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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Mar 2011: Of online purchasings for Iratella Catena

||Mood||: HAPPEH!!! Passed my taekwondo upgrading test today~ :'D

||Currently listening to||
> Koi wa Groovyx2 - Yuna Ito
> My All - Ayumi Hamasaki
> Claire de Lune [piano version] - Claude Debussy
> Magnet - Luka Megurine & Miku Hatsune
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK


Hey there!! :D

how have you all been lately?
I'm fine too, thanx~ :D
Just carried out my taekwondo upgrading test today, btw~ from blue 1 to blue 2~ :D progress is slow, but at least I'm making progress!! ^^

passed it, duh~ XD that's why I'm feeling pretty happy today!! >w<


Okay, so, in case you're wondering why I've ditched my blog for the past two days was because I have been pretty busy doing some last minute cosplay stuffs online shopping for my original character cosplay, Iratella Catena~ :D
Ordered a pair of contact lenses and a brown long wavy wig~ <3

Contact lenses is Dollyeye Blytheye series in Grey:

and the wig that I bought was a near waist length dark brown wavy wig:
(this is not the exact wig, but it looks something like this~ :D)

total cost?

RM 52 (wig) + RM 30 (contact lenses) = RM 82


All my hard earned money is gone within two days after banking them in~ ;w;

but it was because they say that it might be arriving within this week was why I decided to bank in the money within this two days~ (they were my angpao money, btw~ TTwTT)

So, pretty satisfied to know the fact that because they were cheap and affordable for me and that they are arriving within this week itself. <3

and now, I'm thinking of a way to accept the parcels without having my mom to kill me after she finds out the amount of money that I spent for these two~ .w.

ahahahhh, we'll just see how things will turn out when the time comes~ >.<

By the way, if any of these two items arrive by tomorrow, I'll flip with joy~ 8D because I wanna feel the accomplishment of having to do online purchasings by myself and not relying on Hanatsu all the time~ >w<


Well, that's it for this post's random...randomness~ XD
I'm just rather excited because it's my first time ordering things online by myself, so for me, it's a pretty big accomplishment~ ^^

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: My hair is finally long enough to be tied into a high ponytail!!! QwQ <3 I like tieing my hair into high ponytails because I seem to look better in it~ >w<)

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