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Sunday, March 20, 2011

20 Mar 2011: Only three more days to go

||Mood||: rough feeling in my heart....orz....(メ ̄  ̄)_θ☆゚0゚)/

||Currently listening to||
> My Immortal - Evanesence

> Bring Me to Life - Evanesence
> Pray - Justin Bieber
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine


Hey y'all!! (^O^)/

Don't mind my mood status up there~ I'll briefly tell you why in the next post~ :)
(actually...that's also what I'm feeling too in this post~ >W<)


Short post begins here~

Yeap. It's only three more days to go before I'm gonna get my SPM exams results...

I'm feeling extremely scared now~~ Q___Q

I don't know what to expect, demmit!!!

bad or good, it's gonna be known in another 3 days time!!! >n<
I'm now just...praying for the best...and everything will work out fine~~ ><

And right now, I'm so freaked out by the number of days left before the release of the results, I can't even think about what to type next~ :/



Anyhows, thanks to my emo-ness, to a song I'm listening to now and also some mangas that I read through last night, I can now say that I (might be) able to make you cry at the ending of my fanfiction!! XD

Well...not chapter 6, btw...it's in the last chapter~ XD

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...



(P.S: Been raining again lately...somehow, it's been suiting my recent moodiness~ :/)

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