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Thursday, March 17, 2011

17 Mar 2011: One more week to go~

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Hey there~ :D
Things have been pretty rough these few days, clear enough because of the disaster that stuck Japan last Friday. Following the disaster, there have been a lot of people who came together and prayed for Japan and also all those affected from previous disasters. But then, loads of controversial topics, issues, debates and events occurred following the disaster. Those who are my followers in my twitter and also part of my friends list in Facebook should know that I've sparked a rather controversial topic last night, but that was solely based on my opinion and luckily, everyone agreed on what I think.
But those who didn't know what it was, better don't ask me to reveal it here, because if I do post it up here, it's gonna spark an argument.

Oh, don't say it won't, because I know it will.

Then again, everyone's talking about it, so feel free to shoot me.


Let's get back on track, shall we? Don't wanna spoil anyone's day now~ >n<

So...as the post title says...it's one more week to go.

What's in one more week to go?

Why...23rd March 2011 of course.

It sounds only familiar to those of the same age in the same country as I am.

That's right.

The release of the SPM examination results.

The date that determines my future.

homaigawsh...I never thought that this day would arrive faster than I expected because all this while...I've never even thought about it!!!! Q^Q
And, as I said, this day will determine my future.
Whatever results that I'm going to get, it's going to affect me in the future.

Yea, most seniors said that the release date is just too late, but what to do?
As long as I still get my results.

The feeling of anticipating for 23rd March to arrive is exciting and at the same time agonizing. And I don't know how to face that day when it finally comes.

I will be running out and about in the house and also in school like a headless chickin, or I may be just fiddling my hair about while waiting for the moment to arrive. I might also be crying and laughing at the same time like a lunatic, scaring people away from me. I could also be just...sitting down there...at a corner...statued...no expression at all...

and all of that will change the moment I hold the result slip in my hands.

I might be jumping and crying tears of joy, or stomping and crying tears of sadness and disappoinment.

Well, not wanting to put so much high hopes for now, because what's done is done, and I can't do anything to change it.

All I could do now is just to wait for it to come. And I'll decide how to react there and then.

I don't know, but I'm having a feeling that things won't be really good for me.

Or is it me just being all paranoid again?
Which ever is the right one now, I just hope that things won't turn out for the worse.

Let's all hope for the best, okay?

And I wish all the best for everyone out there who'll be taking your SPM results on the same day as me. Good luck and hope for the best!! ^O^/


Friggin cold lately, since it's always raining in the afternoon and I have a table fan that's blowing directly at my direction.

Oh, what fun.

And have you all noticed that after the Japan disaster, the weather have been acting all funny and abnormal? Wondering why it's happening?
Best source for answers?



This is your KHR and cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: Please continue to pray not only for Japan, but also all victims of previous disasters. And also, don't go around spreading fake news or issues or even make jokes out of them. That just makes God even more angry. :D)

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