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Friday, December 10, 2010

10 Dec 2010 (2): The summary of my 3-week torture~

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Like, you'd expect it, here I am, bored again, posting the second blog post of the day~~
Watching some vids though, but I just can't focus on watching it. Doing some Comic Fiesta decisions now. About how to get there, who am I going with, how to get to the Manhattan Ballroom, what is the best route to the Manhattan Ballroom and how much I'm supposed to save up for that day.

Although I did get the green light from my parents to attend this year's Comic Fiesta, but there's just so many things to consider as well. Think of all the time I've wasted to prepare myself for CF for the sake of SPM. Right now there's only 8 more days to go. I can see that everyone's rushing to prepare themselves for CF. Ah, and when I said everyone, that includes myself too. =3=


Can't blame anything for it anyway.
(Though I blame my age for it~ XD)

Here I am ready to share with you the summary of my three-week torture.
I can't help but post it up, since I have to do something to release all the tension I faced the last three weeks.


||23 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Bahasa Melayu]

Paper 1
 Ahahahah, not that it was really hard. It was pretty okay from my point of view. I think I did pretty well for both Bahagians. Just have to see if I've impressed the paper markers~~ =w=

Paper 2
To be honest, I gotta say, the paper wasn't as hard as the usual exercises that we've done all this while. Each Bahagian was, yeah, easier. Even the Rumusan was pretty easy~ XD


||24 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: English]

Paper 1
As usual, it was so damn easy!!!!! Section A's question was to write an informal letter to our cousin telling him/her about the benefits of attending the National Service Programme. I know I did pretty well, coz the essay that I wrote was three pages long~ XD I just hope I didn't get the format wrong~~ >w<
For Section B, I chose the one-word title, "Home". One thing I like about writing an essay from a one-word title is that it is not limited to only one thing about that word. Ideas can flow like crazy as long as it is still related to the word.

Paper 2
EASY LIKE ABC. I finished the paper like, one  hour early. I know that an A for English in SPM is already in my hand. Yayyy~ XD


||25 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Sejarah]

Paper 1
I'd say it's just average. Not that hard. Not that easy either. No other comment.

Paper 2
This is the paper that shocked a lot of us. BIG TIME. It caught us offguard literally. All the topics that were being targeted to be questioned in paper 2 NEVER APPEARED. Most of the question that were stated in the paper, both the structure and essay questions, were not targeted topics. Luckily there was a few topics in the paper that I've read throughout the year, so it wasn't that bad. But I can tell you that for those who have been revising by relying on the targeted topics given by teacher, the paper is a suicidal paper.
Not meant to curse myself here, but I think I screwed up this paper. Kudos.


||29 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Mathematics]

Paper 1
Screwed some questions along the way, but majority was okay. Number of wrong questions should be a maximum of 5 questions? XD

Paper 2
At least it was WAYYYYY better than paper one. I mean, in a sense that I finished all the questions with a confidence that I know whatever I wrote in there is correct. NGAHHHH~~


||30 NOVEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Pendidikan Moral]

Closed paper
It was........average, all I can say~ yeah, that's all I can say. But I know I did screw up one of the structure and essay question. Mwahahahahhhhh~~~ so I don't know if I still can get an A in this subject. Woots~ screwing up is fun~ 8D (joking~ :P)


||01 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Additional Mathematics]

Paper 1
The night before this day, I stayed up until 2a.m doing my very best and also my last revisions for the sake of doing the best I can for today. After reviewing through everything, I can say that I answered this paper better than how I did in the trials exam. Can I hear a "yayy~"? 8D

Paper 2
To be honest, my brain had already died while I was doing this. I had to eat like, god knows how many sweets to keep myself awake. Yup, I brought sweets into the exam hall and just placed it on my table. Whenever I wanted to eat it, I just take it and ohmnomnom away. The invigilators also didn't take notice, so I just ate it anyway~ XD
But I do see a light of hope that I'll be able to score at least a B for this subject.
(God, help me~ Q3Q)


||02 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Physics]

Paper 1
I'm sooooooooooooo confident for this paper because I know I answered most of the questions correctly. Most of the questions that came out in the paper was what I read the day before and in the morning before the paper began. After revising through the whole paper, I realized that the chapter with the most questions in the paper was the Pressure chapter from form 4. Thank god I revised the WHOLE chapter the night before and on the morning of the paper. WHEEE~~~~ *w*

Paper 2
But.....right after having "fun" answering paper 1, I crashed in paper 2. Yup, it was THAT hard. That darn CRO thing which I never liked, came out in the structure part!!!!! QAQ 
It was that hard. *dies*

Paper 3
Heh, luckily they implemented a paper three in all science subjects, or I'll definitely commit suicide. This was the paper that saved my life. If it wasn't for this paper, I would've given up hope on getting an A for Physics. I. LOVE. PHYSICS. THE. MOST among the three science subjects. WOOTS~ 8D


||06 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Chemistry]

Paper 1
I.....kinda screwed this paper up. I nearly didn't had enough time to answer all the questions finish. But...of course I had enough time, eventually. (had to rush to finish, duh~ =w=)

Paper 2
HOLY CRAP!!!! THE PAPER WAS SOOOOOO MUCH EASIER THAN I THOUGHT!!!!!!!! Like, seriously!!!!! I was laughing when I was answering the questions. Mwahahahhhhh~ I know I can get good marks for this paper. I answered everything fully. There was no empty questions. Every questions were answered. COME HERE, GRADE A FOR CHEMISTRY!!!!!

Paper 3
Luckily I had read through the experiments that was asked in the paper, or else I would've came out from the exam hall screaming my heads off like a lunatic person.

And after all three papers were done, we went to Mutiara to play the arcade games. *wink*


||08 DECEMBER 2010||
[Subject of the day: Biology]

Paper 1
Screwed this paper big time. End of story.

Paper 2
At the beginning it was okay. Then it began to become harder. In the end, I gave up on all hope and just answered with whatever I can remember.

Paper 3
The easiest paper among the three, I put my life solely on this paper, wishing that I can get at least a B for this paper. But, meh~~ I'm not going to take any course regarding biology after this. So can I at least kiss this subject goodbye...? 8)

Just to sum this paper up, this was the only subject that I have never revised on the night before. Awesomeness~~~ *w*
and right after I finished the paper, we, again, went to Mutiara, to play bowling. YAYSSS~


So......yup, that's it. That's my comment on my three-week torture. Whadaya think?
For those who haven't taken their SPM yet, don't think it's that easy. But don't think it's that hard either. Just assume that it's just your normal exam and everything will be fine. Of course. you still have to do revision. There's no excuse to it.

Oh, remember my previous post on 08 Dec? The part where I said that on Thursday I will be out in Times Square for an After SPM Celebration Day Out?
Oh, it was a really fun day.
But, right now I gotta stop. Tell you tomorrow, kayz?

Til then, this is your cosplay/KHR/Fairy Tail/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino....


SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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