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Monday, March 14, 2011

14 Mar 2011: From Shiomaru to Japan~♪♫

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> A Song For Japan - Shiomaru


Ohaithar, internet folks! /o/
As you know, yesterday, I blogged a post about a song that Yoko Kanno wrote and composed for the victims of the quake and tsunami in Japan.

And for today, I'm going to post up a song that our very own Shiomaru @ Shio Yee wrote for the victims in Japan.

A short, simple song with simple lyrics, but carries a genuine emotion, expressing deep hopes and prayers to all citizens of Japan and also to all those affected to always stay safe and stay strong.


Going through it all
As I see how it began
Everything's changing
While I couldn't do a thing
But here I am to say
What I would say, as I
Witness all the hopes it took away

The world is sleeping
While you think it'd never wake
What you have lost, you never could retain
All the dreams washed away
All the hearts, they will break
And some of those you loved could never stay

Please be safe
Wherever you are we'll always pray for you
Till the day that you can stand again

Things will get better everyday
With family and friends

You know they'll be there
They know you will too
Live on, be strong, we're trying with you

Enjoy the song~ :)


Not much to say nowww~~

off to twitter and FB to keep myself updated on the latest news.
and also watch BBC and CNN.



(P.S: I'm a seriously phailed reporter~ >3>)

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