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Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 Oct 2012: Big Bang Tour Concert Tickets

Current mood: STRESSED OUT. The fact of having to handle the C2AGE stuff is driving me crazy. @@ 

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Hello there folks. :D
Seems to me that I do hardly update my blog nowadays. ;___; but no worries, I'll always try my very best to  update you guys on what's going on in my life XDD

Well, today happens to be one of my most major update in my blog's history.



So, as referred to today's post title, you should be able to guess what is it about, right? (I mean, it's not THAT hard to figure out what is it about, unless you are an illiterate~ |D *shot*)

I haven't been really expressing my feelings on how much I love Big Bang all this while. Yes, I am a major fan, though not to the point of obsession unlike some other fanatic fans. |D 
But what I'm about to say here changed my perception towards Big Bang, loving them even more than before. :3

Red FM Malaysia recently hosted a contest to win 2 passes worth RM188 to catch Big Bang live in Malaysia for their Galaxy Tour 2012. It began on Monday and runs until next week if I'm not mistaken. 
For the past idk how many months, my younger sister had been so paranoid about the fact that they are FINALLY coming to Malaysia as a whole group. Unable to grab their tickets firsthand during the launch of the sales of the tickets, she was completely devastated....

UNTIL Red FM announced the details of the contest. 8D
So being the apparent one who is old enough to answer the question (my elder sister refused to do so because...well....reasons remain P&C....). I could still remember my immediate reaction when I was told I was the 9th caller through for the day. 8D and it was the FRICKKIN FIRST DAY of the contest!!! XD
The questions that I had to answer was EASY. Just name all the members of Big Bang. (Seriously, how hard can that be? |D) and then I got it <3 p="p">
I practically hyperventilated the whole night after that, still being in shock of the fact that I actually won the tickets~ @u@ <3 p="p">

They called me in yesterday that I was able to collect the tickets from them, and since I won't be free for the next one week, I decided to go get them today. :3
Remembering the ecstasy feeling upon receiving the tickets from the Red FM staff, I could just jump in joy~ @A@

anyhows, everything up there that you have just read was just a summary of the whole story XD
More was available, but I'm just too lazy to write it all up here coz it'll be wayyyyyyyyyy too long to be read. @@

Let's move on to pics now, shall we? :D

This is the official promotional poster/banner of their concert tour in Malaysia. :D
All details of the concert are below there, do take your time to read up on that XDD

This is the seating map of Stadium Merdeka for their concert on 27 October. 
The tickets that I have won is the one for the space in yellow. Pretty far from the stage, I know. :/ but hey, it's better than nothing right? ;)

Close up shot of my tickets. Be jelly. Be VERYYY jelly. 8D /flees

and last but not least, the picture of the tickets with its winner/owner (whuttt??) 
oh darn you pimples. =3=

Well, that's it for today I guess. I gotta be heading for bed now. I'm leaving for Malacca tomorrow morning for my intake's leadership camp. I will be back by Sunday evening, so don't miss me yea? XD
Don't worry, I'll be constantly updating my Twitter on my life there. :D (IF I am able to do so anyway |D)

See you guys on Sunday, and have a great weekend! <3 br="br">
Au revoir~ /hugs n' kisses

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