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Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Apr 2011: Yesterday was....

||Mood||: Seemingly tired~ .w.

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> Romeo and Cinderella - Miku Hatsune
> Romeo and Cinderella - Nico Nico Chorus cover by Tonon ( とのん), Seriyu (セリユ), Komota (コモ太), Usa (うさ), Regi (レジ), Tama, Yumo (ゆも) & Hanatan  (花たん)
> Cendrillion - Kaito Shion & Miku Hatsune
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Corruption Garden - Nico Nico Chorus cover


..........EXTREMELY AWESOME!!!!!!!! 8D

Well...apart from finding out that I wasn't even close to eligible to take part in the SUKMA team selection, the rest of the day was awesomely FUN~ <3

Maybe the details of the day is pretty...not so detailed~ but still, imma share with you all~ <3


Yes, I friggin woke up at 5.45am...been God knows how many months since I woke up that early, and I'm pretty surprised that I could still wake up that early~ 8D

So, got ready, ate breakfast, yardee yaaarrr, and waited for my ex-school bus to come along~ :D

Arrived at school at about....7.10am, and waited for Hanatsu and Michiru for a good 30 minutes before they arrived~ =w= (Yes, I was always the Awaiter...and the rest would come along only after 30 minutes....OTL)
So well....I remember breaking the handle of the car of Michiru's mom...and the rest was the travel in the LRT~ .w.

Reached Bukit Jalil at about 8.20am....and walked throughout the massively massive stadium area just to find that the selections were held in the hall at the END of the stadium area...Institute Sukan Negara or something like that~ XD

Found ourselves a place to sit and watch the aspiring hopefuls go through the Endurance test, which seemed...kinda scary~~ .w.

After that, we went to watch the poomsae people do the patterns altogether. They started from taegeuk 6...and all the way to God-knows-what-level-of-black-belt-it-was pattern that seemed so confusing and crazily hard.
And that was when I realized that I was lucky enough to be late to arrive at the centre...because I'm nothing but a noobie idiot who can't do all those hard patterns~ TT^TT

Anyhows....after the pre-selection session ended for the poomsae people, Michiru, Hanatsu, Bonn, Karpa, Ravind, his mom and sis and I went to Masjid Jamek station via LRT to eat McDonalds for lunch~ :D (I was friggin hungry at that time, I just said: WHATEVER!!! EAT ANYTHING WILL DO!!!! TTwTT)

The craziness of the day began at McDonalds (well...it actually started while we were walking out from the stadium to the Bukit Jalil LRT station...but back then, it still wasn't at 'danger' level~ XD) when all of us sat there for a good one and a half hour eating, joking and laughing out loud like some lunatics that escaped from the mental problem hospital in Tanjung Rambutan~ XD
And we also discovered the crazy side of everyone~ XD (as if we all don't have a secret crazy side of us~ >w<)

After McDonalds, we went on the LRT (again~) to Times Square to play bowling there~ XD
my bowling skills seem to have declined rapidly~ .w.
and I also had a bad case of cramp on my left foot almost towards the end of the game~ .___.

but it was still fun anyway~ XD

Michiru won the game in the end, although Bonn was in the lead at the beginning~ XD

after that, due to extreme tiredness, especially Bonn and Karpa who were part of those who were in the pre-selection team, all of us decided to head back home~ :/

and yeah, I died upon reaching home~~ orz


Well...I dont know how to put it, but the day was so fun, that I somehow forgot how to say some things or describe what some other events that happened during the day....so I hereby sincerely apologize if I've left out any extra details as right now, my mind is being overwhelmed by loads of stress in the process of preparing the lauch of our Project DVST 2011 this Saturday~

it's going pretty well so far, but the worst part is that....I haven't asked my parents' permission.... O_O

I'm dead.
Oh yeah~

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino..



(P.S: Yes, I tend to forget a lot of events lately~ ;w; I hope this won't continue on myself...or else I'd be suspecting myself for having memory loss or something~ TTATT)

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