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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 April 2011: Blondie on the loose!! XD

||Mood||: I'm always feeling sleepy nowadays... =_= this sucks~~

||Currently listening to||
> Romeo and Cinderella - Nico Nico Chorus cover by Tonon ( とのん), Seriyu (セリユ), Komota (コモ太), Usa (うさ), Regi (レジ), Tama, Yumo (ゆも) & Hanatan (花たん) [repeating this song over...and over...and over again... XD]

[yeahhh...repeating it all over again to try to grasp the timing of the lyrics in parts that are pretty fast~ ;w;]
[and yes, I may be performing this live in an ACG event anytime soon~ XD]


Ohaithar~ :D

in case you've noticed, my blog posts date finally has an arranged patte- sequence, I mean.
I'll post one or two posts every two days~XD
but the sequence might change depending on my mood~ XD

but that's not the point for today~ :D <3


Today, I shall show you how...weird...and bimbo-ish...I look like when I'm wearing a blonde wig.

Oh, no worries, it's not my wig. Nor it's the Alois wig that I wore and camwhored with before.
It's a new wig!!! XD

and it's not mine. =w=

The wig belongs to Hanatsu for her Project DVST 2011 character, Hanatsu Matsuno. :D
and just when I thought her wig wouldn't arrive within this week which makes me have to cancel and postpone the shoot to another time later after I come back from National Service, it actually arrived at about 12.30pm earlier today~ ^^

and upon Hanatsu's request, I have worn and camwhored (and make myself look like an idiot~ |D) with the wig to show you how it looks like~ :D

ready for another around of superb ugliness of mine?

Don't say I never warned you~ >:D


And as usual, to start off, it's...


Yesss, that's my house address~ come find for me if you dare~ I'll release the lions if you are someone I don't know~ >:D

Package desuuu~~ wig's inside there~ XD

And these are the contents of the package!! ^O^/
the wig's still safe and sound in there~ <3

the tab of the wig, showing the name of the taobao shop that Hanatsu bought it from~ <3

took the wig out from the plastic bag and the net and placed it on the wig stand~ :D
the wig looks like this!! XD
(And I'm still wondering up to date on which character's wig is this orzzz)



And do be reminded that I've not put any makeup on me during this (lame) camwhore session, so proceed at your own risk~ >D

 and voila!!!! XD
how do I look in blonde? 8D
looks kinda like Rin Kagamine's hair style here, doncha think? :3

ahhh, weird smile~ =3=

call me? XD
and yes, that's a Harry Potter t-shirt that I'm wearing~ <3

what is this?? some kind of bimbo retard??? D<

close-up shot~ :D (and look at those pimples~~ =3=)

I brought the back part of the hair to the front, and I look...like...uhmm....

what do I look like? |D

Looks like I can pass for cosplaying as Rangiku Matsumoto from "Bleach"~ <3
just that my--- oh, nevermind, let's not get to that point. -3-

(yes, my expression was somewhat like that...right...?)

Can you keep my secret safe with you? ;D

and that's all for today's camwhore session!!!!!!! XD


Honestly, I'm not really sure if I can get a green light for this Saturday's photoshoot with my mom's current condition~ D:
though I do really hope that I'm able to go for the shoot as this will be my last shoot before I leave for National Service, but somehow...I myself is unconvinced with what my parents' answers will be.
and now, I'm freaking out.

No joke.

So, right now, I'm praying with all my heart that I will be able to go for the shoot without having my parents to worry about me.

Because this will be my last shoot for the time being until after I come back from National Service.

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: Raining season is coming along~ and so are the mosquitoes~ =3= *whacks mosquitoes*

Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Apr 2011 (2): Vocaloid Nico Nico chorus cover fever~ ♪♫

||Mood||: Still feeling...down...and sleepy~ .w.

||Currently listening to||
-all are in video form in this post-


Second post of the day as I'm trying my very best to keep myself awake~ .w.
though I really really wanna take a nap....but... well....I wanna stay awake~ >~<

so....here I am, with my second post of the day, about my love towards all Nico Nico chorus cover versions of some of my ultimate fave Vocaloid songs~ <3


So, there is a lot of Nico Nico chorus cover versions of all Vocaloid songs, estimation numbers should reach to more than 100,000 covered songs by different Nico Nico singers. Some were really awesome, and some were really awesome epic~ <3

And now, here in this post, I'mma present to you four of my epic fave Vocaloid songs along with the best of the best Nico Nico chorus cover version that I've found in YouTube~ :)

( I will post all songs with the original version first followed by the Nico Nico chorus cover version of my choice~ ^^)


Song: ヴェノマニア公の狂気 (The Madness of Duke Venomania)
Original singer: Gakupo Kamui

For me, personally, and I think most girl fans agree, that there is no doubt on how sexy Gakupo is in this song and this video~ <3
oh, how I wish I could be in the castle with him forever~ and NEVER LEAVE~ <3
Kaito does look kinda cute trying to crossdress as a girl~ XD no offense to all Kaito fans as I am one myself too~ <3

the Nico Nico chorus cover version was...OMG~ >w<
though not really as sexy as Gakupo's, but hey, it worked~ <3 and it was really awesome TO THE MAX!!!! XDDD


Song: Corruption Garden
Original singer: Luka Megurine


Yet another powerful song from Luka Megurine~ <3 and honestly my ultimate fave song from her aside "Just Be Friends"~ OwO <3


This Nico Nico chorus cover version is as powerful as Luka's~ and when all six vocals combined with Luka's, it spells AWESOME!!!!! <3

Song: Glow
Original singer: Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


Farby the most gentle and genuine-sounding song from Miku. Though it was the APPEND DARK version of her, but it still her vocals~ <3
one of the most epic beautiful songs from her which made me cried the very first time I heard it and also it became my lullaby song~ <3

The beginning of the song was a bit rough, but after that, the vocals of the coverers just harmonized and became one and epic beautiful~ ;w; <3


Song: Romeo and Cinderella
Original singer: Miku Hatsune


Despite how the video shows the lust between Miku and Kaito, but the story in the song between them is really touching~ ;w;
and also, her real love and devotion towards him is so deep~ she wants to be like Cinderella instead of Juliet and Kaito is her Romeo because she don't want a tragic end to their love story~ <3
ahahahahh, yes, it's already part of my fanfiction, don't worry~


The video and the vocals is just....WOW~ <3
when they're combined, it's just....yea....I LOVE I!!! YOU MUST LOVE IT TOO~~ ;w;
and one particular vocal that stood out among all the other awesome voices is Nico Nico chorus singer, Hanatan.

So, to give her recognition for her awesome vocals, I present to you the solo cover version of "Romeo and Cinderella" by Hanatan.



Line is untable right now, so gotta keep everything short~ >w<
hope you like all these songs as much as I do~ ^^ <3

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: I'm a Vocaloid-tard, just to let you know~ XD)

10 Apr 2011: Yesterday was....

||Mood||: Seemingly tired~ .w.

||Currently listening to||
> Romeo and Cinderella - Miku Hatsune
> Romeo and Cinderella - Nico Nico Chorus cover by Tonon ( とのん), Seriyu (セリユ), Komota (コモ太), Usa (うさ), Regi (レジ), Tama, Yumo (ゆも) & Hanatan  (花たん)
> Cendrillion - Kaito Shion & Miku Hatsune
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Corruption Garden - Nico Nico Chorus cover


..........EXTREMELY AWESOME!!!!!!!! 8D

Well...apart from finding out that I wasn't even close to eligible to take part in the SUKMA team selection, the rest of the day was awesomely FUN~ <3

Maybe the details of the day is pretty...not so detailed~ but still, imma share with you all~ <3


Yes, I friggin woke up at 5.45am...been God knows how many months since I woke up that early, and I'm pretty surprised that I could still wake up that early~ 8D

So, got ready, ate breakfast, yardee yaaarrr, and waited for my ex-school bus to come along~ :D

Arrived at school at about....7.10am, and waited for Hanatsu and Michiru for a good 30 minutes before they arrived~ =w= (Yes, I was always the Awaiter...and the rest would come along only after 30 minutes....OTL)
So well....I remember breaking the handle of the car of Michiru's mom...and the rest was the travel in the LRT~ .w.

Reached Bukit Jalil at about 8.20am....and walked throughout the massively massive stadium area just to find that the selections were held in the hall at the END of the stadium area...Institute Sukan Negara or something like that~ XD

Found ourselves a place to sit and watch the aspiring hopefuls go through the Endurance test, which seemed...kinda scary~~ .w.

After that, we went to watch the poomsae people do the patterns altogether. They started from taegeuk 6...and all the way to God-knows-what-level-of-black-belt-it-was pattern that seemed so confusing and crazily hard.
And that was when I realized that I was lucky enough to be late to arrive at the centre...because I'm nothing but a noobie idiot who can't do all those hard patterns~ TT^TT

Anyhows....after the pre-selection session ended for the poomsae people, Michiru, Hanatsu, Bonn, Karpa, Ravind, his mom and sis and I went to Masjid Jamek station via LRT to eat McDonalds for lunch~ :D (I was friggin hungry at that time, I just said: WHATEVER!!! EAT ANYTHING WILL DO!!!! TTwTT)

The craziness of the day began at McDonalds (well...it actually started while we were walking out from the stadium to the Bukit Jalil LRT station...but back then, it still wasn't at 'danger' level~ XD) when all of us sat there for a good one and a half hour eating, joking and laughing out loud like some lunatics that escaped from the mental problem hospital in Tanjung Rambutan~ XD
And we also discovered the crazy side of everyone~ XD (as if we all don't have a secret crazy side of us~ >w<)

After McDonalds, we went on the LRT (again~) to Times Square to play bowling there~ XD
my bowling skills seem to have declined rapidly~ .w.
and I also had a bad case of cramp on my left foot almost towards the end of the game~ .___.

but it was still fun anyway~ XD

Michiru won the game in the end, although Bonn was in the lead at the beginning~ XD

after that, due to extreme tiredness, especially Bonn and Karpa who were part of those who were in the pre-selection team, all of us decided to head back home~ :/

and yeah, I died upon reaching home~~ orz


Well...I dont know how to put it, but the day was so fun, that I somehow forgot how to say some things or describe what some other events that happened during the day....so I hereby sincerely apologize if I've left out any extra details as right now, my mind is being overwhelmed by loads of stress in the process of preparing the lauch of our Project DVST 2011 this Saturday~

it's going pretty well so far, but the worst part is that....I haven't asked my parents' permission.... O_O

I'm dead.
Oh yeah~

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino..



(P.S: Yes, I tend to forget a lot of events lately~ ;w; I hope this won't continue on myself...or else I'd be suspecting myself for having memory loss or something~ TTATT)

Friday, April 8, 2011

08 Apr 2011: Tomorrow's plan~

||Mood||: Still moody to think about Saya's passing...but life has got to go on~ :(

||Currently listening to||
> On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

> Rocketeer - Far East Movement
> Love Like Woe - The Ready Set
> Migikata no Chou - Len Kagamine
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


Ohaithar~ :)
sorry for not being able to update my blog for the past few days~
not only I had to hand over the broadband to my elder sister for the sake of her assignments, but also I didn't really had the mood to go online anyway~ :/
Yea, due to thinking about Saya's passing...and also other stuffs~ ; ^ ;

But then, life has got to move on no matter what, so yea...
I'm moving on, doing other things to distract myself from thinking of her~ ^^

So...what's my plan for tomorrow?? XD

Attend the selection for the Wilayah Persekutuan taekwondo team of SUKMA.

Can I hear a yayyy?? 8D <3


SUKMA stands for Sukan Malaysia, and it's kinda like the national version of Commonwealth~ |D
and since my master said that I am capable enough to try out for the team, so I decided to give it a try~ ^^

Oh wait, not sparring yeaaaa~ =3=
I'm more to poomsae, puh-leeze~ =w=V
and I'd rather try out for team version rather than solo~ because I suck at doing things by solo~ ;w;

So, wish me luck ya? XD

I don't know whether or not I'll get chosen, but...you know~ even if I don't get chosen, but at least I got some experience, and I'll also know what is my current level in taekwondo~ ^^

and oh yea, my other plan for tomorrow?

MAYBE go watch "Suckerpunch"~ :)


Well, that's it for today's random and really short update, coz seriously...

I dont have anything to update on~ >w<

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: Project DVST 2011 is launching next Saturday!!!! XD Give me your best wishes and wish me the best of luck~ ;w;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

04 Apr 2011 (2): 明るコスプレスターの損失に敬意...

||Mood||: Feeling very down~ .__.

||Currently listening to||
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK

> Kiss Me Goodbye - Angela Aki ("Final Fantasy XII" OST)
> Goodbye - Air Supply
> Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson


*Second post of the day~~~*

Ohaithar, internet folks~ :)
well...though I dont really have the mood to do a second post for the day, but I felt as if...if I don't do one, then I'll feel kinda heavy-hearted and also really sad~ T^T

Google Translate the title of this post first before you proceed to find out exactly what is this post about.


It was barely a year since I started cosplay and also got to know a lot about cosplay and also all those people involved in cosplay, directly and indirectly. I also got to know loads of really cool and awesome cosplayers from Japan that I look up to, I respect and I make as my idol in my interests for cosplay.

And there is one cosplayer who stood out amongst all those who are on the top.
One female cosplayer who, in my eyes, is the best and the cosplayer who had inspired me a lot in my cosplays.
The female cosplayer who is the dearest to all who loves her.

She's none other than our dearest cosplayer...


Known internationally with the name Dearest Saya that seperates her from all the others with the same name, stepped into the cosplay scene almost 6 years ago when cosplay was still not very famous here in Malaysia. Not long after she debuted, she became well known in the eyes of many and also loved by all who knows her.
over the years, she have cosplayed many characters with close precision.
And in all her cosplays, it makes all those who sees it feel a sense of genuine and love in her towards all the characters that she has cosplayed.
And she is always well known for her Miku Hatsune cosplay.


Some of her cosplay works that in my eyes, were the best.

Black ☆Rock Shooter Miku

Miku Hatsune in seifuku version together with KANAME☆ as Kaito.

another Black☆Rock Shooter Miku

Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

Shana from Shakugan no Shana

and my personal favourite one from her, as Miku Hatsune in Cantarella version.
She looks so elegant here~ <3

another shot of her as Miku Hatsune in Cantarella version~ :)

looking at these pictures of her really had made me inspired to improve on my Miku cosplay even more~ :)


But just when I was about to await for more of her awesome cosplays, a heartbreaking news broke just recently...and shocked the whole of the cosplay community.

Our dearest Saya is gone.

She is forever gone.

Solid evidence is found in one of the note posted in the official Facebook english fanclub page of Saya,

A summary of the note:

In the early morning of March 15 2011, just a few days after the 9.0 magnitude on Ritcher scale quake rocked the nation where cosplay originated, Saya was involved in an accident and has passed away in the accident. Her death is personally confirmed by Saya's own sister and Tsugihagi☆Mishin-san (Saya's bestfriend), whose original blog post is stated in the note (you may need a Google Translate for her part of the post), but further details on the accident is kept private for her sake.

Saya has always been an inspiration and an idol to me, and all her cosplays have the biggest impact on me, always awing me to the max and making me respect even more as more cosplays from her were unveiled one by one.
And to know that my ultimate cosplay idol is gone without my notice...it was really really painful to know~ ;^;
Who else will be there? To continue to become my inspiration?

But all of us must accept this painful reality. And we must also think of it this way: She is now in a better place~

this is a video...a tribute to her...a video which has a compilation of some of her greatest works in the short 6 years of her history in cosplay.

Title: Tribute to Cosplayer Saya- Saihate Ballad Arrange
Uploaded by: Bepanthen3
Song: Saihate ~Ballad Arrange~ - Miku Hatsune

and a personal song dedication to Saya from me to her...

Title: Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone (Lyrics)
Uploaded by: gossipgirlfann
Song: Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

The lyrics of this song is like Saya singing to us, telling us that people do come and go. She knows that all of us love her dearly, but it was already her time to go, so she's already gone.



All her cosplays have had a really big influence on all cosplayers.
her legacy will live on forever and ever, and she will always be loved and remembered by those who loved her thoughout this time.

She will always be...







(P.S: All pictures and videos belong to their respective owners. I own none of the pictures and video above. I'm just someone who shares them.)

04 Apr 2011: A Look into the Romanovs' Execution

||Mood||: neutral desuu~ :3 that's just how I always feel when I'm doing some research on historical facts~ >w<

||Currently listening to||
> Love the Way You Lie - Rihanna ft. Eminem
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Dear - Miku Hatsune


Hey y'all~ :D

today I'll be doing something a lil different~ to show you a different interest of mine, which is to investigate (or rather...get to know~ |D) the histories of other countries that have always been clouded by mysteries for centuries. And for this case, I'm most interested in the history of how the Romanovs came to an end over 90 years ago~ :)

and I mean ALL of them.


A documentary called "Riddles of the Romanov" aired on National Geography last night, and as the usual curious person on the history of Romanovs, I stayed up (well...it airs on 11pm-12am~ XD) to watch it~ :D

And through that documentary, I found out that all this while, no one from the Romanov family or even those who have accompanied the royal family have survived the execution. The execution was lead by a Bolshevik officer Yakov Yurovsky. A firing squad had been assembled and was waiting in an adjoining room, composed of seven Communist soldiers from Central Europe, and three local Bolsheviks, all under the command of Yakov.
The execution was carried out in the wine cellar of the Ipatiev House, also known as the "house of special purpose" in the town of Yekaterinburg, early in the morning of 18 July 1918.
The first to die was none other than Tsar Nicholas II himself, shot right in the skull by Yakov himself.
The Tsar, the empress and two menservants were killed in the first episode of gunfire; Marie, Dr Botkin and the empress' maid Demidova were wounded. Thick smoke had filled the room from so many weapons being fired at close quarters, as well as from plaster dust released from the walls by bullets. To allow the haze to clear, the gunmen left the room for some minutes, leaving all the victims behind. When the gunman returned, Dr Botkin was shot and the Tsarevich Alexei was slaughtered, one gunman repeatedly trying to shoot or stab the boy in the torso. The jewels sewn in his clothes protected him, and finally another gunman fired two shots into his head. Tatiana and Olga were then killed by single bullets to the head.
The last victims, Maria, Anastasia and the maid Demidova, were on the floor beneath the room's one window. As the gunman approached, Maria stood and struggled with Ermakov as he tried to stab her. The jewels in her clothing shielded her, and Ermakov claimed that he killed her with a shot to the head. Ermakov then struggled with Anastasia, failed to stab her, and said he killed her, too, with a shot to the head. Maria's skull shows no trace of bullet wounds and it is unclear how she died. Ermakov was quite drunk during the murders and possibly his shot only creased Maria's scalp, knocking her unconscious and producing considerable blood flow, but not killing her. Then, as the bodies were taken out of the cellar room, two of the grand duchesses showed signs of life. One sat up and screamed, throwing her arm over her head, while the other, bleeding from the mouth, moaned and moved slightly. Since the head wounds inflicted on Olga and Tatiana were instantly fatal, it is likely that Maria, perhaps only unconscious, was the sister who screamed, while Anastasia may still have been able to move and moan. Although Ermakov's archived statement does not say so, he told his wife that Anastasia was finished off with bayonets while Yurovsky wrote that as the bodies were carried out, one or more of the girls cried out and were clubbed on the back of the head. But again, the back of Maria's skull shows no traces of violence, and Anastasia's burned and fragmented remains, identified in 2009, offer no clues to the cause of her death.
So, from the grave that was dug up where they found charred remains of two bodies, of a boy and a girl, it was proven that the boy in fact IS Tsaverich Alexei, the youngest child. But the girl, though proven to be a Romanov child, was unclear on whether it was Maria or Anastacia.
On your account, who do you think it was?

For me, I strongly believed that it was Anastacia~ :D


Since the informations of the biggest case in history is soooooo long and confusing in my account for me to write it all down here, here's some links that provides a lot of information for you to read~ :D

Title: Nicholas II of Russia (in Wikipedia)

Title: Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (in Wikipedia)

Title: Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia

enjoy reading them~ :D

and oh, a little gallery on portraits of the last Romanov family.

the five children of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra~ :D
from oldest to youngest: Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastacia and Alexei, all in their imperial clothes~

a full family portrait of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra with their four princess and one prince~ :)

another portrait of the last Romanov family~ :)
there's no doubt that Anastacia is the most beautiful of all of the sisters~ <3


One thing that touched me about this family was that they were together at life and death.
During life, all of them were really close to one another and they loved each other.
And also during death, they died together, side by side, forever inseperable by anything~ :)

And this is probably my most favourite historical mysteries EVER.

Okay, off to think on my fanfiction...and also to decide on whether to write a second post today~ .w.

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: The next post, even if I'll post it up today or only tomorrow, it'll definitely crush the hearts of cosplay fans~ TT^TT)

Friday, April 1, 2011

01 Apr 2011: Iratella Catena wig + lenses test

||Mood||: I dunno...sleepy...? Tired...? Hungry...? Oh wait...neither of these are moods~ |D
||Currently listening to||
> Butterflies - Alana Lee Hamilton
> Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko Itemo~ - Hey! Say! JUMP
> Sakura Kiss - Chieco Kawabe ("Ouran HSHC" OP)
> Ranbu no Melody - SID ("Bleach" OP)
> Uso - SID ("Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" OP)
> Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ - Lena Park ("Romeo X Juliet" OP)
> Cyclone - 12012 ("Romeo X Juliet" ED)
> Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi - On/Off ("Vampire Knight" OP)
> Rinne ~Rondo~ - On/Off ("Vampire Knight: Guilty" OP)
> Tienohra - Peha (it's a Slovakian song, okay? -3-)
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


Hey y'all~ :D
Just wanna wish all of you............

Happy April Fool's Day!!!! XD

Have any one of you got pranked today? (well, no doubt, right? |D) Or were you the one playing pranks on everyone? 8D
either way, do have fun and also watch your back, and do becareful on the prank that you pull on others coz the pranks might hurt them, directly or indirectly~ >.<



Well, since I didn't had the mood to prank or to be pranked, I just stayed in my room and did a...lame...*coughs* camwhore session of my new wig and lenses. Yea, I camwhored with my lenses again along with the wig just to complete the (almost complete) look of Iratella~ :D
So, you can roughly imagine on how Iratella looks like through some (not so nice) sample (camwhore) pictures of me in the wig and the lenses~ :D

ENJOY!!!! <3


Like before...XD
starting off with opening-the-parcel "ceremony" ~ XD lolololllll~
and the pics were taken at...2:30am last night....? XD

The parcel!!! Still in perfect condition~ :D

and these are the contents of the parcel~
so nice of 'em to give me a wig cap for free at this moment when I was really craving to get a new one~ ;w; *grateful mode*

Opened the plastic bag~ :D
and the wig's still safely in the net~ <3

took the wig out of the net and realized that its length is actually pretty long~O.O longer than in the sample photo~
which is why it made me love it more, because actually the first time when I saw it on the sample photo, I thought it was only until below chest level, whilst Iratella's hair is til waist length. But I bought this because the style and colour was the  most suitable~ <3
who knew the length actually was perfect too~ ;w;



Okay, so no worries, coz for this camwhore session, I actually put on some BB cream to cover up some of my pimples~ =w=b
(but no matter what I do, I just can't make those eyebags of mine invisible~ ;w;)

wore my contact lenses too to let you see how Iratella would roughly look like~ :)

durrrrr~ went into my nee-chan's room to camwhore in front of the mirror, but then...guess I just won't be needing it~ |3
Is it just me, or I think I look like a (scary) baby doll (with freckles) here~ 8D

:D <3
(does my eyes look weird to you? o3o)

damn, look at those eyebags~ |D
(yea, been sleeping pretty late for the past few days~ .w.)

I guess all my cosplay looks just won't look right without my glasses~ .w.
but I gotta say...this megane look looks pretty cool, dontcha think? XD
[my facial expression in the picture: o3o] <---or so I think~ XD

tried to do a cool pose, but ended up looking more like a...whatisthisidonteven~~ =3=

You just can't deny that nerd is the new cool~ <3

My eyes somehow looks pretty...odd~ |D

I actually did this on purpose: to face the light source and take this pic to show you the brighter shade of the contact lenses~ :D



I hafta admit, though cheap, but the wig's pretty...pretty~ <3 I love it ALOT~XD
but as a usual sucky wig owner, the wig seems to have become messier compared to when I first took it out from its plastic bag~ .w.

But I'll try my very best to take care of it properly like it's my baby~ ;w; <3

Now that I've gotten all my things for my Iratella cosplay, Hanatsu have asked me to await for the arrival of HER things for her Haine & Hyun cosplay~ >w< she said that the items are expected to arrive within this week or next week~ :D
and her other request to me is to camwhore with all her newly arrived wigs when they arrived to show her how it looks like~ .w.
damn, I no look good in yellowish blonde~ .3. (yea, she ordered Len and Rinoa -I think- wig for Hyun and Haine respectively..... .w.)
But as her loyal wig caretaker (since her parents doesn't know that she cosplays), I will do it~ :D
no harm in trying a new look ~ *3*

offline-ing earlier tonight to get more sleep~ >.< been getting not much sleep nowadays so all pimples are starting to pop out again~ .3.

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...



(P.S: I might stop from going online for a few days to deal with some family crisis now. But that depends~ >w<)