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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

01 Mar 2011: Different experience and level of fear.....

||Mood||: not so good, really~~ :/ you'll know why soon~~

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> Minna ga Ii Ne - Maeda Aki ("Boys Be" ED)
> Butterfly - On/Off ("Durarara!" ED)
> Forever - Savage Genius ("Erementar Gerad" OP)

It's the beginning of the third month of the year~ :)
what are your wishes for this new month?

and oh, today's the birthday of an international icon and one of my friend (who happens to be internationally known but not as famous as the first person~)


(watched his premiere appearance in CSI today, btw~ >w<)

and also...


hugs and kisses from all of us~ :3

(moving on to what's the main topic of this post~ ;w;)

My hands are still trembling eventhough it has been almost 2 hours since I stopped playing the game.
now I'm blogging/tweeting/facebook-ing/eating my fave Pringles chips to help me calm down and get myself in check before continuing on the game again~ :3

Yea, I have started to play one of the scariest PC game ever created...

precisely how the DVD cover of the one i've recieved yesterday~ :)

(and wow, i'm still not dead yet though I've already passed two sections of the castle and now I'm headed towards the place where the first monster is about to pop out~ Q__Q)

Well, what loads of my friends said was true.
Watching the gameplay is TOTALLY different than playing the game itself and really immerse and experience the fear.
When you watch the gameplay, you're just expecting for the monsters to appear and when it does, all you have to do is chant "Run, Daniel, run!!!!!" as you watch the player makes his escape from the monster and hope that he'll be able to escape and hide and not get caught and killed~ ;w;

but when you play it yourself....
it's a whole different experience~~ @@
you feel the fear, running through your whole body, your hands will tremble, and when you're expecting for the monster to pop out, it'll be a killing wait. And when it does pop out, you'll be the one praying that you'll make it out of there alive and escape from the monster.

and right now, my current situation is...
headed towards the section where the first monster will pop out > worried if there's any monsters that will pop out in any sections before the one I'm expecting > afraid that I'll bump into a Brute first instead of a Grunt > afraid that I will get a heart attack while playing it...

and yes, although i havent met with any monsters yet, but I'm already scared to death.


and right now, I'm making self preparations to continue on the game and, yea, face those damn monsters.

and oh, here's a little gallery on our fave little friends called the Grunts and Brutes~ 8D

first of all, here's the Grunt, who is a much slower monster but packs a powerful sucker punch that can kill you instantly and also break down any barriers no matter how strong they are~
they are also more commomly seen in almost everywhere~ why? God knows~ XD

a little description on their looks: Grunts are horrifyingly disfigured monstrosities which have had their hands cut off and replaced with iron claws. They appear to have had their lower jaw severed, and it now flops out over their chest. *flop flop flop as they chases you~ XD*

chasing you~~ >D


and the second one, the Brutes who are more capable of chasing you no matter how fast you run coz they run really fast (as in REALLY FAST!!! For one moment, when you think you've lost it, turn around and there he'll be~ :D) and they can also do far-distance attack using the awesome metal decorations protruding from their bodies~ XD
and weird enough, they rarely appear~ or is it because we don't dare to look back when we run, that's why we never seen them frequently...? I dont know~ XD

tadaaa!!!! 8D
looks more scary than the other one, no? >A< (i can see its brain!! 8D or whatever it is that's in their head~ >w<)
here's a short description on their appearances: Brutes are malformed humanoids wearing overalls and with Frankenstein-esque bolts and nails jutting out of their flesh. They attack with a blade on an iron pole sticking out of their arm.

let's sum up on what are the duties of these...little friends of ours and how they came to be:

The Gatherers (yea, both of them are known as the Gatherers~ XD) are the main enemies of the game. They are Alexander's servants who became victims of the Shadow, and are seen as monstrous humanoids with deformed facial and bodily features. These enemies come in two variations, Grunts and Brutes, and patrol parts of Brennenburg Castle, attacking Daniel if sighted. Since Daniel is weaponless, they cannot be killed and have to be avoided.  An interesting note on the possible origin of the Gatherers can be found in the Cellar, where a flashback Daniel has depicts a group of Alexander's men having horrific bodily reactions to wine they consumed, saying things such as "I feel like my chest is going to burst!". One Particular note, however, states that they are deserters of the Thirty Years' War, who got lost in the forests around Brennenburg, forced to forever haunt it, dragging with them anyone unlucky enough to venture in.
(copied from Wikipedia~ XD)

Then there's another monster known as the Water Lurkers, which can only be found in parts of the castle that's submerged in water. But since I can't find any pics of it, so I'll just give a rough description on it: They are completely invisible to Daniel and their position can only be identified by the splashes they make in the water. If Daniel stays in the water for too long the monsters will give chase and attack him. The only way to avoid them is by staying out of the water and maneuvering using objects such as floating crates or pieces of wood. The monsters can be distracted if Daniel throws a piece of human flesh into the water, which they will voraciously feed on. During this time Daniel can sneak away from the monster's line of sight. As with the other enemies of the game, there is no way to attack the water lurkers and thus Daniel must attempt to avoid them at all costs.

or maybe you can watch this video and see how it looks like...well..sorta~ XD
Title: Holy Sh*t Amnesia WTF WATER PART (with funny subtitles!)
Uploaded by: GamesR4FITE

and also, take a look on how does one of the Gatherers look like in the game (when it is moving, not just in a picture form~ :3)
Title: Amnesia: The Dark Descent HD - Funny scaried player -
Uploaded by: DionarTheLord

WARNING: These two videos will make you laugh til you roll on the floor~ XD


ah well, now, I'm gonna go hang around in Twitter and also in Facebook for a little while longer before continuing the game~ ;w;

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino




(P.S: even after writing this post finish, my hands are still shaking~ ;w; this is NOT GOOD~~)

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