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Sunday, March 13, 2011

13 Mar 2011: Of Sunway University and Tenshi no Cafe~

||Mood||: Tired and sleepy at 2pm~ XD

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> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


Hey y'all people!! <3

How's the past two days been for all of you?
I know. Disaster struck. A very big one indeed.

Don't worry. You know I will blog about it.
So today, I'll do two posts, one a happy one, and the other one a sad one.

Better the happy one first rather than the sad one first, if not, I won't have the mood to blog the other one~ ><


So, maybe not all of you would know, but yesterday (12 Mar 2011) I was out for the whole day to attend the open day of Sunway University College.
And also to go check out Tenshi no Cafe after that.

Anyhows, the day began when I woke up at 7.10am to bring my dog out for is extra-early morning walk. After coming back home, I quickly rushed to go bathe, got prepared (rolled on my bed for a little while along the way), ate breakfast, woke my dad up, waited for him to prepare, off to pick Michiru up from the bus stop at the opposite of my ex-high school and off to the Sentul LRT station~~ :D

While on our way in the LRT headed towards the Titiwangsa station, this is what we saw in the train:

Yeap, it's the poster of Comic Fiesta 2010~ XD
such a funny sight to behold since CF10 was like, 3 months ago~
but it does brings back all the sweet, nice memories~ and also ridiculous ones~ ^__^a

Kaede boarded the same LRT as us at the Titiwangsa station (come to think of it, we should've just headed straight to the Titiwangsa station yesterday~ >.>) and we headed to the Masjid Jamek station, interchanged the line to the Kelana Jaya line, and headed straight to Kelana Jaya station.
From the Kelana Jaya station, we became...lost...not knowing which bus is it that we have to take from the station to Sunway Pyramid.
We waited for like, close to 30 minutes for the bus to FINALLY arrive and we FINALLY get to go to the pyramids.
When we reached there, it was like, almost 12pm~ @@ starting from the time i left the house (which is at 9.30am) we took like, a good 2hr30mins to arrive JUST to Sunway Pyramid. (mission arrive early for the university open day: FAIL)

We stopped by at McDonalds for lunch and headed to Sunway University after that through the Canopy Walk. Wow, and I have to say that, although having to go through the Canopy Walk while it's all hot and humid (as if it never was~ >w>), but at least we got a pretty nice overview of the Sunway Theme Park and Sunway Lagoon and also we save time from having to wait more shuttle buses that can take us to the university.

We were greeted by a sense of being a lost idiot when we reached the end of the Canopy Walk. Had to refer to a small map (THANK GOD IT WAS THERE!!!!) located near after the end of the Canopy Walk.
And somehow one way or another, we made it to find our way to the main entrance~ ;w;

then from there, we went around, venturing about the places like a lost sheep.
We took a little test at the computer lab which helps us to determine which path of career we're suited to take based on our personality. Ah, if you are familiar to the name of the test, then you should know what test it is. It's called the John (or James) Holland's test, also known as the RIASEC test, where each letter stands for the kind of career path we're suited for based on our personality: R for realistic (engineers-related kind of jobs), I for investigative (detectives and such, careers that involves investigations), A for artistic (everything involving arts, music, etc.), S for social (mostly would be related to psychology), E for enterprise (mostly related to sales and such) and C for conventional (mostly accountancy related).

the two highest personalities based on my results was realistic and artistic. The moment I found out my results, I began to panic~ ;w;

Because as you'd know, realistic and artistic are two exactly opposite personalities. And I think I'm like, the only person among those who took the test at the same time as Michiru, Kaede and I and also the other people in the room.
Ahhh damn, this means my future, for me, is still unsure. And that is not good~ ;__;

Anyways...moving on~~

We went to the Tun Hussein Onn library after that, and that's when the day turned to be the worse. While entering the library and going to pass through the sensors, my left foot tripped over something that was placed there, and DAMN!!! a strap of my fave black sandals BROKE!!!! Q_____Q

Had to walk about in the university grounds with that damn broken sandals. So hard to walk around OTL.

Hanatsu came at about almost 2pm and joined me to listen to the engineering talk by one of the people from the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). And thru the talk, I found out that engineers are kinda like doctors too. We need to be registered to the BEM upon graduation in order to advance as a professional engineer. And we also need to have a license or at least a recognition to be a true engineer.
Hurrr, this is hard~ o3o

Anways...we tried fixing my sandal after the talk, but there was no luck~ TTATT had to rush to buy a new sandals from Bata in the pyramids and rush back to the Kelana Jaya station to catch the shuttle bus to Ikano.
and when we went outside of the pyramid, it was friggin raining~ TTATT
had to get soaked wet by the rain while waiting for the damn bus
Ahahahahhhh, interesting thing to tell you now.
While we were waiting for the shuttle bus to Ikano to arrive, we saw this guy who was wearing a green wig among all the people that are waiting for the bus to arrive.
And we were like, whaddahell??? Why the heck is he wearing a wig?? We were thinking, surely that he's going to Tenshi no Cafe too since he's wearing a friggin COSPLAY wig in midst of a crowd of people.
Sorry to say this, but heck, that's a form of abuse on cosplay~ >A<

Anyhows...our guess was right when he and his friend actually boarded the shuttle bus to Ikano with us. He sat all the way at the front and the four of us were sitting ALL THE WAYYY at the back~ XD
and looking at his wig was kinda like an eyesore to us~ we felt kinda sick to look at his wig colour (coz it was so bright) so we were not feeling well thru out the journey to Ikano. >A>

When the bus FINALLY pulls to a stop at Ikano, the four of us raced down the bus and across the road to get to Tenshi no Cafe faster than those two guys. We won. WOOTS.

Then when we reached to Tenshi no Cafe, we first saw a LCD screen TV outside that was showing the Miku 39's thanksgiving concert 2010. Dunno why, but i became excited because of that~ |D
then, when the maids helped us open the door, Hanatsu and I, having to respect and also to make the maids' welcoming service complete, we shouted out loud "TADAIMAAAA!!!!!" XD
haha, we made the maids laugh for a moment there, and they replied politely "Okaerinasai~" i was charmed by them~ :D not wanting to sound like a perv or anything, but that's what I thought so.

At first, we already saw those bunch of people that said they wanted to come for a random visit to the cafe before we even came in, so since we don't really exactly know anyone there, except a few, we sat at a section far away from them. But soon enough, someone trotted by and stood in front of me, smiling so ever happily~~ took me a while to actually realize that it was my friend, Abunai Usagi!!! <3 Whom I also call as my twin sister. You'll know why, in a few.

Soon, after she convinced us, we finally decided to switch places to a table just beside a group of people who were those that were there to have that random visit to Tenshi no Cafe. Ignored them and only said hi to our one and only Rin!! <3

One of the maid, Mirai (she was wearing a green wig yesterday, which made her look like Ranka), came forward to us to take our orders. Nice girl she is~ :D
I ordered a cup of hot occha and also Ebi Fry.
Hanatsu ordered a plate of Banana Split.
Michiru ordered a Double Decker Ice Cream.
And Kaede ordered a cup of hot occha.

So while waiting for our orders to arrive, I observed the environment of the cafe.
One word to describe it: PINK!! <3
and so is the maids' outfits~ :D and i also observed the maids.
And I realized that I actually recognize most of them~ :O
I recognize Mirai, Reina and Akiko, as the three of them are cosplayers in reality. Hime...maybe i did like, came across her a few times without knowing.
But yea, Reina and I recognized each other. XD

Rin came by to our table to begin our shot discussion on the Vocaloid Halloween photoshoot, before Hanatsu began her fanatic talk on animals and whose personalities suits which animal~ |D
Our orders arrived one by one, and soon, mine arrived~ :D mai pwetty Ebi Fry~ ^^
too bad I didn't took a pic of it~ coz I didn't thought about taking a pic of my pwetty Ebi Fry~ ;__;
but i can tell you how it looks like! :D
Just imagine...5 tempuras, places in a small basket pillowed with lettuce leaves, decorated with two grapes and strawberries at the side and served with two different dipping sauces: tomato with light mayo and chilli with light mayo. They also decorated the top of the tomato and chilli using the mayo with a heart shape and the " :3 " face respectively.
The proportion is pretty small despite the price, but it's okay for me since I was still quite full at that time~ .w.

Anyhows...my twin sister, Abunai, came over to my table and had a chat with me with some future cosplay plans that we planned to work on together and also some issues (issues are Private and Confidential) as I nom-ed my Ebi Fry away. (It is, in my opinion, very naisu~~ <3)
and while i was chatting with my twin sister, I realized that the bunch of people beside me are beginning to become more hyper and crazier. It was then only I realized that Hanatsu was having like a challenge from Mirai and Reina to drink as many glasses of cold/warm occha as possible. It was...ridiculous~ |D but since I saw that they were having fun too, so I just left them to be served by Mirai and Reina for a good one hour~ :3

These are just some of the pics that I managed to take in the cafe~ :D

Michiru ish tired~~~ =3=

and this was what she ate to cheer herself up~ :D
and you can actually see one of the maids at the back there, and no, i did not take this shot on purpose~ >3>

Tadaaa!!!!!! OwO <3
this is my non-biological twin sister, Abunai Usagi!!! <3
A lot of people have mistaken us for each other many times before this, so we decided to declare ourselves as twin sister~ ^w^
Try to guess which one is me and which is my twin~ :D

Time was late when my mom began to call me~ about 6pm~
rushed home with a taxi to the Masjid Jamek LRT station, and from there, took the train back to Titiwangsa station and waited for Hanatsu's parents to fetch me home~ :D

and I died on my bed for the night~ =w=
yesh I was extremely tired, but the day was fun~ XD
and I came back home to recieve the news that the nuclear power plant in Fukushima had exploded~ D:


A little gallery on my broken pity pretty sandals~ D:

the front studded strap didn't exactly snapped, but it slipped out from its position~ the end of the strap was originally glued underneath that piece of cloth on the sandals.

top view deshu~~~ .3.


And now...
A little gallery on the new sandals that I bought to replace my broken one~ :D

oooooh yea, authentic inspired design are always epic~ :D

the details of the strap~ :3

Bought from: Bata @ Sunway Pyramid
Price: RM20 (original price: RM49.99. they had a 50% discount then~ XD)


So, there you have it. :D
My typical-turned-awesome weekend report. ^^

I know, that I shouldn't be doing all this, being all selfish and not thinking about situations in Japan~
but don't worry, that's what having two posts in a day is for.

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: I hate mosquitoes.)

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