Tour Live in Malaysia 2012

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Music playlist:
> Wedding Dress - Taeyang

> Knockout - G-Dragon & T.O.P
> Wings - Daesung

> Strong Baby - Seungri
> Heaven - Big Bang


Hello there, fellow netizens!! :D
Today's post will be a report post, reporting on one of the biggest concerts ever in Malaysia.
Well, easy enough, I gave the whole damn clue in the post title. XD

Yeap, it was YG Entertainment's hot shot, Big Bang's concert in Malaysia. 


Last weekend was a dream come true for most Malaysian VIPs as our favorite boys were in town for their concert here as part of the Alive GALAXY Tour 2012.
The concert, held in Stadium Merdeka last Saturday was an arena for 15,000 screaming fans (including myself) as the boys performed all their hottest tracks.
Despite the pouring rain before the concert officially started, those especially that were exposed to the rain braved through it all and still sang to their songs during the prologue session as we waited for them.
When the concert finally started, it was all well. Everyone definitely had a great night. :)

As for my experience, since my tickets were for free (thanks to Red FM!!), the money that we had were spent on merchandises. If I'm not mistaken, we spent about almost RM300 for merchandises alone. >< we got some of the pirated version of the stuff and we also got some of the official merchandises. Although the official merchandises were much much more expensive, it was worth the money. XD

The line for my section, CAT 7 was freakishingly LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably because it was the biggest one. :X
Luckily we managed to reach a little bit early and we got to enter the stadium quite early. We got a really nice spot in there. Though not so front as I expected to be, but we were considered quite near to the stage. Can't blame the crowd, but at least I got a glimpse of them occasionally. 

Well, words can't describe the experience that my sister and I had, so it's best to bring in...


These are the glowsticks that we got that we used during the concert. XD
We actually bought all of these on our first round trip to Stadium Merdeka, buying souvenirs and stuff.
The reason why we bought a lot of glowsticks in different colors: 

~Yellow is their official color
~the Crown, well, official one, duh...
~Blue was to be used while they are performing "Blue"
~Pink was to be used while they are performing "Fantastic Baby" (it was supposed to be red, but we couldn't find any red glowsticks there~ ><)

the smaller glowstick at the right was trampled by some random VIP, and the top part broke off~ QAQ

This was the point where we started waiting in the line. :3


We...sorta moved in the line...I guess...

Oh wait, we were still in the same position after 15 minutes =3=

The line sort of moved here a little, and as you can see, the sky is already a bit dark. :O

Moar people in line derppp

The intersection point between the line of CAT 6 and CAT 7. The entrance to CAT 6 was there by those Samsung ad banners. 

Those people who entered early.....=3=

After we waited in the line for nearly two hours, we finally managed to get into the stadium!! XDD

This is the view of the stage from where I was standing. This was taken without any zooming in, so as you can see my position was rather strategic because I can actually still see some of them on stage later on. :3

Curtain screen was lowered for testing, as I can see. |D

le sister with her beloved Crown glowstick. 8D
(yea, it's her most priced possession as of now~ =w=)

le screen testing owo

watching some of their music videos and sang along with the songs while we waited for the concert to start~~ XD

The figures are not sharp enough, but that's definitely T.O.P and GD up there~ XDD


from the screen, you can see GD clearly. :D

he's the one behind this long glowstick. XDD

the two most wanted men in Korea performing their duet~ XDD

The next number (which I forgot what it was~~) and you can see a couple more of them on the stage. :D

Okay, so this has got to be the best shot of them that I got.

Their faces are not that obvious, but through the figures you can see here, it's definitely the five of them. :3

my phone's camera tend to capture faraway objects better when I switch on the flash. owo

After the concert ended, this was how my sister looked like....

......and this was how I looked like. =W=

I love this shot~ *3* <---narcissist p="p">


Hurhurrr this last shot turned out better than I expected. XD
Yeap, that's the stage behind me there~ :3

I didn't really captured a lot of pictures, but I definitely recorded tons of video, and I uploaded all of them into my 5-year-old Youtube account. XDD

here are the links for each video~ :D

and yes, my username in Youtube is in fact rukiayukino (http://www.youtube.com/user/rukiayukino)


sorry to say that I didn't recorded any encore because my phone battery was on its way to dying and plus, I wanted to enjoy myself for the encore part (most of the time during the concert, I was busy recording~ |3)

Hope you enjoy the vids. :3

Anyhow, that was pretty much what I've experienced in that concert.
Words just can't explain the feeling that I have after the concert ended. Of course, I felt quite special as I was one of the lucky ones who have free tickets to go watch them live. XDD

Leave a comment here and there if you like. :)

Off to bed now then....

Arrivederci. <3 p="p">

Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 Oct 2012: Big Bang Tour Concert Tickets

Current mood: STRESSED OUT. The fact of having to handle the C2AGE stuff is driving me crazy. @@ 

Music playlist:
> Departure - DELUHI
> Faust - Matenrou Opera
> Genesis - Matenrou Opera
> Step - KARA
> Monster - Big Bang
> Fantastic Baby - Big Bang


Hello there folks. :D
Seems to me that I do hardly update my blog nowadays. ;___; but no worries, I'll always try my very best to  update you guys on what's going on in my life XDD

Well, today happens to be one of my most major update in my blog's history.



So, as referred to today's post title, you should be able to guess what is it about, right? (I mean, it's not THAT hard to figure out what is it about, unless you are an illiterate~ |D *shot*)

I haven't been really expressing my feelings on how much I love Big Bang all this while. Yes, I am a major fan, though not to the point of obsession unlike some other fanatic fans. |D 
But what I'm about to say here changed my perception towards Big Bang, loving them even more than before. :3

Red FM Malaysia recently hosted a contest to win 2 passes worth RM188 to catch Big Bang live in Malaysia for their Galaxy Tour 2012. It began on Monday and runs until next week if I'm not mistaken. 
For the past idk how many months, my younger sister had been so paranoid about the fact that they are FINALLY coming to Malaysia as a whole group. Unable to grab their tickets firsthand during the launch of the sales of the tickets, she was completely devastated....

UNTIL Red FM announced the details of the contest. 8D
So being the apparent one who is old enough to answer the question (my elder sister refused to do so because...well....reasons remain P&C....). I could still remember my immediate reaction when I was told I was the 9th caller through for the day. 8D and it was the FRICKKIN FIRST DAY of the contest!!! XD
The questions that I had to answer was EASY. Just name all the members of Big Bang. (Seriously, how hard can that be? |D) and then I got it <3 p="p">
I practically hyperventilated the whole night after that, still being in shock of the fact that I actually won the tickets~ @u@ <3 p="p">

They called me in yesterday that I was able to collect the tickets from them, and since I won't be free for the next one week, I decided to go get them today. :3
Remembering the ecstasy feeling upon receiving the tickets from the Red FM staff, I could just jump in joy~ @A@

anyhows, everything up there that you have just read was just a summary of the whole story XD
More was available, but I'm just too lazy to write it all up here coz it'll be wayyyyyyyyyy too long to be read. @@

Let's move on to pics now, shall we? :D

This is the official promotional poster/banner of their concert tour in Malaysia. :D
All details of the concert are below there, do take your time to read up on that XDD

This is the seating map of Stadium Merdeka for their concert on 27 October. 
The tickets that I have won is the one for the space in yellow. Pretty far from the stage, I know. :/ but hey, it's better than nothing right? ;)

Close up shot of my tickets. Be jelly. Be VERYYY jelly. 8D /flees

and last but not least, the picture of the tickets with its winner/owner (whuttt??) 
oh darn you pimples. =3=

Well, that's it for today I guess. I gotta be heading for bed now. I'm leaving for Malacca tomorrow morning for my intake's leadership camp. I will be back by Sunday evening, so don't miss me yea? XD
Don't worry, I'll be constantly updating my Twitter on my life there. :D (IF I am able to do so anyway |D)

See you guys on Sunday, and have a great weekend! <3 br="br">
Au revoir~ /hugs n' kisses

Monday, October 8, 2012

08 October 2012: Reactivating cosplay life

Current mood: annoyed by pimples =____= but besides that, I'm all good ~ :3

Music Playlist:
> Skyfall - Adele (OST of "007: Skyfall") <--I'm not even sure if I got the name right~
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> KINGS - angela (OP of "K")
> Bad Apple!! - nomico (OST of "Touhou Project")
> Sayonara no Tsubasa - May'n ft. Megumi Nakajima (OST of "Macross Frontier OVA 2: Sayonara no Tsubasa")


Hi there folks <3 p="p">
as you can probably know from my post title for today, I'm currently trying to reactivate my cosplay life. Well, yes, I kinda ditched it for some time for the sake of studies, but ever since I joined as an organizing committee for C2AGE 2013, I'm always needed to cosplay to promote C2AGE and such. It is kinda distracting my studies a little, but no matter what, I must find a way to balance between both, and of course other stuff as well.

That's it for my overall life report. XD

moving on to today's event,
we had a little not-so-but-considered official photoshoot in university earlier today to promote C2AGE 2013. It was a private one, don't mistaken my meaning.
So, once again, as usual, I cosplayed as Miku. XD 
but this time I created my own version (which is obviously not legitimate to the eyes of some cosplayers) for the promo shots, and well, to my surprise, it actually looked quite nice 8D
except for the fact that the length of the dress I wore today was a bit too long, and my arms are flabby ;A;
Having flabby arms is the worse thing ever orzorzorzzzzz


okay, resuming back to main topic here...XD
I changed into my dress and killer heel wedges before calculus starts so that I don't have to rush to change later on. oWo

le killer heel wedges. Looks innocently pretty, but it practically tried to break my leg the whole time I was wearing it @@
oh well, I gotta wear it more often to practice myself~ |D

Finished class earlier, procrastinated for an hour, but still got to put on makeup decently. :3 it is different from normally how I do my makeups for cosplay. Simple, but it looks pretty nice XD

oh, look, a pimple~ |D
it had been there for weeks~ TTATT

not wanting to risk any unnecessary stares and attention, my friend, Sabrina and I decided to wear our wigs in the photoshoot location, which was one of the classrooms.

So here it is, my finished look....


I call this the Polka-dot Miku, because the dress is polka-dot, and the ribbon I used for the pigtail parts has colourful polka-dots on it~ :3 <3 p="p">

Some of you might be asking on what is the purpose of the shoor exactly?

Well, you're gonna have to wait for it to be announced. ;)


By the way, folks, have you been following on the progress and news of the latest and Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2012?
Yes, peeps, I'm talking about this anime called "K" (no, literally, it's called only "K"~ 8D)

"K", or formally known as "K" anime or anime "K" (same thing lol XD) is named as The Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2012 for its production teams, amazing visuals and awesome casts lineup. So far, not much of the story has been revealed, but it's slowly revealed one by one.
A story full of mystery (as in, not much is known at the moment), it looks promising and it's worth looking out for if you are looking for new animes. :)

I can't really say much about what is the anime about since the first episode had only just been aired officially last Friday, but I can conclude "K" into these few points:

1. The visuals = "eye"gasm

2. All, especially male seiyuus = "ear"gasm
(want to know why? Just click on the link then you'll know why~ XD http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2012/05/11/k-anime-second-trailer-and-cast-info-released)

3. The first episode doesn't say much yet, but it was definitely a good opening to introduce each character's traits and also the start of a conflict that drives the protagonist to fend for his life and decide who to trust while everyone wants to kill him. I love this kind of stories: full of mysteries waiting to be unraveled and discovered. :)

4. BISHIES ALL OVER THE PLACE~ *3* <3 font="font">

Everyone has got to have their own reasons to start watching "K", coz this is one anime that everyone should look out for, as it is seems to be one of the most promising originally produced anime. XD

Anyhows, no matter what do you wish to see me update on, just keep looking up on my blog to check whether I have any new stuff in my blog.
Hopefully, I'll be able to update my blog as frequently as possible.
You might not see me online all day and night for the few days to come as my midterm exams begin this Saturday~ @@

So, I guess I'll see you guys around then.

Tata~ o(=^w^=)/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

02 October 2012: First post of the month

Current mood: Well, what to say, I'm ALWAYS TIRED. =___=

Music playlist:
> Sleeping Beauty (Manuela's theme) from "Resident Evil/ Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles"
 -loop mode: ON-


It's October already....o3o

Who knew that time could fly so fast, like LITERALLY.

It was in August when I first started my first day in Foundation, and now, it's already October, and I barely felt it pass by TT______TT

what's most important is that my mid term exams is coming up on the 13th October. It's stressful coz I know that it's coming and I'm STILL not prepared for it. Or maybe I'm just prepared to fail it. Q3Q but no matter what, I know that my midterms will be my only chance to repent myself from my mistakes of my quiz time, especially calculus. So, I'd really love it if everyone would wish my GAMBATTE!!! in my progress towards achieving good results. All exams and assignments matter OTL

Procrastination at its finest?
Most likely ;)

Btw, I've just updated my Twitter background after, like, SO LONG hurhurrrrrr....XD
and here it is~:

Still Dino Cavallone, I know QuQ
But he's so HOTTT~~~ QAQ <3 p="p">

So, do you like it?



So, I gotta go back to reality now instead of being a dreamer (lololollll WHY SO DEEEEEPPP) 

Signing out~~