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Monday, March 31, 2014

31 Mar 2014: VBG Cosplay Gathering 2014 (backlog)

Current mood: I'm not too sure anymore. One thing's for sure is that I'm falling sick now sobs ;w;

Music playlist:
||Kaze Wa Fuiteiru - AKB48
||Heavy Rotation - AKB48
||River - AKB48
||Shout Out Diamond - AKB48
||Kibou ni Tsuite - NO NAME

(Above playlist are the after-effects of finishing two seasons of "AKB0048" hurhur)


Alright, first of all, I'm really sorry for not updating my blog for a very long time. Three months, if I'm not mistaken? ;w;
I apologize for not giving even a short update and all...but I guess you CAN do that by following me on Twitter 8D (shamelessadvertisingpffttt *shot*)

Anyway, the latest event I've attended was Animax Carnival 2014 last Sunday (30 March 2014). I'm looking forward to blog about it because it was an event where I had one of the best times of my life attending an event. XD but, as for now, I'm still waiting for photos and selca pics from others to be uploaded then I will update about it. :)

I attended another event earlier this year, which was VBG Cosplay Gathering 2014 held by VBG, a local company which specializes in distributing anime DVDs and merchandises. I kinda forgot to blog about it because I got caught up with endless issues...so I was thinking, why not update about it while waiting for pics from Animax Carnival? XD

VBG Cosplay Gathering isn't an official event, to begin with. It seems to be a sort of plan (??) to promote the venue that the event was held at. One City Mall is a newly opened mall, and I guess the cosplay gathering was held there to introduce the place to more people (at least, that's what most of us think so~ XD)
One City Mall is actually a decent place: pretty architecture, pretty interior designs. The shops (RESTAURANTS ESPECIALLY) is aplenty and the Sky Garden is a wonderland for all cosplayers to do photoshoot! XD 

It was a small event, but surprisingly a lot of people turned up, and I was glad that I made a last minute decision to attend it because I got to meet up with all my friends that I couldn't meet up with during Comic Fiesta last year. :)

For this event, most of the time, I hung out together with Chelcy, her sister and also Serena sayang :3

Let's move on to pics, shall we? :)
I didn't take much pictures this time because I was utterly confused from the heat of the weather sobs ;w;

(Disclaimer: Pictures posted up here are taken by me unless stated.)

I tried to kawaii, but I failed. Sobs.

Notes on why I cosfucked Kuroko this round:

- I used a different BB cream for this look as I wanted to test out the Revlon BB cream that my elder sis gave to me (I always use Etude House brand for my BB cream). Turns out, it couldn't cover up much flaws and even out my skin tone like how my Etude House BB cream does. ;w; concealer didn't help to cover up much as well OTL


Together with Misa (Misadako Amano) who cosplayed as Mikasa Ackerman from "Shingeki no Kyojin"! :)

 Together with Ah Bean who cosplayed as Makoto Tachibana from "Free!" in his elementary school version.
Ah Bean ahhhh I miss you so much XD

This is my first time meeting with Ashley Koh since we first got to know each other through Facebook about...3 years ago, if I'm not mistaken? OvO

This pretty girl is cosplaying as Miku Hatsune cheongsam version :D

 Got to meet with bishie Shiki who was cosplaying as Eren Jaegar from "Shingeki no Kyojin" :D
Once an ikemen, forever an ikemen. HURR

 Finally meet with Zien Yee again after God knows how long since we last met!!! :D

 Managed to bump into Chiaki who cosplayed as Miku Hatsune in "Donut Hole" version!! :D
She is still as cute as ever~ :3

 Met with another ikemen! Asyraf cosplayed as Ace from "Final Fantasy Type 0". It's rare for the both of us to bump into each other in an event~ XD

Leena ku yang tersayanggggggg :D didn't manage to selca with her sister and brother as well who were there with her in the event .w.)
Kuroko is trying to act all cool~ PPFFFTTT

Photo by: 凉夏

Okay, so the reason why the rooftop is called as the Sky Garden.
There are two large sections of the roof where it is covered with GLASS.




AND I HAVE ACROPHOBIA (fear of heights sobs)


Photo by: Chelcy

 Together with Leena tersayang~ XD I look less weird than I how I look like in the selca pic that I took sobs.

Photo by: Leena Al-Zawawi

Lenglui Jyengggg :D

Photo by: Jyeng Wong

 It was an impromptu shot which in the end I made as my Valentines' Day dedication post hur. AM I KAWAII ENOUGH YET

Handcuffs belong to Yugana Senshi Uon~ XD

Photo by: Chelcy

 From this day forth, Forat and I are officially each other's yaoi scandal counterparts :3
...ONLY when I cosplay as a male character hueh.


Photo by: Chelcy

Photo by: Chelcy

Selca with the pretty Ashley using her phone XD
 My favorite shot from the event!!! :D
This is my signature "headache pose" wwwww

Photographed and edited by: Yuukii Chii Kuso

More of my infamous "headache pose" wwwww

Photo and edits by: Forat Shot

 The color saturation of the picture wasn't like this initially, but it gave a nice effect anyway. XD
....although I look...weird...

Photo and edits by: Forat Shot

Kuroko secretly aspires to be a model like Kise 8D

Photo and edits by: Forat Shot

So, on the right side is the original photo.
Left side is the edited version.
This is the start of a new ship: Kuroko x pole.

Photo and edits by: Chelcy


So, you can actually conclude that I completely lost my mind during that day. Thanks to the heat, I lost my mind completely and went all crazy. HUEHUE.

But it was definitely a great time for me because it had been so long since I last enjoyed myself during an event to THAT extent. XD
...okay, maybe Animax Carnival was a better experience for me, but as I mentioned, I'll wait til more pics are up first before I shall update on that event. XD
I am most looking forward to the photos by NaNeee? Photography! It was my first time working with him for a photoshoot, and it was also then I realized how noob I am still in posing ;w; he directed me to pose well and I am grateful for that! Preview pics that he showed me during the event looked good, so I'm looking forward to the final products XD

Alrightey, shall move over to my bed and snooze off now.
My update post on Animax Carnival should be up latest by Thursday or Friday, depending on when I get most of my photos from the event.

Do look forward to it!! :)