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Friday, December 24, 2010

24 Dec 2010~: It's Christmas Eve~

||Mood||: No particular one... ;^; just feeling a little annoyed, I'm sick for Christmas~~

||Currently listening to||:
> Innocent - Taylor Swift
> Sakura Kiss - Chieco Kawabe ("Ouran High School Host Club" OP)
> Double Lariat - Luka Megurine
> Butterfly - On/Off ("Durarara!!" ED)
> Asterisk - Orange Range ("Bleach" OP)


24th December desu!!!
It's Christmas Eve~ :)

And also, this day is dedicated to one of our special Fujoshi High School member, Tsukino-san desu!!!

Because today is her birthdayyyy~~

So, Tsukino-san, Fujoshi member here, Hiroyuki-san (my FHS name~ XD) will like to say...


Have a great time on your special day and may God bless you~ ^^


Christmas Eve desu ne.
But weird enough, I'm not really feeling the Christmas mood. Maybe that's because I'm falling sick~ :<
Wait, I AM sick. damn~~

But that doesn't mean that I have to avoid Christmas, no?


Have to embrace the cheer and wonder and joy (why is there an "and" between every word???) of Christmas. Gotta somehow find something to do to make me happy.

And I don't mean things that are negative, lol.

Something like....blogging or net-surfing, singing and dancing...I dunno...
something~~ ;^;

*cough cough* damn, inhaled some smoke OTL"

The one thing I was really doing to make myself happy is doing some cosplay researching. Doing some research on other much awesomer cosplayers, how good they do their cosplays, admiring their cosplays and try to find if I can get the same costumes as them.

Right now, the one thing that I'm obssessed with is the Miku Cantarella dress.

OMG~ eversince I first laid my eyes on the dress cosplayed by a Japanese cosplayer (forgot her name~ >.<), I've been so obssessed with it!!! <3
I've always wanted to cosplay as Miku Cantarella version eversince.
So today I went surfing around taobao net to find the dress.
At first, it seemed pretty hard, until I ACTUALLY found it!!!!!!!!!

This is the link to the first one that I found:

and this is the link to the second one that I found, which link is given to me by Xiaoqi:

Since I'm quite lazy to find others one and this two is apparently the nicest ones I've seen so far, so I'm tied between choosing from these two.
Right now, for almost 5 hours, I've been doing some considerations & comparisons between these two to see which one is more better for me to buy.

The things that are in consideration are....
> price
> quality
> details of the dress

click on the links to check out the picture and the full details of both dress.

So, let me summarize on what I have considered in each field.

First, the price.
Okay, as you have seen, the price of the first dress is 450.00RMB, while the second dress is 395RMB. Converted to RM, they are approximately RM360 & RM300+ respectively.
So, of course you'd all say:" WTF is she thinking?? Since she has limited expenses, why not just get the second dress??? Damn, she's stupid!!"
But, wait~~~
Think about it.

Coz this brings us to our next topic.
If you observe carefully, the quality of the first dress is better than the second one, because the details on the first dress is much much more detailed, while the second dress is much simpler and is somewhat the default for each Miku Cantarella cosplayers. So far, I've somehow never seen any Miku Cantarella cosplayers who used the first dress as their dress. It's not that I want to have the first dress as my dress to show up or anything (never had that intention, puh-leeze~~ >.>|||), but....the details of the first dress is soooo damn nice and I want it for keepsake and....love it~~
so, based on how awesomely detailed is the details and embroideries on the first dress, it's no wonder the price of the dress is sky high. It's really worth it, you know.

But, back to the money/price topic again.
I seriously want to get my hands on the first dress, but...my financial limitations avoid me from doing so~~
if i really want to get the first dress, then i have to work for....god knows  how long and get that dress without my parents' concerning too much about how I'm spending the money that I earn.

For now, I'm still keeping my eyes on the first dress. If something goes wrong, I shall get the second one.

But, for you guys, which one do you think I should buy? :3

Next dress that I have also been aiming to get is this dress:

Yup, this is the dress of Miku's Madness of Duke Venomania version. So far, I've seen someone who cosplayed as Gumi Madness of Duke Venomania version in CF2010 and no Miku yet. So, I'm aiming to be  the first ever Malaysian cosplayer to debut as this version of Miku next year. To do so, this will come first before I do Miku Cantarella, because this dress is cheaper and easier to get first. I'll extend my Miku Cantarella plan to after my NS, so that when the time comes, I'll have enough money to buy HOPEFULLY the more detailed Cantarella dress. But for now, my money goes to buying a platform boots and of course, this Miku Madness of Duke Venomania dress. <3


Ohp, gotta sleep now~
mum says maybe we'll be going out to Pavillion tomorrow~ >w<
excited and looking forward to it!!! XD

Btw, it's already 25 December.
So, here I am to wish all of you~~


This is your cosplay/yaoi/KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...


SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I'm still so damn sick! argh~~ I'm sick for christmas~~ ;^;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22 Dec 2010: Report on Comic Fiesta 2010 day 1 & day 2

||Mood||: tired.....=A=|||....but....SO DAMN HAPPY!!!!!!! <3

||Currently listening to||:
> Today Was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift (damn, you're right, CF10 was a fairytale dream come true~ <3)
> Take it Off - Ke$ha
> Waiting For The End - Linkin Park
> Double Lariat - Megurine Luka
> Innocent - Taylor Swift (currently pissed at someone now, but what to do? that person is still an innocent~)


Do you believe in fairytales that you think won't come true?
Because if you don't...

I DO............


Every joints in my body hurts.
My legs are swelling from walking around in heels for the whole day in day 1 and half a day in day 2.
My eyes feel like sleeping the whole day. Or maybe the whole week.
My brain can't do multi-tasking like they used to.
My hands can't type any faster like they used to. (not sure, but I think it seems like it~ /o/)

That is definitely what you will get after attending both days of Comic Fiesta 2010.

But, who cares about all the pain?



In this post, I shall present to you the report of the both days of Comic Fiesta 2010 from my point of view.
From the second I reach there until I leave.
Are you ready?
You should, because it's gonna be pretty long~~ :3

Woke up half an hour before my alarm clock rang~ (must've been the over-excitedness~ 8D), brought my dog out, got ready for the day, and recieved the news that my Miku wig could not be brought in for the day.

Ya, I know, sucky.

What to do, can't blame people for being irresponsible. They are who they are, all I could do is just find the silver lining on the cloud.

Well, it's no difference than just attending another normal ACG event, until I began to meet all of Malaysia's best cosplayers!!!!
Slowly, second by second, I began taking pictures together with all the cosplayers and also met up with all my friends that I promised to meet. Although I didn't get to see some of them, but I met most of them anyways~ |D

I watched half of the group competition too.
Haha, I don't know which was the best. I think all of them were pretty good!! XD
I particularly liked the "Resident Evil" & "Final Fantasy" one coz they were hillarious and awesome at the same time!!! (froggie, croak croak~~ XD)

What else, hmmm...

OH YA!!!

I got to watch Shiomaru's performance LIVE!!!!
She was awesome, as always!!! (as if she was never awesome lolololll~~)
She sang her all time famous "Come to Me", the song she wrote for a tribute to Kuroshitsuji, and "Golden Wish", a song she wrote for a tribute to Inuyasha. I was singing along when she was singing "Come to Me", and some people saw me singing along to the song and wondering, "Wow, how does she know the lyrics to the song??" dammit, for someone who knows Shio, of course I'd know her songs too, dammit~ =3=

Finally, I got to meet my papa Celestia and cousin Hapi while they were doing their Sandplay of Dragon group outside the ballroom, with Celestia doing Gumi & Hapi doing Len. Got to take a picture with the both of them, so it's like taking a family picture, coz you know, Celestia & Hapi are a couple, Celestia is my papa and Hapi is my cousin~ |D (forgive my stupidness, btw~~)

I was lurking around the whole venue searching for Tsukino from 12pm to 4.30pm to claim my Rina Chan's cosplay prints, just to find that she was only nearby the place where I started searching for her during the last round I made. After claiming from her (and sadly giving her RM12~~ ;3;), I headed straight home.

That night, my whole body hurts, coz I was wearing my wedges the WHOLE FRIGGIN DAY~~~
packed my bag for the next day, and floated into lala land~ =w=


Woke up at the same time as the day before and arrived at the school bus stop at the same time as the day before. Today we got to arrive at the venue roughly 10 minutes earlier as my dad had sent me to the monorail station. We saved some time to enter the hall coz we bought the day two tickets along with the day one tickets. We waited for our wigs for approx 30 minutes before we could do final preparation.

Then, for the 1st half of the day, we were lurking around the place, photographed by a lot of people.
My supposed-to-be partner, Nixon, cosplayed as Kaito Cantarella version for day 2. I couldn't join him as Miku Magnet on day one coz, well, you know....my wig wasn't...there....Q_Q

I couldn't really remember what happened for the 1st half of the day except just....lurking around the place, posing for people, sitting at a corner with Hanatsu, Nixon & Jon like we are beggars (more like begging people to take our photos~~) nah, just kidding. We were already worn out by 1pm, walking around like a headless chicken trying to find something useful for us to do, but in the end,  we just...well, sat there in one corner. We went down for lunch not long after. Yeah, we went down to the shopping complex area with our costumes and wigs~~ we went to eat at Marrybrown, so if you happen to have spotted a group of Vocaloids in Victorian-era kind of clothes around 1.45pm or so, yeap, that was us.

We went back up right after eating. (honestly, i didn't had any appetite to eat...dunno why~~ Q_Q) then had to fork out RM30 to pay for my Magnet top hat (MY MONEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then rushed to prepare for the debut of Fujoshi High School.

What is Fujoshi High School, you may ask?

Well, it's the most anticipated group of the year that everyone has been dying to see its debut, a line of 22 girl cosplayers crossplaying as some of the hottest guys you ever did see.
Ah, wait, not just any girl cosplayers, but some of Malaysia's best girl cosplayers!!!!!!!
And I'm not talking about just any best cosplayers.
If you happened to have stumbled across the group of people near the entrance to Manhattan Ballroom 1 wearing black-gold coats, yup, you should've seen who are the people in the group.

Next up, after our..."public appearance", we went off to a secret location (which we thought was really secret until we found out that there were a bunch of other unrelated photographers trailing us~~)
we changed the photoshoot location twice, and the whole photoshoot session took us about....2 hours 40 minutes for me. As for the rest of the group, I'm not sure how long the shoot lasted for them, but yeah, 2hr40min is more than enough for me.

Headed home by....7.00pm (latest in my record) and died on my bed. Literally.



I read some of other people's comments on this year's CF, saying that it was too packed, the venue was too small, it wasn't so fun at all, blahblahblah and so on.

The main one was the venue problem, so far I read.

But the truth is, I had a lot of fun despite having to cramp around with 11000 people (according to reliable sources) for both days.

To me (personally), the venue, the WHOLE ballroom PLUS the outside area where most cosplayers linger around to have their pictures taken, is already pretty big. If you were one of those who complained about the extremely packed condition in both days, then consider how big the space actually is if you removed everyone and everything. You'll have a space big enough to load at least on Boeing 737. Trust me, I estimated it and it actually is true.

And, it's not appropriate to complain about the CF committee's lack of finance that lead them to choose this venue to hold Malaysia's biggest ACG event. It is good enough for them already to actually GET a place to hold CF2010 rather than cancelling it, so appreciate their hardwork. It's not easy to look around for venues considering their budget and capacity. For those who complained on this point, please do the venue searching on behalf the CF committee and also pay the renting fee for them , thank you very much.

Last but not least....Comic Fiesta from my point of view.

Lots of people.

Lots of cosplayers.

Lots of new characters cosplayed.

Lots of old friends met.

Lots of new friends made.

Lots of memories created.

Lots of awesomeness around.

Lots of joy experienced.

I'd like to congratulate the committee's of Comic Fiesta for making CF2010 once again, the biggest and most awesome ACG event of the year in Malaysia.

Looking forward for more awesomeness next year!!!
And see you again next year, Comic Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!


Usually, I'll post up pictorial report along with the report, but no can do for this time~ >.<
I'll do it soon when I really have the time because I'm still waiting and collecting all the photos from other people and our Fujoshi HS photoshoot photos from Jeremy and a couple more photographers.
and plus, i have lots of house chores ordered by my mom to do~ =3=

DAMN!! SO LATE ADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really have to go to sleep now.

til then, this is your cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino....

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I'm sick....flu~~ *hachoo!!*)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

17 Dec 2010~: Less than 24 hours to go before CF2010!!!!

||Mood||: PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!!!

||Currently listening to||:
> Lucifer - SHINee
> Tell Me Goodbye - Big Bang
> Hurricane Venus - BoA
> Love Me - Justin Bieber
> Down to Earth - Justin Bieber
> Just a Dream - Nelly


As the title says....


Don't mind me, but I want to panic now, coz there's still so many things that are not settled yet!!!!
(Cries a river)

List of things to prepare for CF2010:
-Money: well, I'm dead broke, that's for sure. I don't have enough money to buy anything from there OTL. I only have enough money to pay for my entry ticket (RM 15 per day, btw) and to pay for Rina Chan's cosplay prints (RM 12, RM 3 per print for 5R size~) IF ONLY my dad is nice enough to give me some money tonight for tomorrow. I need to eat too, I'm human~ ;A; and maybe buy some merchandises there? :3 (like my dad would actually let me do that~~)

-Who's coming along with me: So much for making a final decision more than three weeks ago and agreeing on going with me for both days, now all three of them are ditching me....(well, not really...first person is not sure if she's coming or not~ second person is coming for day 2 only, and third person is not going at all~~) it sucks, y'know~~ luckily I still have some nice friends (papa Celestia~~ :3 <3 and others, of course~ ^^) who are nice enough to agree to accompany me for the two days to come~ :3 I love you guys~ XD

-Things to bring, props, costume, etc.: Dammit!!! It's less than 24 hours to go before CF2010 and yet, my stuffs aren't packed yet!!! I was supposed to pack them like, yesterday!! Or earlier!! And up until now, they're still lying around everywhere in my room!!!!! Damn damn damn~~ I have to do it tonight, or else, I'll definitely miss out something...and screw up my cosplay....OTL orz......

-How to get there: Not just how to get to Berjaya Hotel (that part, of course I know, dammit, who doesn't?? >:| ) but how to get all the way to the Manhattan Ballroom which is on the 14th floor of the hotel? What if I get lost? Nightmare....nightmare.....


By the way, if you are new to attending Comic Fiesta (like me), you are confirmed to attend it but you have no idea what are the details of it, here's some details of it:

Time: should be starting about 10am.
Date: 18 & 19 December 2010
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, 14th Floor of Berjaya Times Square Hotel
Entry ticket fee: RM 15 per day


Well, those are just some of the major things that I'm worrying about now. Others are just minor problems.
But up until now, the main problem is still my financial crisis.
As you read, that is just how much money I still have left in my pocket.
So, if you don't mind, maybe you can donate to me some money?
OTL, I know, it's impossible and illegal. But I seriously need them.
Unless my dad has already banked in the RM600 that he has been saving up for me.
He promised me that he's gonna let me use the money after SPM, so if he's already banked in the money, then I should have nothing to worry about.
So, let's all hope that it really happened, yea? ^w^

Anyhows, I'll have to stay positive and think about the silver lining on the cloud. I know everything will turn out to be fine. I will have fun and that's a must for Comic Fiesta.

So, all you CF2010 goers, are you ready??????

Better be,

WE'RE GONNA ROCK COMIC FIESTA 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I'm off to do some SERIOUS discussion with everyone.
Need to RE-CONFIRM on who's following me to CF 2010 tomorrow and Sunday from here (I mean residents here from around this area~~~

This is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino...

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOXO, spot me in Comic Fiesta tomorrow and I'll
SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(P.S: I'll be cosplaying Miku Magnet with a twist of Yukino for day 1, and an original character under Tsukino's group on day 2. Btw, I'm gonna meet Hong Kong cosplay extraordinaire, Rina Chan tomorrow!! Woots!!! <3)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15 Dec 2010 (2): CF2010 is only 3 days away!!!

||Mood||: No idea...O.O happy, excited for CF2010, but at the same time I'm feeling kinda stressed out, coz I'm short of money to pay for Rina Chan's cosplay prints and my Magnet Miku top hat~ Q3Q

||Currently listening to||:
> Still An Innocent - Taylor Swift
> 1/6 - Hatsune Miku
> Lucifer - SHINee
> Tell Me Goodbye - Big Bang
> Gee (japanese version) - Girls' Generation
> Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
> If I Had You - Adam Lambert


SECOND POST OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(That's because I'm...too bored and I don't have any ideas for my KHR fanfiction....TT^TT)


Okay, so based on the title of my blog post, you should know what I wanna say now.


Comic Fiesta 2010 is, well, THREE MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!
All you CF goers, are you pumped up??
All you cosplayers for CF2010, are you all ready??
(if it's for me, well......I'm pretty ready, but not in terms of financial~~ TTATT)

Looks like it's going to be a pretty big event this year~
considering that there WILL be a lot of people that I will be meeting this year.
and also the number of people from my school that will be attending CF this year.
not just as attendees, but also as cosplayers.
yup, the number of cosplayers from my school have increased.
and odd to know that one of them is the daughter of my school's counselling teacher.

Haha, believe it or not, my couselling teacher, Pn Yeong, asked me one day whether or not I love cosplay.
When she asked me, I was like, O.O|||.
but then later I opened up to her on my love for cosplay.
then she also told me about her daughter and that she will also be cosplaying this year in Comic Fiesta.
I stayed silent for a moment....
coz I was thinking....if it was only her, then it's okay.
But if my teacher comes along....? O.O
Ahh, I knowwwww, there's nothing to be feeling awkward about anyway. I'm pretty close to Pn Yeong, btw~ (although she always mistakes my name for Josephine...all the time~~ =3=)

Next issue, about ALLLLLL the people that I'm gonna meet on both days!! <3
besides meeting up with my friends from school, I'll also meet up with my old cosplay buddies (like Airi~ XD) and new people and cosplayers~ (like....Akihiko...and RINA CHAN!!! <3)

Yup, as mentioned above, the all-time famous Hong Kong cosplayer Rinabyakuran (her deviantart account name) is COMING TO COMIC FIESTA!!!! <3
I'm not really sure why she wanna come, but who cares!!! As long as she's coming!!! <3
One of the reasons, I think, is to COD her cosplay prints ordered by some of us CF goers.
I asked Akihiko one very...kinda stupid question. Being Rina's big fan all this while, I asked her whether or not I can take pictures with Rina on CF. The answer was an obvious yes, duh~ XD
(now I feel dumb OTL")

Next issue, these are my cosplay plans:
> Day one_Miku Magnet with a twist of Yukino
(why call it a twist of Yukino? that's because instead of wearing the default black dress, I'll be wearing a white with navy blue small polka dot dress, so that people will be easier to spot me on that day~ :3)

> Day two_Hiroyuki Sayuta (Fujoshi High School)
(as mentioned in my previous post~ *winks*)

Well, right now, the other BIG BIG BIG issue that I'm facing is...financial stuff.
I'm facing really serious financial problem~ TTATT
I have to pay for my Magnet Miku tophat, which costs RM30, and also Rina's cosplay prints, which costs RM 12 altogether (I ordered 4 5R-sized prints~ mwahahahhhh~)
and....and...pay the entry ticket!!!!!

or, if you are nice enough, you can donate money to me~ <:3

Either way now, the problems, I think I'll just extort money from...anyone~ XD

The most important thing now is to think about THE FUN that's bound to come this Saturday and Sunday.

So, are you all ready????

Brace yourselves for the biggest ACG event in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I finally have the heart to continue to write my KHR fanfic and somehow solve my financial crisis for the sake of Comic Fiesta.

So, this is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino..

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15 Dec 2010: Wig testing~ (for Fujoshi High School~ :3)

||Mood||: Sleepy~~ =w=

||Currently listening to||:
> From Y to Y - Hatsune Miku
> Double Lariat - Megurine Luka
> Magnet - Hatsune Miku ft. Megurine Luka
> Ai Kotoba - Hatsune Miku
> Lucifer - SHINee


The  other day it was Magnet headphone testing~
now it's time for the testing of my new wig!!!!!!

Though I think I look odd in the wig~ =w=

By the way. the wig is for my original character for the long-awaited Fujoshi High School group, created by Akihiko @ Tsukino and Molly~
we will be debuting this extremely special group in Comic Fiesta 2010 day 2~
be there to witness the debut of this wonderfully awesome group!! <3


My wig is bought from Fantasy Sheep via taobao.net. It's RM74, btw~ XD

Okay, apparently this is the only picture that blogger allows me to upload.
(WTF is wrong with my server??????)

Okay, so this is how I look like.
Hahah, I know~
I look FARNEHHH~~~~
I don't think the structure of my face goes well with the wig~
or is it because I haven't really style my wig properly yet OTL''

But yeah, this is how my wig will look like!! XD
(somehow~~ =w=)
by the way, this isn't my full look yet~
it is just PART of my look (well....my wig only, that is~~)
you'll apparently, only will be seeing my full look on that day.
Yeah, with all the make up and contact lenses and stuff~~

Any suggestions on how to style my wig to a better condition? 8)
Coz personally, I think I look so shota-ish with this wig~ ;w;
and heck no, my character is not a shota-ish kinda character!!!
(though my character is...kinda....uke-ish~~ =w=)

So, yeah~ hold on to that day and you'll see how my full look will turn out to be, kayz?
And witness all the other MUCH MUCH more awesome people that are part of this awesome and amazing group too~
(P.S: seriously, this group is made up of many amazingly amazing and AWESOMELY AWESOME Malaysian cosplayers!!! WHEEE~~~)


hahah, so there you go, yet another of my sucky cosplay skills~ TTwTT
hopefully, though now it looks, well...sucky, it will turn out well on CF that day~
wish the best for me...? <:3

Okayz~ gotta go do something else now~ XD

This is your cosplay/yaoi/Kuroshitsuji/Vocaloid/KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: call me stupid, but I think I'm hooked with SHINee!!!!! <3)

Monday, December 13, 2010

13 Dec 2010: Testing, testing, one two three~~

||Mood||: pissed off~ >A< my Facebook server is creating problems with me~~

||Currently listening to||:
> Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna
> Love the Way You Lie (part 2) - Rihanna ft. Eminem
> Electric Angel - Hatsune Miku
> Ai Kotoba - Hatsune Miku
> Dear [remix edition] - Hatsune Miku
> Alice - Hatsune Miku
> Magnet - Hatsune Miku ft. Megurine Luka
> Koi Suru Voc@loid - Hatsune Miku
(it's a Vocaloid craze here!!!! XD)


Well, I must say that my Facebook really is a pain in the ass. And I'm serious about it.
I wanted to upload the pics of me posing together with my new Magnet headphones.
Well....not all of them are mine, actually~ XD

Either way, not wanting to wait for me to resort to destroying my PC and the modem to release my anger, I shall then post up the pics of me and the headphones here!! <3


Oh, before I start showing you the pics, lemme remind you that the hairband that is used to hold the headphones are not the original one that comes together with the headphone. It was just a random hairband that I used to put the headphones. I'll be getting normal black hairbands/suitable coloured ones soon enough~ XD

(pardon me, I took all these pics in my PJs~ XD)

so, here i go!!

First up, this is the cyan coloured Magnet headphone, which is for Miku and/or Mikuo or anyone who's paired up with them.
This is the left side of the headphone, the side which does not have the microphone part.

and this is the right side, the one with the microphone part~
I actually have two of these.
One for me and one for Hanatsu.
But since the both of them are just the same, so there's no need to post up pics of the same thing, right? XD

Next up, this is the blue coloured Magnet headphone, which is for Kaito or others who are paired up with him.
This is the right side of the headphone....

and this is the left side of the headphone~

Last but not least, this is the yellow coloured Magnet headphone, which is for Rin/Len or whoever is paired up with them. This is the right side of the headphone....

and this is the left side of the headphone.
This headphone is actually the most special one out of the three colours, because it has diamonds sticked onto both the wings, thus making it much more nicer, and much expensice, too.

I was thinking maybe I'll buy some little diamonds to be stick onto the other headphones too just to make them look more prettier. And no worries to those who have paid for these headphones, I won't charge any extra for it. (maybe I'll only ask you to pay back for the hairband...? 8D)

oohh kaayyy~ this is a random pic of me posing with the cyan Magnet headphone.
Can't show you the full look of mine yet, though, coz my wig is currently in some other people's hands and my dress is currently unavailable. Yeah, I know CF is like, 4 days away. That's why I gotta get it fast!!!!!! D8


Well, now I found something I can do now.
Order Rina.S's print cards. It's a once in a lifetime chance to get prints personally printed out by her!! <3
I did bought a couple of her prints last year and unknowingly own a couple of her cosplay pics, but now, this is a once in a lifetime chance to get it STRAIGHT from her!!!!

Okay, I'm off to go choose which pic I wanna request for her to print it out.

Til then, this is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/Vocaloid/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino....


SEE YAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

10 Dec 2010 (2): The summary of my 3-week torture~

||Mood||: Dizzy~~ @w@ sitting in front of the computer for too long is not a very good idea~~

||Currently listening to||:
> Secrets - One Republic
> Mine - Taylor Swift
> Like a G6 - Far East Movement
> Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
> Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna
> Just A Dream - Nelly
[Hitz.fm radio station line up]

Like, you'd expect it, here I am, bored again, posting the second blog post of the day~~
Watching some vids though, but I just can't focus on watching it. Doing some Comic Fiesta decisions now. About how to get there, who am I going with, how to get to the Manhattan Ballroom, what is the best route to the Manhattan Ballroom and how much I'm supposed to save up for that day.

Although I did get the green light from my parents to attend this year's Comic Fiesta, but there's just so many things to consider as well. Think of all the time I've wasted to prepare myself for CF for the sake of SPM. Right now there's only 8 more days to go. I can see that everyone's rushing to prepare themselves for CF. Ah, and when I said everyone, that includes myself too. =3=


Can't blame anything for it anyway.
(Though I blame my age for it~ XD)

Here I am ready to share with you the summary of my three-week torture.
I can't help but post it up, since I have to do something to release all the tension I faced the last three weeks.


||23 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Bahasa Melayu]

Paper 1
 Ahahahah, not that it was really hard. It was pretty okay from my point of view. I think I did pretty well for both Bahagians. Just have to see if I've impressed the paper markers~~ =w=

Paper 2
To be honest, I gotta say, the paper wasn't as hard as the usual exercises that we've done all this while. Each Bahagian was, yeah, easier. Even the Rumusan was pretty easy~ XD


||24 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: English]

Paper 1
As usual, it was so damn easy!!!!! Section A's question was to write an informal letter to our cousin telling him/her about the benefits of attending the National Service Programme. I know I did pretty well, coz the essay that I wrote was three pages long~ XD I just hope I didn't get the format wrong~~ >w<
For Section B, I chose the one-word title, "Home". One thing I like about writing an essay from a one-word title is that it is not limited to only one thing about that word. Ideas can flow like crazy as long as it is still related to the word.

Paper 2
EASY LIKE ABC. I finished the paper like, one  hour early. I know that an A for English in SPM is already in my hand. Yayyy~ XD


||25 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Sejarah]

Paper 1
I'd say it's just average. Not that hard. Not that easy either. No other comment.

Paper 2
This is the paper that shocked a lot of us. BIG TIME. It caught us offguard literally. All the topics that were being targeted to be questioned in paper 2 NEVER APPEARED. Most of the question that were stated in the paper, both the structure and essay questions, were not targeted topics. Luckily there was a few topics in the paper that I've read throughout the year, so it wasn't that bad. But I can tell you that for those who have been revising by relying on the targeted topics given by teacher, the paper is a suicidal paper.
Not meant to curse myself here, but I think I screwed up this paper. Kudos.


||29 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Mathematics]

Paper 1
Screwed some questions along the way, but majority was okay. Number of wrong questions should be a maximum of 5 questions? XD

Paper 2
At least it was WAYYYYY better than paper one. I mean, in a sense that I finished all the questions with a confidence that I know whatever I wrote in there is correct. NGAHHHH~~


||30 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Pendidikan Moral]

Closed paper
It was........average, all I can say~ yeah, that's all I can say. But I know I did screw up one of the structure and essay question. Mwahahahahhhhh~~~ so I don't know if I still can get an A in this subject. Woots~ screwing up is fun~ 8D (joking~ :P)


||01 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Additional Mathematics]

Paper 1
The night before this day, I stayed up until 2a.m doing my very best and also my last revisions for the sake of doing the best I can for today. After reviewing through everything, I can say that I answered this paper better than how I did in the trials exam. Can I hear a "yayy~"? 8D

Paper 2
To be honest, my brain had already died while I was doing this. I had to eat like, god knows how many sweets to keep myself awake. Yup, I brought sweets into the exam hall and just placed it on my table. Whenever I wanted to eat it, I just take it and ohmnomnom away. The invigilators also didn't take notice, so I just ate it anyway~ XD
But I do see a light of hope that I'll be able to score at least a B for this subject.
(God, help me~ Q3Q)


||02 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Physics]

Paper 1
I'm sooooooooooooo confident for this paper because I know I answered most of the questions correctly. Most of the questions that came out in the paper was what I read the day before and in the morning before the paper began. After revising through the whole paper, I realized that the chapter with the most questions in the paper was the Pressure chapter from form 4. Thank god I revised the WHOLE chapter the night before and on the morning of the paper. WHEEE~~~~ *w*

Paper 2
But.....right after having "fun" answering paper 1, I crashed in paper 2. Yup, it was THAT hard. That darn CRO thing which I never liked, came out in the structure part!!!!! QAQ 
It was that hard. *dies*

Paper 3
Heh, luckily they implemented a paper three in all science subjects, or I'll definitely commit suicide. This was the paper that saved my life. If it wasn't for this paper, I would've given up hope on getting an A for Physics. I. LOVE. PHYSICS. THE. MOST among the three science subjects. WOOTS~ 8D


||06 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Chemistry]

Paper 1
I.....kinda screwed this paper up. I nearly didn't had enough time to answer all the questions finish. But...of course I had enough time, eventually. (had to rush to finish, duh~ =w=)

Paper 2
HOLY CRAP!!!! THE PAPER WAS SOOOOOO MUCH EASIER THAN I THOUGHT!!!!!!!! Like, seriously!!!!! I was laughing when I was answering the questions. Mwahahahhhhh~ I know I can get good marks for this paper. I answered everything fully. There was no empty questions. Every questions were answered. COME HERE, GRADE A FOR CHEMISTRY!!!!!

Paper 3
Luckily I had read through the experiments that was asked in the paper, or else I would've came out from the exam hall screaming my heads off like a lunatic person.

And after all three papers were done, we went to Mutiara to play the arcade games. *wink*


||08 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Biology]

Paper 1
Screwed this paper big time. End of story.

Paper 2
At the beginning it was okay. Then it began to become harder. In the end, I gave up on all hope and just answered with whatever I can remember.

Paper 3
The easiest paper among the three, I put my life solely on this paper, wishing that I can get at least a B for this paper. But, meh~~ I'm not going to take any course regarding biology after this. So can I at least kiss this subject goodbye...? 8)

Just to sum this paper up, this was the only subject that I have never revised on the night before. Awesomeness~~~ *w*
and right after I finished the paper, we, again, went to Mutiara, to play bowling. YAYSSS~


So......yup, that's it. That's my comment on my three-week torture. Whadaya think?
For those who haven't taken their SPM yet, don't think it's that easy. But don't think it's that hard either. Just assume that it's just your normal exam and everything will be fine. Of course. you still have to do revision. There's no excuse to it.

Oh, remember my previous post on 08 Dec? The part where I said that on Thursday I will be out in Times Square for an After SPM Celebration Day Out?
Oh, it was a really fun day.
But, right now I gotta stop. Tell you tomorrow, kayz?

Til then, this is your cosplay/KHR/Fairy Tail/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino....


SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 Dec 2010: Q&As about all the KHR cuties~

||Mood||: Currently feeling a little blur~~ XD

||Currently listening to||:
> Electric Angel - Hatsune Miku
> Magnet - Hatsune Miku


This is the start of my official after SPM life.
yup, pretty bored at home~
sitting in front of the comp and just randomly browsing through anything i can think of.
seriously can't think of what to do.....yet~ XD

Okay, so, just a while ago, I read through a note quiz tagged by my friend, entitled "KHR Quiz". After reading through the questions, I've decided to edit the note quiz as my own, and voila!!!

It's pretty interesting to do it~

here is my original note quiz which I've titled it as the "Q&As about all the KHR cuties" ~ X3
and everything that I posted here is exactly what I wrote in the note in my FB~ XD

Q&As about all the KHR cuties~
A note regarding KHR... so all answers should be related to KHR characters
u can be creative or crazy..it's just for fun ^^

1. Your favourite character
is it only limited to one? coz if only one, then......most of you should know who~~ (^w<)V

2. Your least favorite character
Leviiiiiii (too Xanxus obsessive-ish~~ =w=)

3. Character you’d date
DINOOOOO~!!! duh~~ XD [I'd go for Hibari if Dino wasn't introduced in KHR~ X) *kena sepak* ]

4. Character you’d like to go shopping with
Kyoko, Haru, Bianchi and Dino~~~ (he's my source of money if i go on a shopping spree~ :3 so much for having a super rich boyfriend~ XD *gets kicked*)

5. Character you’d like as your child
my child...? FUTA!! <3

6. Character who would probably be your rival
hmm.......should be....M.M???? i dunno~ =w=

7. Character you have most in common with
most in common? hmm....myself lol~ i don't think i have most in common with any character in KHR~~

8. Character you look like the most
my friends said Kyoko~ :3

9. Character you’d bring home to your parents
i'd bring everyone if i can!! XD maybe not Byakuran...or Zakuro....or....practically any of the Millefiores~ :3

10. Character you’d never bring home to your parents
The Six Funeral Wreaths, as i mentioned above~ XD

11. Character you’d become best friends with
Kyoko, Haru, Chrome, Hibari (???), Yamamoto, Gokudera, Tsuna (no worries, Gokudera, I won't steal your beloved juudaime away from you) and....I donno, maybe everyone? 8D

12. Character with your favorite voice/seiyuu
Neeko (Reborn) !!! <3 & Kenn (Dino)~ <3

13. Character you’d go camping with
As long as they won't create problems, I'll make them all go on a camp with me~ =W=V

14. Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with
Girls: Kyoko, Haru, Bianchi, Chrome, I-pin; Guys: ONLY Dino~ (ngahahahahhhhhh~~~ >:3)

15. Character you’d want to cook for you
Tsuna no okasan deshuuu~ :3

16. Character you wouldn’t mind prancing naked for you
can i make a request for Reborn? 8D or if possible....ano hito desu....>//////<

17. Your OTP
I pray with all my heart that it's Dino~~ <3

18. Character you wouldn’t mind having as a parent
dunno....hmm......I wanna have Tsuna's parents!!! XD

19. Character you’d like to go karaoke with
i'm not gonna bring Squalo...he might spoil the whole karaoke system~~ O.O

20. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your butler/maid
My butler, Romario; my maid...............no idea......XD (though I'd want Sebastian as my butler, but he's not from KHR~~)

21. Character you’d have in your party if you were in a RPG

22. Character you’d want to cosplay as
Chrome!! <3 (already campak in my cosplay line up list~ :3)

23. Your favorite character of the same gender of #1

24. Character with your favorite uniform/outfit
Chrome, I think? 8D

25. Character who would be your band-mate if you were in a band
Gokudera, Yamamoto, Hibari, Mukuro, Chrome~ uhuhuuuu~ i'm the lead singer!! XD

26. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your boss
Tsuna~ :)

27. Character you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley
Byakuran..... 8D

28. Which Box weapon you would want as pet
Sky Pegasus, Enzo, Natsu~~XD

29. Character you’d want personified into a cat

30. Which character you'd want personified into a dog?
Yamamoto!! XD


Haha, whadaya think about it?
Awesome? 8D
(okay, maybe not that awesome~~)
You can copy and paste it to your FB note if you like~XD

kay, off to prepare something now~ ^^
(spoiler warning: this is not my only post of the day yaaa~~ XD)

SEE YA!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


||Mood||: Though I'm tired, but I'm ON CLOUD NINE!!!!!

||Currently listening to||:
> Only Girl In the World - Rihanna
> Save the One, Save the All - T.M Revolution ("Bleach Movie 4: Hell Arc" OST)
> Love Story - Taylor Swift
> Shiver - The GazettE ("Kuroshitsuji II" OP)
> Doubt & Trust - Access ("D-Gray Man" OP)
> Dear - Hatsune Miku feat. NicoNico Chorus
> Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine
> World is Mine - Miku Hatsune [yeap, the world is now mine alrite!!!!]


It's 8th December 2010.
This day finally arrived and caught me offguard.
Like, literally.

What day is it, you may ask, that has caught me offguard?

Hahahahahhhh~~ XD

IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After three weeks of torture and suffering (you know~ not being able to go online, attend any cosplay events, watch any anime, buy new anime DVDs and so on~~), it's ALL FINALLY OVER!!!!
up until now, I still can't believe it's all finally over~~
all the hardwork and temptation-resisting effort for the sake of my SPM is now over!!!

No, seriously, I still can't get a hang of what's the situation right now.
I'm just too overwhelmed that the biggest challenge of high school is now over over over over OVERRRR
for good~ X)

Right now, all we form 5 kids (???) who have officially finished SPM today (like meeee~~~ XD) will have to find something to do, sayyyy a part time job while waiting for the SPM results to be announced in another 3 months time, roughly around the first week of March~ :3

haha, that will be another stressful day for us as we wake up in that morning, maybe hardly getting any sleep at all due to too much worrying on how our results may be, going to school with a fast-beating heart, and as we get closer to out turn to recieve our results, we'll be even more scared~~

whut the heck, I'm scaring the lights out of me now even though it's less than 7 hours since my last paper ended. =w=|||

well, that's life, right?
we expect the best out of our efforts and yet we get the unexpected (imagine myself getting straight A+s for my SPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D) haha, that's the unexpected~ XD

I don't wish too much for myself though, but I sure do hope that I can score at least 7As, doesn't matter if they are A+, A or A-, as long as I can see 7As in my result slip, I will flip with happiness~ 8D

So, what's my next step for me?

Well, you can surely guess, no?

COMIC FIESTA 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Counting from today onwards, it's only 10 days away!!!
It's only 10 days away to Malaysia's biggest annual ACG fiesta!!!!
and also 10 days away to my official event debut!!!!!!

oh holy~~ I just can't wait for it to arrive!!! All the fun, the excitement, it's all 10 days away!!!! XD
For those who are close or are willing to come all the way to Berjaya Times Square Hotel on the 18 & 19 Dec for the sake of this event, PLEASE DO COME!!!!!!
Make this event more awesome to get the most awesome experience!!!!
Whether you like anime, games, manga, cosplay or ALL OF IT, it's ALL HERE!!!!! It's a one-package event that will make you yearn for more!!!!!
And all for an affordable price of RM15 per day!!!!!!!


Hmm, after Comic Fiesta?
Well, I guess it's just back to normal life~~
maybe get a part time job (I did sign up for one earlier last month~ >w<) and help out my mom at home, do something benefitial like....I don't know~~ volunteer works?? Rescue dogs~~~ ooh, I'd like to try that~~my nature of love for dogs will be pretty helpful if I were to take up dog-rescuing volunteer work. It could be pretty great~ :3

Don't know what else I'll do besides do part time job, rot at home and plan cosplays~~ oh yeah, continue on my fanfiction project~ I feel so bad for abandoning it so long~~ TT^TT (for the sake of SPM, I know~~~) and now that I'm free, it's three months of free time (I think....) before the release of my SPM results, which is obviously sufficient for me to finish, if possible, maybe all of the chapters (if I'm hardwoking enough, that is~ =w=|||) I really really do wanna finish them ASAP~~~ :3


Okay, now off to re-edit chapter 3 of my fanfiction project before I'm off to bed by 1am.
Gonna go out to Times Square for an After SPM Celebration Day Out tomorrow~

This is your cosplay/KHR/yaoi/Fairy Tail fanatic blogger, Yukino...


SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!