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Monday, February 28, 2011

28 Feb 2011: (●´∀`)つ 8059 play spot series

||Mood||: Not so good...feeling a little tired coz slept pretty late last nite~ :/ and i think i'm falling sick~~ o__o

||Currently listening to||
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Dear - Miku Hatsune
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Recorded Butterflies - Olivia Luftkin
> Claire de Lune, piano version - Claude Debussy


Ohai, peeps!! ^w^/
it's the last day of the second month of the year~
how has February been for all of you?

For me, it has been a roller coaster ride.
Loads of fun and fantastic events happened this month~ :) been a pretty bumpy ride too~

and whoa, loads of games known~ *w*
i mean, I got to know loads of new games.
Well......mostly horror games~ haha, giving my own self a major scare once in a while is...not all that bad, I guess~~ at least it keeps my alertness in check~ ;)


Well, based on the title of today's post, you should've guessed that today's post will be, yes, about games again.
But, the game I'm about to introduce to all of you, it's not another horror game. It's more of a puzzle-solving game which requires you to be someone who is able to decrypt some given clues to decode some security systems.


This game is strongly recommended for all Katekyo Hitman Reborn fans who are fujoshis, which mean fans who knows what these means: 8059, D18, G27, 2718, etc.....

And for those who doesn't know anything about those numbers/symbols thingy, it's the short terms for the character pairings in the anime.
And no, not boy x girl.
But it's boy x boy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's a game with yaoi content in it~ *w*
(Yaoi means boys love...or more commomly known as GAY~ ;D)

hurhurrrr, and this game involves the 8059 pair~ 8)

and the game is known as "8059 play spot".
the game's been a pretty big obssesion towards all members of a private fujoshi group in FB known as "Rotten Apples~"

it all started when one of the members posted up the link of the game which is the 2nd series. I found the 1st series and posted it up just recently~ :)

then, soon enough, all the members of the group (me included) began to get hooked with the 2nd series game.
I got stuck at the same part after several tries, but managed to go thru that part, thanx to my imouto, Shusuke~ :)
after that, I completed the game within 3 hours (yea, it's my first try to actually try complete the whole game, so of course it's pretty tricky~ =3= and it takes time~) and i got a moderate ending, which is...an ending without the AWESOME part orz. What a disappoinment. =3=
right now, all of us who have yet to get that nice ending is trying hard to try to get that nice ending~ so am I~~

and I completed the first game within 20 minutes, because Shu imouto gave me the full gameplay guide to it. I just had to follow all of 'em, and BAM!! I'm done~ XD

anyways, I'm not gonna give any spoilers to either one of the two series so that you can enjoy the awesomeness of the yaoi in it!! >w<

here's the link to the first series:

and here's the link to the second series:

I can gladly give you gameplay guides for the second game, but i can guarantee to let you get the second ending only~ .__.
I can give you the guide to the happy ending once I figure it out~ ^^
and as for the first series, I cant do so because it's a copyright of someone else~ :/

but i will give you a rough guide to the game~ :)
(and yes, the one that can lead you to the nice and happy ending~ <3)



And speaking of enjoying the game...I'm now reverting back to the original game type that I usually 'preferred'.

Yes. Horror game.

Know why???

Barely one hour ago, the "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" game DVD is now in my hands from my sis's friend~ ;w;

and now, I have to go install it and play a bit of it tonight.

I know...I've watched the whole gameplay, so I know how to go thru the game, that's what all of you are thinking.
but you're wrong~ Q___Q
although I did watch the whole gameplay and the feeling of fear it was there, but watching and playing it is going to be two very different experience. And I dont know why, but I think I will be having panic attacks while playing, to the point that I might not be getting good night sleeps for...maybe months~ @@

ahh well...now off to installing the game and read some of the instructions. And oh, do some mental, physical and spiritual preparations to play it~

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino




(P.S: Someone please help me prepare my grave, coz there might be a possibility that I'll die while playing the game~ ;w;)
(P.P.S: and, I'm serious about that~~ Q___Q)

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