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Monday, April 4, 2011

04 Apr 2011 (2): 明るコスプレスターの損失に敬意...

||Mood||: Feeling very down~ .__.

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> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK

> Kiss Me Goodbye - Angela Aki ("Final Fantasy XII" OST)
> Goodbye - Air Supply
> Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson


*Second post of the day~~~*

Ohaithar, internet folks~ :)
well...though I dont really have the mood to do a second post for the day, but I felt as if...if I don't do one, then I'll feel kinda heavy-hearted and also really sad~ T^T

Google Translate the title of this post first before you proceed to find out exactly what is this post about.


It was barely a year since I started cosplay and also got to know a lot about cosplay and also all those people involved in cosplay, directly and indirectly. I also got to know loads of really cool and awesome cosplayers from Japan that I look up to, I respect and I make as my idol in my interests for cosplay.

And there is one cosplayer who stood out amongst all those who are on the top.
One female cosplayer who, in my eyes, is the best and the cosplayer who had inspired me a lot in my cosplays.
The female cosplayer who is the dearest to all who loves her.

She's none other than our dearest cosplayer...


Known internationally with the name Dearest Saya that seperates her from all the others with the same name, stepped into the cosplay scene almost 6 years ago when cosplay was still not very famous here in Malaysia. Not long after she debuted, she became well known in the eyes of many and also loved by all who knows her.
over the years, she have cosplayed many characters with close precision.
And in all her cosplays, it makes all those who sees it feel a sense of genuine and love in her towards all the characters that she has cosplayed.
And she is always well known for her Miku Hatsune cosplay.


Some of her cosplay works that in my eyes, were the best.

Black ☆Rock Shooter Miku

Miku Hatsune in seifuku version together with KANAME☆ as Kaito.

another Black☆Rock Shooter Miku

Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

Shana from Shakugan no Shana

and my personal favourite one from her, as Miku Hatsune in Cantarella version.
She looks so elegant here~ <3

another shot of her as Miku Hatsune in Cantarella version~ :)

looking at these pictures of her really had made me inspired to improve on my Miku cosplay even more~ :)


But just when I was about to await for more of her awesome cosplays, a heartbreaking news broke just recently...and shocked the whole of the cosplay community.

Our dearest Saya is gone.

She is forever gone.

Solid evidence is found in one of the note posted in the official Facebook english fanclub page of Saya,

A summary of the note:

In the early morning of March 15 2011, just a few days after the 9.0 magnitude on Ritcher scale quake rocked the nation where cosplay originated, Saya was involved in an accident and has passed away in the accident. Her death is personally confirmed by Saya's own sister and Tsugihagi☆Mishin-san (Saya's bestfriend), whose original blog post is stated in the note (you may need a Google Translate for her part of the post), but further details on the accident is kept private for her sake.

Saya has always been an inspiration and an idol to me, and all her cosplays have the biggest impact on me, always awing me to the max and making me respect even more as more cosplays from her were unveiled one by one.
And to know that my ultimate cosplay idol is gone without my notice...it was really really painful to know~ ;^;
Who else will be there? To continue to become my inspiration?

But all of us must accept this painful reality. And we must also think of it this way: She is now in a better place~

this is a video...a tribute to her...a video which has a compilation of some of her greatest works in the short 6 years of her history in cosplay.

Title: Tribute to Cosplayer Saya- Saihate Ballad Arrange
Uploaded by: Bepanthen3
Song: Saihate ~Ballad Arrange~ - Miku Hatsune

and a personal song dedication to Saya from me to her...

Title: Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone (Lyrics)
Uploaded by: gossipgirlfann
Song: Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

The lyrics of this song is like Saya singing to us, telling us that people do come and go. She knows that all of us love her dearly, but it was already her time to go, so she's already gone.



All her cosplays have had a really big influence on all cosplayers.
her legacy will live on forever and ever, and she will always be loved and remembered by those who loved her thoughout this time.

She will always be...







(P.S: All pictures and videos belong to their respective owners. I own none of the pictures and video above. I'm just someone who shares them.)

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