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Friday, April 1, 2011

01 Apr 2011: Iratella Catena wig + lenses test

||Mood||: I dunno...sleepy...? Tired...? Hungry...? Oh wait...neither of these are moods~ |D
||Currently listening to||
> Butterflies - Alana Lee Hamilton
> Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko Itemo~ - Hey! Say! JUMP
> Sakura Kiss - Chieco Kawabe ("Ouran HSHC" OP)
> Ranbu no Melody - SID ("Bleach" OP)
> Uso - SID ("Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" OP)
> Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ - Lena Park ("Romeo X Juliet" OP)
> Cyclone - 12012 ("Romeo X Juliet" ED)
> Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi - On/Off ("Vampire Knight" OP)
> Rinne ~Rondo~ - On/Off ("Vampire Knight: Guilty" OP)
> Tienohra - Peha (it's a Slovakian song, okay? -3-)
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


Hey y'all~ :D
Just wanna wish all of you............

Happy April Fool's Day!!!! XD

Have any one of you got pranked today? (well, no doubt, right? |D) Or were you the one playing pranks on everyone? 8D
either way, do have fun and also watch your back, and do becareful on the prank that you pull on others coz the pranks might hurt them, directly or indirectly~ >.<



Well, since I didn't had the mood to prank or to be pranked, I just stayed in my room and did a...lame...*coughs* camwhore session of my new wig and lenses. Yea, I camwhored with my lenses again along with the wig just to complete the (almost complete) look of Iratella~ :D
So, you can roughly imagine on how Iratella looks like through some (not so nice) sample (camwhore) pictures of me in the wig and the lenses~ :D

ENJOY!!!! <3


Like before...XD
starting off with opening-the-parcel "ceremony" ~ XD lolololllll~
and the pics were taken at...2:30am last night....? XD

The parcel!!! Still in perfect condition~ :D

and these are the contents of the parcel~
so nice of 'em to give me a wig cap for free at this moment when I was really craving to get a new one~ ;w; *grateful mode*

Opened the plastic bag~ :D
and the wig's still safely in the net~ <3

took the wig out of the net and realized that its length is actually pretty long~O.O longer than in the sample photo~
which is why it made me love it more, because actually the first time when I saw it on the sample photo, I thought it was only until below chest level, whilst Iratella's hair is til waist length. But I bought this because the style and colour was the  most suitable~ <3
who knew the length actually was perfect too~ ;w;



Okay, so no worries, coz for this camwhore session, I actually put on some BB cream to cover up some of my pimples~ =w=b
(but no matter what I do, I just can't make those eyebags of mine invisible~ ;w;)

wore my contact lenses too to let you see how Iratella would roughly look like~ :)

durrrrr~ went into my nee-chan's room to camwhore in front of the mirror, but then...guess I just won't be needing it~ |3
Is it just me, or I think I look like a (scary) baby doll (with freckles) here~ 8D

:D <3
(does my eyes look weird to you? o3o)

damn, look at those eyebags~ |D
(yea, been sleeping pretty late for the past few days~ .w.)

I guess all my cosplay looks just won't look right without my glasses~ .w.
but I gotta say...this megane look looks pretty cool, dontcha think? XD
[my facial expression in the picture: o3o] <---or so I think~ XD

tried to do a cool pose, but ended up looking more like a...whatisthisidonteven~~ =3=

You just can't deny that nerd is the new cool~ <3

My eyes somehow looks pretty...odd~ |D

I actually did this on purpose: to face the light source and take this pic to show you the brighter shade of the contact lenses~ :D



I hafta admit, though cheap, but the wig's pretty...pretty~ <3 I love it ALOT~XD
but as a usual sucky wig owner, the wig seems to have become messier compared to when I first took it out from its plastic bag~ .w.

But I'll try my very best to take care of it properly like it's my baby~ ;w; <3

Now that I've gotten all my things for my Iratella cosplay, Hanatsu have asked me to await for the arrival of HER things for her Haine & Hyun cosplay~ >w< she said that the items are expected to arrive within this week or next week~ :D
and her other request to me is to camwhore with all her newly arrived wigs when they arrived to show her how it looks like~ .w.
damn, I no look good in yellowish blonde~ .3. (yea, she ordered Len and Rinoa -I think- wig for Hyun and Haine respectively..... .w.)
But as her loyal wig caretaker (since her parents doesn't know that she cosplays), I will do it~ :D
no harm in trying a new look ~ *3*

offline-ing earlier tonight to get more sleep~ >.< been getting not much sleep nowadays so all pimples are starting to pop out again~ .3.

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...



(P.S: I might stop from going online for a few days to deal with some family crisis now. But that depends~ >w<)

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