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Monday, February 28, 2011

28 Feb 2011: (●´∀`)つ 8059 play spot series

||Mood||: Not so good...feeling a little tired coz slept pretty late last nite~ :/ and i think i'm falling sick~~ o__o

||Currently listening to||
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Dear - Miku Hatsune
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Recorded Butterflies - Olivia Luftkin
> Claire de Lune, piano version - Claude Debussy


Ohai, peeps!! ^w^/
it's the last day of the second month of the year~
how has February been for all of you?

For me, it has been a roller coaster ride.
Loads of fun and fantastic events happened this month~ :) been a pretty bumpy ride too~

and whoa, loads of games known~ *w*
i mean, I got to know loads of new games.
Well......mostly horror games~ haha, giving my own self a major scare once in a while is...not all that bad, I guess~~ at least it keeps my alertness in check~ ;)


Well, based on the title of today's post, you should've guessed that today's post will be, yes, about games again.
But, the game I'm about to introduce to all of you, it's not another horror game. It's more of a puzzle-solving game which requires you to be someone who is able to decrypt some given clues to decode some security systems.


This game is strongly recommended for all Katekyo Hitman Reborn fans who are fujoshis, which mean fans who knows what these means: 8059, D18, G27, 2718, etc.....

And for those who doesn't know anything about those numbers/symbols thingy, it's the short terms for the character pairings in the anime.
And no, not boy x girl.
But it's boy x boy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's a game with yaoi content in it~ *w*
(Yaoi means boys love...or more commomly known as GAY~ ;D)

hurhurrrr, and this game involves the 8059 pair~ 8)

and the game is known as "8059 play spot".
the game's been a pretty big obssesion towards all members of a private fujoshi group in FB known as "Rotten Apples~"

it all started when one of the members posted up the link of the game which is the 2nd series. I found the 1st series and posted it up just recently~ :)

then, soon enough, all the members of the group (me included) began to get hooked with the 2nd series game.
I got stuck at the same part after several tries, but managed to go thru that part, thanx to my imouto, Shusuke~ :)
after that, I completed the game within 3 hours (yea, it's my first try to actually try complete the whole game, so of course it's pretty tricky~ =3= and it takes time~) and i got a moderate ending, which is...an ending without the AWESOME part orz. What a disappoinment. =3=
right now, all of us who have yet to get that nice ending is trying hard to try to get that nice ending~ so am I~~

and I completed the first game within 20 minutes, because Shu imouto gave me the full gameplay guide to it. I just had to follow all of 'em, and BAM!! I'm done~ XD

anyways, I'm not gonna give any spoilers to either one of the two series so that you can enjoy the awesomeness of the yaoi in it!! >w<

here's the link to the first series:

and here's the link to the second series:

I can gladly give you gameplay guides for the second game, but i can guarantee to let you get the second ending only~ .__.
I can give you the guide to the happy ending once I figure it out~ ^^
and as for the first series, I cant do so because it's a copyright of someone else~ :/

but i will give you a rough guide to the game~ :)
(and yes, the one that can lead you to the nice and happy ending~ <3)



And speaking of enjoying the game...I'm now reverting back to the original game type that I usually 'preferred'.

Yes. Horror game.

Know why???

Barely one hour ago, the "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" game DVD is now in my hands from my sis's friend~ ;w;

and now, I have to go install it and play a bit of it tonight.

I know...I've watched the whole gameplay, so I know how to go thru the game, that's what all of you are thinking.
but you're wrong~ Q___Q
although I did watch the whole gameplay and the feeling of fear it was there, but watching and playing it is going to be two very different experience. And I dont know why, but I think I will be having panic attacks while playing, to the point that I might not be getting good night sleeps for...maybe months~ @@

ahh well...now off to installing the game and read some of the instructions. And oh, do some mental, physical and spiritual preparations to play it~

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino




(P.S: Someone please help me prepare my grave, coz there might be a possibility that I'll die while playing the game~ ;w;)
(P.P.S: and, I'm serious about that~~ Q___Q)

Friday, February 25, 2011


||Mood||: HAPPY TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

||Currently listening to||
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Rain - SID (coz it is raining now~ XD)
> Claire de Lune (piano version) - Claude Debussy
> Colours - FLOW ("Code Geass" OP)
> Sound of Bounce - Da Pump ("Dear Boys" OP)
> Forever - Savage Genius ("Erementar Gerad" OP)
> The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - Miku Hatsune
> Migikata no Chou - Len Kagamine


Hey, y'all~ :D
Whassup lately????? XD

Sorry for not blogging lately, since I had to finish up chapter 5 of my Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfiction.
Finally been fully focusing on it since last Thursday/Friday til this week so that I can finish it before February ends.
I've been a pretty awesome procrastinator for the past 2 months while in the process of completing chapter 5. I was supposed to finish it up before February, but I ended up... leaving it aside for a good one month before finally deciding to continue it whole-heartedly.
(yeaaa, call me the best procrastinator in the history of procrastinators~~ =w=V)

And after a gruelling three-day hardwork and loads of sweat to go around to complete it....


And this is probably the longest story I've written so far in a single chapter~ O__O
if i'm not wrong, it could be close to 20,000 words~
it became really long because (SPOILER WARNING!!!) it was full in detail on Dino and Iratella's first encounter. Had a really bad headache to figure out the fighting parts (I'm more dedicated to writing love stories compared to action-related stories, you see~ :3) but in the end, it all worked out.

though it was really long, but hey, it's extremely detailed (and maybe filled with unnecessary lines~ >w<) so I'm pretty satisfied with it~ ^^
maybe i'll edit it some other time to make it better, but for now, as least I know, it's finally done!!

and here's the link to it~~ :3

basically...even if you just go to the main page of my fanfic blog, chapter 5 is basically there...and it's basically the whole of the main page~ yea, that's practically how long it is.

If you are a fast reader, you'll take maybe 10 minutes (more or less) to finish it. And if you are a slow one, then it'll take you about...maybe....30 minutes or so to finish it~ :)

and oh, any comments or critiques, do leave it in the comment box of that particular chapter so that I can re-edit the chapter to make it better~ ^^

right now, I'm taking a break (a couple of days) from fanfiction-writing to rest my brain after all the stress that I had to go thru to finish up chapter 5. But dont worry, during this resting period of mine, I'll still be working on the story. Chapter 6, that is. Will be drafting out some rough ideas based on the original plot that I've setted and let it go along with the flow~ :)

and while I do that, I'll also have to think on this year's cosplay plans~ ;w;


speaking of which....
btw, if you're not a follower on my twitter (just find @YukinoHayasaka / http://twitter.com/YukinoHayasaka) you prolly wont know that I've decided to cancel out Miku Cantarella from my plan for this year due to financial constrictions~ ;__;
BUUUUTTT!!!! I've also replaced it with another version of Miku which is pretty new and also still not so well known yet in Malaysia (And I'm not talking about Miku Madness of Duke Venomania Version~ =3=) and the costume is oh-so beautiful and it's only half the price of that of the Cantarella dress~ ‎( ゚▽゚)/

but i'll keep it as a secret from public first unless you know what version it is~ ^^ <3

when the time comes, you'll know what version it is~

and now....


This is your cosplay/KHR/Kuroshitsuji blogger, Yukino....




(P.S: Our Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Private Project 2011 will be launching soon!!! Keep updating yourself with it!! <3)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22 Feb 2011: Superb Saturday (●´∀`)つ

||Mood||: Annoyed...the broadband created trouble just now that made the computer crashed several times now~ O_e|||

||Currently listening to||
> Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
> Pray - Justin Bieber
> Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen


Told ya last Saturday was gonna be a blast~ ;D though the hangout session was short of a few hours~ (we usually stay out and return home only close to 6pm, but that day, I reached home by 4pm~ >w<) but it was oh-so-fun!!! XD And I just found myself a new fave shopping destinations~ OwO ♥♥

As usualllll....at about 10am+, reached school bus stop > waited for Hanatsu and Michiru to arrive > after all have arrived, go by bus to Titiwangsa monorail station > waited for Kaede's arrival > after arrived, all take off to TIMES SQUARE!!!! XD

When we reached Times Square, it was still pretty early (wanted to eat McDonalds, but it wasn't the time for the McValue lunch time yet) so we went for a 'trip' to all the I-sock branches in the place~ XD
Had a hell of a fun cuci-mata-ing with all the pretty lolita dresses, punk shirts, boots and awesome shoes that all came with an awesome price~ 8D *shot*
ah yea, while we're at it, I observed all the price of some items that I wished to buy soon to be used in any future cosplay plans~ and we were commenting and suggesting some new clothes that'll be nice on Michiru~ :3 (yea...most of it are lolita-girly kind~ XD)

Afterwards, went to McD, waited for approx 15 minutes for 12pm to arrive, then finally can eat brunch~ :'D After eating, we headed straight for the arcade area!!!! XD
And we played our ultimate fave arcade shooting game, "Elevator Action: Death Parade" til finish~ XD and wasted about...RM30 or more just to finish the whole damn game~ ;__; though finished it, but somehow, we felt a bit...unsatisfied~ :/

Anyways, headed out from the place to go walk around a bit more~ and oh, enjoyed playing with Michiru's new semi-pro camera, taking pics of a lot of things, especially the lion dance that was held outside the main entrance of TS.Well...we didn't exactly...take anything from the start, coz by the time we reached there, it was all over. QnQ 
We just took a couple of random pics of the lion dance head, trying out variable effects on the camera~ XD
Went to Krispy Kreme to buy my family a box of a dozen original glazed doughnuts then headed off to the newly opened shopping mall, Farenheit 88 that's located just opposite of Pavillion~

Went in to Uniqlo first to look for the anime-inspired t-shirts, but...they were no longer available!!! ;w;
sigh...so we moved on to go check out the whole mall.

And DAMN!!! I'm lovin' the place~ *w*
So many boutiques that sell clothes that are of the fave style of my sisters and I~ oh damn, especially the one that sold bohemian-inspired ones~ oh, so pretty~ <3 If i'm not wrong, it was called "Ethnics"~ and I'm also lovin' the one called "Afternoon*" that sold so many cute clothes and handmade accessories from Korea~ oh, heaven~ :D (but of course, since they were handmade, so they're pretty expensive~ ;w;)

Time reached 3pm fast. Dad called and asked me to go home. FAST!!! =w=
So, we went home.
Monorail > moved to 3 diff spots to finally find a bus stop > got onto bus > stopped at my house area's bus stop > walked home slowly coz feet hurts orz.

Aaaaand that was practically it~ :D

Simple day, but it was awesome and precious to the four of us who barely meet up every day like we usually do back in high school~ ;w;


nahhh, didn't buy anything much from the day, but THIS caught my eyes~ ;D
once i saw it and the awesomely affordable, I couldn't resist not to buy it~ OwO

here it is....

it's actually a bead necklace, but it's called as a bubble necklace coz the beads look like bubbles~ :D

and prepare for more of my crappy idiot-looking-bimbo camwhore looks~ XD;;;

yeassss!!! XDD aint it pretty? and it's so colourful, so any outfit will go with this~ :D
and I dont know why, but i'm so into colourful accessories nowadays~ :3

Pose #1~ :D

Oh, the model-wannabe-failed look~ :D


:'D so fail~~
what a phail pose~~ TTwTT

Kissu~ ;3

And then i twisted one end of the necklace slightly so that it's tighter and can be made as a hairpiece~ :D
and it looks pretty nice too!!! <3
but i dont think I'll wear it like this when I go out~ I'm afraid the string will snap~ O__O

nyaoo!! o(=^w^=)o

ze innocent face i usually make~ :3

Warate!! :D

Item: Pastel-shaded multi-coloured bubble (beaded) necklace
Price: RM 16 (ohhh yea, damn awesome price)
Bought from: Heart Attack @ Farenheit 88

i'm gonna pair it with everything i wear (casual, mostly) from now on~ *w*


Awesome day~ :D

And oh, those who have been looking forward to chapter 5 of my fanfiction, a note to all of you...

After two months of hard work (and loads of unnecessary procrastinations along the way~ >.>|||), it's finally done~ ;D and it's probably the LONGEST chapter in a fanfic that I've written so far~ ;w;
my brain nearly died trying to finish it up orz...so right now, I'm gonna take a break from fanfic writing for a couple of days before resuming with chapter 6. While that break, I can draft out the story roughly based on the original story timeline I've planned~

and oh, remember to prepare a tab for Translate Google while reading chapter 5, coz you HAVE to translate the Italian lines into english to fully understand what Dino's saying to Iratella~ :3

and now, I'm off to mop ze floor!!! 8D

This is Yukino....




(P.S: It's so hotttttt~~ =A=)

Friday, February 18, 2011

18 Feb 2011: Have you heard about "Dead Island"?

||Mood||: I donno...is blur counted as a mood? Coz yea...feeling blur coz I'm tired...not enough sleep~ =3=

||Currently listening to||
> Kufufu no Fu ~ boku to keiyaku~ - Rokudo Mukuro starring Iida Toshinobu ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn" character song)
> Lonely in Gorgeous - Tommy February6 ("Paradise Kiss" OP)
> Hokori Takaki Fundo - Xanxus ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn" character song)
> Ranbu no Melody - SID ("Bleach" OP)


In case you don't know what it is (all because you're a game noobie~ |D *shot*), it's a new game that has just been released today~ :D

and what is it about, you may ask?

well....the answer is....



yea, I know, it sounds like just another cliche zombie-killing game~ hahahhh~ |D
but after watching the announcement trailer, same as majority of other people, the trailer captivated me fully~ :3

here's the link to the trailer:

Title: Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer
Uploaded by: IGNentertainment

and prepared to be blown away~~ 8DD


Details of the game are as followed~ :D

Dead Island is an open world video game in development by Techland for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, scheduled for a 2011 release (supposingly today~ 8D). It is centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested island.

Dead Island will feature open world gameplay, played from a first person perspective, with up to four-player co-operative play. The focus will be on melee combat, incorporating customizable weaponry and RPG elements. The game is set in the Royal Palms Resort, in fictional Banoi, located in Papua New Guinea.[1]

The names of four characters in Dead Island are Xian Mei (a staff member at the hotel), Logan, Sam B (a DJ) and Purna. All the characters have the "Category" Hero.

not much about the game has been revealed though, so I'll update more on the details of this game once I get more details on it soon~ :D

I did read one comment in YouTube that this game was rumoured to be cancelled a few years ago, but seems that the producers changed their minds~ ;D

ahh well...though it may sound like another cliche zombie-killing game, I somehow put my interests into this game~ ;)
maybe I wont be the one playing it, but surely soon enough, once someone posts up their gameplay on YouTube, I'll surely share the link here ~^^


Well, I certainly can't wait for tomorrow to meet Hanatsu, Michiru & Kaede to discuss about this game and also play a couple of zombie-shooting arcade games too tomorrow~ :D

And now, I have to go concentrate on my fanfic~ ;w;

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...



(P.S: Now my elder sis, SerenaT, wants the "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" game from her friend, saying that she also wants to play~ =A= I'M DEAD~~ I prefer watching gameplays, NOT KILLING MYSELF BY PLAYING THE  GAME!!!!! QwQ)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

17 Feb 2011: A Saturday to look forward to

||Mood||: Dazed.................caused by extreme boredom...........♪( ´▽`)

||Currently listening to||:
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Tsuki no Curse - Okina Reika ("Loveless" OP)
> Lacrimosa - Kalafina ("Kuroshitsuji" ED)
> Nanka Buttobase - SCANDAL
> Shunkan Sentimental - SCANDAL
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Firework - Katy Perry

[it's ladies nite tonite in my playlist!! <3]


And no,
 I'm not talking about the cosplay event held by SMK Tropicana in Ikano Power Centre (opposite The Curve) coz I vowed to myself to only attend big events for this year. (C2AGE is an exception, coz I love this event~ *heart*)


The one I'm talking about is just a casual (but very precious!! QuQ) day out with my girl friends, Hanatsu, Michiru and Kaede~ :D

it's a pretty precious moment for all four of us coz we barely get to hang out TOGETHER most of the time ever since SPM finished.
Even if we DID go out, there'll surely be one of us who'll not be able to make it to go out.
So, this is like, a rare chance for us.
And I'm really really looking forward to it~ ;w; <3

Usually, Michiru and I would be the one who'd meet up most frequently coz we're continuing our taekwondo lessons in our ex-high school. Kaede is usually busy coz she's working every weekdays whereas Hanatsu is the...PS2 addict who barely goes out because she's stuck with the PS2. If not with the PS2, she'll be busy with her fanfics and will totally forget about reality (???).

So....this Saturday, we'll be hanging out at Berjaya Times Square (prolly...will be hangin out at the arcade centre playing "Elevator Action: Death Parade" for a couple of hours~ |D), Sungei Wang and Farenheit 88~ :)
(hehe, yea, we've planned out our route for the day~ XD <3)

And of course, all in all, we will take some purikura pictures as memories.....prolly the same like how Hanatsu, Rin, Hannah and I did during the CNY Vocaloid2 photoshoot, whereby each of us pays RM24 for the purikura booth tokens and the pic that was paid by that particular person belongs to them. :D




Chapter 5 is FINALLY 80% done and still going on~ :D
Been pretty hardworking (???) and inspired to finish it very very soon and it is expected to be completed by Sunday, or maybe latest by Monday~ :)

VICTORY!!!!!!!!! XD

And after I'm done with that, I'll start chapter 6 and...await for the release of my SPM results. o__o

And now, off to prepare for dinner!! XD

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino..



(P.S: Yes, I'm still hooked with "Amnesia: The Dark Descent", always watching the gameplays or interesting vids of that game almost everyday. SerenaT asked me earlier today if I want the game from her friend so that I can experience the real horror of the game.....should I or should I not accept the offer...? O_O)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 Feb 2011: My beloved new gladiator flats~ ♥

||Mood||: happeh happeh, ish watching "10 Promises to My Dog" now~ :D

||Currently listening to||
> 88 - LM.C ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" OP)
> Boys & Girls - LM.C ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" OP)
> Cyclone - 12012 ("Romeo X Juliet" ED)
> Shiver - The GazettE ("Kuroshitsuji II" OP)

> Rain - SID <-- it is raining outside now, btw~ XD
> Uso - SID ("Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" OP)
> Be With You - BoA ("10 Promises to My Dog" OST)


Hey y'all~ :D

Remember about the ohsum new dark grey gladiator flats I mentioned in one of my recent previous posts? Hoho, I was thinking of posting it up some time soon, so I think I'll share them now~ :D

(just wanna share my love towards my new flats~ ;w; <3)

(and clearly, this is all done because, once again, I've nothing else to do~ yea, my life is THAT empty~ pratically it's because I didn't made an effort to try to make it....more...useful-ish...?)

Ta-daaaahhhhh!!!! <3 (and ignore my flabby calves, thanx~ ;w;)
It's dark grey in colour and on each of the straps, there's chain details on it~ gorgeous for the win!! \(^o^)/

and it runs all the way up to just above the ankles~

The zip is located at the back~ (like, duh~ =w=)

Bought it from Nose in Midvalley, and the price is a staggering RM89.90 (<-- most expensive shoes that I owned to date~ QuQ)
And that is why I dont wear it out often, only for special occasions~ :3


Just a little note on my ongoing fanfic project:
Yeah, I'm STILL NOT DONE with chapter 5 (i'm an awesome procrastinator~~yayyy....?  =w=|||)
But- it's ongoing, that's for sure.
Honestly, chapter 5 is damn long, longer than chapter 4~ @@ right now, it IS going on, but it's only somewhere about 65% close to the end~ (STILL SUCH A LONG WAY TO GOOOO!!!! QAQ) and I hope I will be able to finish it by this week (I know, i said that a few weeks ago~ QnQ) so that I can keep going on with it~ ;w;

It's a bit...odd...during the climax...but that's the best my brain could afford to think of at the moment~ so please bear with my sucky fanfic writing skills~ *criessssss*


I have got to continue working on chapter 5 til the end if I'm going to want to finish the whole thing up within this week. I really need to finish the whole thing before I leave for National Service.

And by the way, to all SPM 2010 candidates, according to my form 5 english teacher, it is said that the results for SPM will be announced within this month, most probably by the end of this month. So, better get yourself prepared for that lifetime moment that will be able to crush or mend your future life~ :')

I'm gonna have to prepare myself for that too~ QuQ

Til next time,
this is your cosplay & KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: How did all of you celebrated Valentines' Day yesterday? :D As for me....hehehehhhhh....go read the "P.S" part of yesterday's post~ ;D)

Monday, February 14, 2011

14 Feb 2011: A Galore of Epic Boredom Madness~

||Mood||: Still tired from all the karaoke fun I had from last night's CNY open house~ =3=

||Currently listening to||
> Alice - Miku Hatsune
> Ai Kotoba - Miku Hatsune
> Love Story - Taylor Swift
> You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
> Back to December - Taylor Swift
> Only One - Yellowcard
> Trust You - Yuna Ito ("Gundam 00" ED)
> Precious - Yuna Ito

[some nice love songs to put myself in the mood of Valentines' Day despite being single~ :D]


When one is bored, he/she is capable of doing so many...illogical things~
and for my case, I ransacked all my wigs, wore them one by one and camwhored like an imbacile for the whole night~
But of course, I did that for a pretty good reason, and you will know what it is, hopefully, halfway through the whole thing~ ;D

So just sit back, relax, scroll down the pictures one by one and maybe puke a little along the way~ :)

Oh, don't say that you won't, coz I'm pretty sure some of you would~ XD

WARNING: I wasn't wearing any makeup during this....camwhore session because it was almost midnight and I was tired to take the time to put on the makeup and remove them again, so I looked a little...not pretty~ please forgive me on that if you have to look at my pimply face~ ;w;


First up is with my dear beloved char kuey teow Miku wig~ :D

The shot was nice, but it weas....BLUR~~ ;A;

Yeaaaaa, it's me trying to act all cute~ =w=

:D <3

A medium used to cover up my pimply face~ >w<

Dawwwww, the dog's kissing my cheeks~ <3

Teeheee~ <3

A nicer shot of the same pose~ :D (but with more obvious pimples OTL)

Fill the air with more hearts and loves~~~ <3<3<3


Then, next, Hanatsu's Mikuo wig~ :D

And from this shot onwards, I knew I was never meant to cosplay as Mikuo~~
coz I look so weird in the wig~~ =3=


Cheeka-cheek~ ;)

It's a sneer...? Or a grin...? >:3

This expression is similar to this smiley -> OnO

I'm a happy Mikuo (??) ~~ XDD

Rawrrr!!!!!!!! >D


 Now, time for Hanatsu's Alois wig~ :D

Herp-derp~~ 8D
i look like a bimbo with that expression~~~~

Bimbo alert!!!!!!!!!!

I look like some epic phail shota wannabe~ =.=

Snobbish-blonde-bimbo face FTW~ |D

but no so~~~ *winks and smirks*

Yes?? OuO



 Presenting....my beloved short brown wig from Fantasy Sheep which I used for my original character for Fujoshi High School~ <3

Y'know what, I'm pretty disappointed in myself on why I didn't managed to style this wig of mine as nice as these pics compared to back in CF2010~
I look so much better here, and yet I look so crappy and geeky in CF2010 due to my lame wig-styling technique back then~ QwQ

Oh well...at least now I know better on what to do~ ;w;

Compare THIS!!!!

and you'll see what an idiot I am for not styling the wig to this current one back then, thus ruining my whole look for the photoshoot~ ;w;

Shota-ish look trial, phailed~ Yes/No?

I'm trying to act cute, but I guess I'm just no good at it~ =3=

Innocent smile desu~~ :D <3


my nails, ahahahhhh~~~

Mission: Act Cool = EPIC FAIL~ 8D

Another act-cute-trial that ended up in failure~ =3=

It looks like I'm posing like this -> OuO

Hohohohoooo, perasan face~~ *w*

A more genuine smile of mine~ :D

Act-cute-attempt again, success or another epic failure? OwO

Gimme five!!! <3

Nyaoooo~ XD

(wait...what does acting like a cat have to do with Fujoshi seme team?? Oh wait...coz I'm becoming insane here due to extreme boredom~ =3=)


Weird pic~ hahahhhhh~ |D


And lastly, something more natural: MY ORIGINAL HAIR~~ XD <3

It's grown longer now, rite? :D Waiting for it to grow LONGER~~~ so that I can style it to Iratella's hairstyle like how I illustrated in my mind to make it easier for me to do photoshoots~ :3

Heeeeee~ :D

More hearts to go around~~ <3

 Blur look on my face~ XD

Not so...genuine smile~~ |3

Weird-from-top-angle pose with my beloved Miku Magnet tophat~ <3
I thought of selling it off~ but I seem to love it so much to let it go~ :(

Good day, mate~ ;D

Serious face~ >:3


Presenting to you my beloved Miku Magnet tophat~ :D
which is the size of almost the length of my head~ XDD

more of me and my Magnet tophat~ <3

Have a large heart specially for today~ :D <3

Well, if you've been guessing that this post is meant for Valentines' Day (well...considering the date, it's obvious, right? XD) then you're right!!! <3
Hehe, well, all these pics are taken last Saturday (12 Feb) while I was so damn bored due to nothing to do (Aiyuko took control of the PC the whole day that day~ =3=)
but I did kinda...thought of it for a couple of days before~ a little something for everyone without the need of doing a major official photoshoot for Valentines~ :D

So, sincerely from me to everyone.....


which...(obviously) means~~



Well, I'm still energy-depleted from last night's CNY open house in Damansara Idaman (in the area of Tropicana Mall), crazy karaoke-ing nearly made my voice die~ @@

Haha, so I guess I'll be going to bed earlier for tonite~~

Or.......maybe continue to work on my fanfic?? yea, i'll do that~ :D

This is your cosplay & KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino......




(P.S: well, since tonight's Valentines' Day, so I might as well celebrate with the most awesome person I've known for my whole life: ME!!!!!! XD <3 Lol, well, it's awesome to celebrate with your own self~ ;D And oh, I shall also go celebrate with my dear Dino Cavallone tonight by....uhm....yea, PnC~ only authorized people [Yumizo only~ XD] knows about it~ *w*)