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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22 Dec 2010: Report on Comic Fiesta 2010 day 1 & day 2

||Mood||: tired.....=A=|||....but....SO DAMN HAPPY!!!!!!! <3

||Currently listening to||:
> Today Was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift (damn, you're right, CF10 was a fairytale dream come true~ <3)
> Take it Off - Ke$ha
> Waiting For The End - Linkin Park
> Double Lariat - Megurine Luka
> Innocent - Taylor Swift (currently pissed at someone now, but what to do? that person is still an innocent~)


Do you believe in fairytales that you think won't come true?
Because if you don't...

I DO............


Every joints in my body hurts.
My legs are swelling from walking around in heels for the whole day in day 1 and half a day in day 2.
My eyes feel like sleeping the whole day. Or maybe the whole week.
My brain can't do multi-tasking like they used to.
My hands can't type any faster like they used to. (not sure, but I think it seems like it~ /o/)

That is definitely what you will get after attending both days of Comic Fiesta 2010.

But, who cares about all the pain?



In this post, I shall present to you the report of the both days of Comic Fiesta 2010 from my point of view.
From the second I reach there until I leave.
Are you ready?
You should, because it's gonna be pretty long~~ :3

Woke up half an hour before my alarm clock rang~ (must've been the over-excitedness~ 8D), brought my dog out, got ready for the day, and recieved the news that my Miku wig could not be brought in for the day.

Ya, I know, sucky.

What to do, can't blame people for being irresponsible. They are who they are, all I could do is just find the silver lining on the cloud.

Well, it's no difference than just attending another normal ACG event, until I began to meet all of Malaysia's best cosplayers!!!!
Slowly, second by second, I began taking pictures together with all the cosplayers and also met up with all my friends that I promised to meet. Although I didn't get to see some of them, but I met most of them anyways~ |D

I watched half of the group competition too.
Haha, I don't know which was the best. I think all of them were pretty good!! XD
I particularly liked the "Resident Evil" & "Final Fantasy" one coz they were hillarious and awesome at the same time!!! (froggie, croak croak~~ XD)

What else, hmmm...

OH YA!!!

I got to watch Shiomaru's performance LIVE!!!!
She was awesome, as always!!! (as if she was never awesome lolololll~~)
She sang her all time famous "Come to Me", the song she wrote for a tribute to Kuroshitsuji, and "Golden Wish", a song she wrote for a tribute to Inuyasha. I was singing along when she was singing "Come to Me", and some people saw me singing along to the song and wondering, "Wow, how does she know the lyrics to the song??" dammit, for someone who knows Shio, of course I'd know her songs too, dammit~ =3=

Finally, I got to meet my papa Celestia and cousin Hapi while they were doing their Sandplay of Dragon group outside the ballroom, with Celestia doing Gumi & Hapi doing Len. Got to take a picture with the both of them, so it's like taking a family picture, coz you know, Celestia & Hapi are a couple, Celestia is my papa and Hapi is my cousin~ |D (forgive my stupidness, btw~~)

I was lurking around the whole venue searching for Tsukino from 12pm to 4.30pm to claim my Rina Chan's cosplay prints, just to find that she was only nearby the place where I started searching for her during the last round I made. After claiming from her (and sadly giving her RM12~~ ;3;), I headed straight home.

That night, my whole body hurts, coz I was wearing my wedges the WHOLE FRIGGIN DAY~~~
packed my bag for the next day, and floated into lala land~ =w=


Woke up at the same time as the day before and arrived at the school bus stop at the same time as the day before. Today we got to arrive at the venue roughly 10 minutes earlier as my dad had sent me to the monorail station. We saved some time to enter the hall coz we bought the day two tickets along with the day one tickets. We waited for our wigs for approx 30 minutes before we could do final preparation.

Then, for the 1st half of the day, we were lurking around the place, photographed by a lot of people.
My supposed-to-be partner, Nixon, cosplayed as Kaito Cantarella version for day 2. I couldn't join him as Miku Magnet on day one coz, well, you know....my wig wasn't...there....Q_Q

I couldn't really remember what happened for the 1st half of the day except just....lurking around the place, posing for people, sitting at a corner with Hanatsu, Nixon & Jon like we are beggars (more like begging people to take our photos~~) nah, just kidding. We were already worn out by 1pm, walking around like a headless chicken trying to find something useful for us to do, but in the end,  we just...well, sat there in one corner. We went down for lunch not long after. Yeah, we went down to the shopping complex area with our costumes and wigs~~ we went to eat at Marrybrown, so if you happen to have spotted a group of Vocaloids in Victorian-era kind of clothes around 1.45pm or so, yeap, that was us.

We went back up right after eating. (honestly, i didn't had any appetite to eat...dunno why~~ Q_Q) then had to fork out RM30 to pay for my Magnet top hat (MY MONEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then rushed to prepare for the debut of Fujoshi High School.

What is Fujoshi High School, you may ask?

Well, it's the most anticipated group of the year that everyone has been dying to see its debut, a line of 22 girl cosplayers crossplaying as some of the hottest guys you ever did see.
Ah, wait, not just any girl cosplayers, but some of Malaysia's best girl cosplayers!!!!!!!
And I'm not talking about just any best cosplayers.
If you happened to have stumbled across the group of people near the entrance to Manhattan Ballroom 1 wearing black-gold coats, yup, you should've seen who are the people in the group.

Next up, after our..."public appearance", we went off to a secret location (which we thought was really secret until we found out that there were a bunch of other unrelated photographers trailing us~~)
we changed the photoshoot location twice, and the whole photoshoot session took us about....2 hours 40 minutes for me. As for the rest of the group, I'm not sure how long the shoot lasted for them, but yeah, 2hr40min is more than enough for me.

Headed home by....7.00pm (latest in my record) and died on my bed. Literally.



I read some of other people's comments on this year's CF, saying that it was too packed, the venue was too small, it wasn't so fun at all, blahblahblah and so on.

The main one was the venue problem, so far I read.

But the truth is, I had a lot of fun despite having to cramp around with 11000 people (according to reliable sources) for both days.

To me (personally), the venue, the WHOLE ballroom PLUS the outside area where most cosplayers linger around to have their pictures taken, is already pretty big. If you were one of those who complained about the extremely packed condition in both days, then consider how big the space actually is if you removed everyone and everything. You'll have a space big enough to load at least on Boeing 737. Trust me, I estimated it and it actually is true.

And, it's not appropriate to complain about the CF committee's lack of finance that lead them to choose this venue to hold Malaysia's biggest ACG event. It is good enough for them already to actually GET a place to hold CF2010 rather than cancelling it, so appreciate their hardwork. It's not easy to look around for venues considering their budget and capacity. For those who complained on this point, please do the venue searching on behalf the CF committee and also pay the renting fee for them , thank you very much.

Last but not least....Comic Fiesta from my point of view.

Lots of people.

Lots of cosplayers.

Lots of new characters cosplayed.

Lots of old friends met.

Lots of new friends made.

Lots of memories created.

Lots of awesomeness around.

Lots of joy experienced.

I'd like to congratulate the committee's of Comic Fiesta for making CF2010 once again, the biggest and most awesome ACG event of the year in Malaysia.

Looking forward for more awesomeness next year!!!
And see you again next year, Comic Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!


Usually, I'll post up pictorial report along with the report, but no can do for this time~ >.<
I'll do it soon when I really have the time because I'm still waiting and collecting all the photos from other people and our Fujoshi HS photoshoot photos from Jeremy and a couple more photographers.
and plus, i have lots of house chores ordered by my mom to do~ =3=

DAMN!! SO LATE ADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really have to go to sleep now.

til then, this is your cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino....

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I'm sick....flu~~ *hachoo!!*)

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