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Thursday, December 16, 2010

17 Dec 2010~: Less than 24 hours to go before CF2010!!!!

||Mood||: PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!!!

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As the title says....


Don't mind me, but I want to panic now, coz there's still so many things that are not settled yet!!!!
(Cries a river)

List of things to prepare for CF2010:
-Money: well, I'm dead broke, that's for sure. I don't have enough money to buy anything from there OTL. I only have enough money to pay for my entry ticket (RM 15 per day, btw) and to pay for Rina Chan's cosplay prints (RM 12, RM 3 per print for 5R size~) IF ONLY my dad is nice enough to give me some money tonight for tomorrow. I need to eat too, I'm human~ ;A; and maybe buy some merchandises there? :3 (like my dad would actually let me do that~~)

-Who's coming along with me: So much for making a final decision more than three weeks ago and agreeing on going with me for both days, now all three of them are ditching me....(well, not really...first person is not sure if she's coming or not~ second person is coming for day 2 only, and third person is not going at all~~) it sucks, y'know~~ luckily I still have some nice friends (papa Celestia~~ :3 <3 and others, of course~ ^^) who are nice enough to agree to accompany me for the two days to come~ :3 I love you guys~ XD

-Things to bring, props, costume, etc.: Dammit!!! It's less than 24 hours to go before CF2010 and yet, my stuffs aren't packed yet!!! I was supposed to pack them like, yesterday!! Or earlier!! And up until now, they're still lying around everywhere in my room!!!!! Damn damn damn~~ I have to do it tonight, or else, I'll definitely miss out something...and screw up my cosplay....OTL orz......

-How to get there: Not just how to get to Berjaya Hotel (that part, of course I know, dammit, who doesn't?? >:| ) but how to get all the way to the Manhattan Ballroom which is on the 14th floor of the hotel? What if I get lost? Nightmare....nightmare.....


By the way, if you are new to attending Comic Fiesta (like me), you are confirmed to attend it but you have no idea what are the details of it, here's some details of it:

Time: should be starting about 10am.
Date: 18 & 19 December 2010
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, 14th Floor of Berjaya Times Square Hotel
Entry ticket fee: RM 15 per day


Well, those are just some of the major things that I'm worrying about now. Others are just minor problems.
But up until now, the main problem is still my financial crisis.
As you read, that is just how much money I still have left in my pocket.
So, if you don't mind, maybe you can donate to me some money?
OTL, I know, it's impossible and illegal. But I seriously need them.
Unless my dad has already banked in the RM600 that he has been saving up for me.
He promised me that he's gonna let me use the money after SPM, so if he's already banked in the money, then I should have nothing to worry about.
So, let's all hope that it really happened, yea? ^w^

Anyhows, I'll have to stay positive and think about the silver lining on the cloud. I know everything will turn out to be fine. I will have fun and that's a must for Comic Fiesta.

So, all you CF2010 goers, are you ready??????

Better be,

WE'RE GONNA ROCK COMIC FIESTA 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I'm off to do some SERIOUS discussion with everyone.
Need to RE-CONFIRM on who's following me to CF 2010 tomorrow and Sunday from here (I mean residents here from around this area~~~

This is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino...

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOXO, spot me in Comic Fiesta tomorrow and I'll
SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(P.S: I'll be cosplaying Miku Magnet with a twist of Yukino for day 1, and an original character under Tsukino's group on day 2. Btw, I'm gonna meet Hong Kong cosplay extraordinaire, Rina Chan tomorrow!! Woots!!! <3)

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