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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 Mar 2011 (2): LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO GO!!!

||Mood||: Dead nervous~ DX

||Currently listening to||
> Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko Itemo~ - Hey! Say! JUMP

> Brand New Breeze - Kanon ("La Corda D'oro ~primo passo~" OP)


Hey y'all~ :)

The nervousness for tomorrow is spreading everywhere on all social network sites~ @_@

And it's less than 15 hours to go before the day arrives!!! >n<|||

So damn nervoussss~~~

and I'm joining together with all my friends in the countdown to the arrival of tomorrow~ and also to the moment we get our hands on our results~ @@

And I'm done digging my virtual grave together with Kaoru Sora, and now, we're just waiting for that moment to arrive so if anything goes wrong, we'll just dive into the grave.

Oh, lol~ it's just a joke, but....afuhnewyabvguehwbavuhbrwvwia~~ @A@

(more gibberish later)

and let's all hope for the best yea?

So, SPM 2010 candidates, cross your fingers (and your toes too if you have to~) and freak out!!! Like, SERIOUSLY!!!!!


Miserable and hungry, I shall go join my parents and young sis to go to the nearby night market to go get our dinner~ :D

(and along the way, cry tears of misery, due to thinking about tomorrow~ @_@)

this is your KHR and cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino.........




(P.S: What do you think I should ask my dad to get me if I get 7As and above for my SPM results? :D Any suggestions?? ^^)

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