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Friday, December 24, 2010

24 Dec 2010~: It's Christmas Eve~

||Mood||: No particular one... ;^; just feeling a little annoyed, I'm sick for Christmas~~

||Currently listening to||:
> Innocent - Taylor Swift
> Sakura Kiss - Chieco Kawabe ("Ouran High School Host Club" OP)
> Double Lariat - Luka Megurine
> Butterfly - On/Off ("Durarara!!" ED)
> Asterisk - Orange Range ("Bleach" OP)


24th December desu!!!
It's Christmas Eve~ :)

And also, this day is dedicated to one of our special Fujoshi High School member, Tsukino-san desu!!!

Because today is her birthdayyyy~~

So, Tsukino-san, Fujoshi member here, Hiroyuki-san (my FHS name~ XD) will like to say...


Have a great time on your special day and may God bless you~ ^^


Christmas Eve desu ne.
But weird enough, I'm not really feeling the Christmas mood. Maybe that's because I'm falling sick~ :<
Wait, I AM sick. damn~~

But that doesn't mean that I have to avoid Christmas, no?


Have to embrace the cheer and wonder and joy (why is there an "and" between every word???) of Christmas. Gotta somehow find something to do to make me happy.

And I don't mean things that are negative, lol.

Something like....blogging or net-surfing, singing and dancing...I dunno...
something~~ ;^;

*cough cough* damn, inhaled some smoke OTL"

The one thing I was really doing to make myself happy is doing some cosplay researching. Doing some research on other much awesomer cosplayers, how good they do their cosplays, admiring their cosplays and try to find if I can get the same costumes as them.

Right now, the one thing that I'm obssessed with is the Miku Cantarella dress.

OMG~ eversince I first laid my eyes on the dress cosplayed by a Japanese cosplayer (forgot her name~ >.<), I've been so obssessed with it!!! <3
I've always wanted to cosplay as Miku Cantarella version eversince.
So today I went surfing around taobao net to find the dress.
At first, it seemed pretty hard, until I ACTUALLY found it!!!!!!!!!

This is the link to the first one that I found:

and this is the link to the second one that I found, which link is given to me by Xiaoqi:

Since I'm quite lazy to find others one and this two is apparently the nicest ones I've seen so far, so I'm tied between choosing from these two.
Right now, for almost 5 hours, I've been doing some considerations & comparisons between these two to see which one is more better for me to buy.

The things that are in consideration are....
> price
> quality
> details of the dress

click on the links to check out the picture and the full details of both dress.

So, let me summarize on what I have considered in each field.

First, the price.
Okay, as you have seen, the price of the first dress is 450.00RMB, while the second dress is 395RMB. Converted to RM, they are approximately RM360 & RM300+ respectively.
So, of course you'd all say:" WTF is she thinking?? Since she has limited expenses, why not just get the second dress??? Damn, she's stupid!!"
But, wait~~~
Think about it.

Coz this brings us to our next topic.
If you observe carefully, the quality of the first dress is better than the second one, because the details on the first dress is much much more detailed, while the second dress is much simpler and is somewhat the default for each Miku Cantarella cosplayers. So far, I've somehow never seen any Miku Cantarella cosplayers who used the first dress as their dress. It's not that I want to have the first dress as my dress to show up or anything (never had that intention, puh-leeze~~ >.>|||), but....the details of the first dress is soooo damn nice and I want it for keepsake and....love it~~
so, based on how awesomely detailed is the details and embroideries on the first dress, it's no wonder the price of the dress is sky high. It's really worth it, you know.

But, back to the money/price topic again.
I seriously want to get my hands on the first dress, but...my financial limitations avoid me from doing so~~
if i really want to get the first dress, then i have to work for....god knows  how long and get that dress without my parents' concerning too much about how I'm spending the money that I earn.

For now, I'm still keeping my eyes on the first dress. If something goes wrong, I shall get the second one.

But, for you guys, which one do you think I should buy? :3

Next dress that I have also been aiming to get is this dress:

Yup, this is the dress of Miku's Madness of Duke Venomania version. So far, I've seen someone who cosplayed as Gumi Madness of Duke Venomania version in CF2010 and no Miku yet. So, I'm aiming to be  the first ever Malaysian cosplayer to debut as this version of Miku next year. To do so, this will come first before I do Miku Cantarella, because this dress is cheaper and easier to get first. I'll extend my Miku Cantarella plan to after my NS, so that when the time comes, I'll have enough money to buy HOPEFULLY the more detailed Cantarella dress. But for now, my money goes to buying a platform boots and of course, this Miku Madness of Duke Venomania dress. <3


Ohp, gotta sleep now~
mum says maybe we'll be going out to Pavillion tomorrow~ >w<
excited and looking forward to it!!! XD

Btw, it's already 25 December.
So, here I am to wish all of you~~


This is your cosplay/yaoi/KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...


SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I'm still so damn sick! argh~~ I'm sick for christmas~~ ;^;)

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