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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 Mar 2011: A day of pudding making~ :D

||Mood||: happeh, coz although the pudding kind of...failed...but it still became a pudding~ |D

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> Welcome to My Fan Clubs' Night - Sheryl Nome starring May'n ("Macross Frontier" OST)
> Arigatou ~Sekai ni Doko Itemo~ - Hey! Say! JUMP
> Ranbu no Melody - SID ("Bleach" OP)
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> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


ohaithar, internet folks!! :D

hehe, in case you're wondering on how I'm feeling now~ I'm actually feeling better now, thanx~ ^^
though I had a pretty bad headache the whole day yesterday, but now, it's feeling better~
all that's left now is to collect my SPM results tomorrow, then I'm free to feel better after that~ |D maybe take a second trip to Tenshi no Cafe and go nutso there again...? XD


So...this was what I did yesterday to kill time....


Mango puddings are awesomely awesome~ <3
but...I kinda phailed in making them yesterday, since it was my first time making them and there was no one helping me out in the kitchen~ =3=

but, well, it became a pudding in the end anyway~ XD

it tasted a bit weird....but I think that's because of the brand of the pudding mix~ =X

anyhows...here is a pictorial chronology of the pudding-making process from yesterday~ :D


I started off with preparing the moulds first~ :D washed and dried them~ ^^ (P.S: yea, it's the bird's nest bottles that I'm using, harharrrr~ |D)

The pudding mix~ :D Mango flavour!! >W< <3

Boiling the water first~~

How the pudding mix looks like~ XD

Pouring it into the boiling waterrrrrr~~~

Bubbles!!! 8D *bloop, bloop, bloop~ *

Mixing it nice and slowly~~ :3

After leaving it to boil for approx. 2-3 minutes, it's finally done!! XD Poured it back into this little jar coz it'll be easier to pour it into the little glass moulds compared to pouring the pudding mixture from the pan straight into the moulds~ :)

Pouring the hot pudding mixture into the little glass mould~ <3

There!!! All five done~ :D And they're still steaming hot~~ :O

Okay, so one mistake that I made at this point that made the pudding taste weird was because I put them into the fridge while they were still quite hot~ :O yea, i learnt my lesson, so I'll remember this the next time I make puddings again~ >.<

After leaving them in the fridge for about one hour, I went to check them. And woah, they're solid already!! XD

Left them to completely chill for about 3 hours, then I covered the little moulds with the lids~ :D Those lids are the original lids of the little glass jars, and it makes them pudding look cute~ >w<

Time to eat!! XD Took this when I took it out after dinner~ :D it was my dessert, nyum nyummm~ <3

Opened the lid!!! XD Smells sweet~ :3

Dig in!!!!! 8D

Pudding~~~ <3

And I finished them within 5 minutes~ :D <3

My elder sis also tried it out~ :D

and this is her reaction from eating them~ XD
(I now wonder whether that expression is genuine or not~ =w=)

there's another two left in the fridge now~ :D gonna take one more later on~


Haha, so...there's a few things I gotta remember when making puddings now, so I can make better ones next time!! >W<

hoho, I somehow find loves in making jelly-related desserts from this point onwards~ :3

okay, now off to mop ze floor...to ease my worriness about tomorrow~~ QwQ

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: it's raining for the whole day again~ so cold~ >~<)

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