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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15 Dec 2010: Wig testing~ (for Fujoshi High School~ :3)

||Mood||: Sleepy~~ =w=

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> From Y to Y - Hatsune Miku
> Double Lariat - Megurine Luka
> Magnet - Hatsune Miku ft. Megurine Luka
> Ai Kotoba - Hatsune Miku
> Lucifer - SHINee


The  other day it was Magnet headphone testing~
now it's time for the testing of my new wig!!!!!!

Though I think I look odd in the wig~ =w=

By the way. the wig is for my original character for the long-awaited Fujoshi High School group, created by Akihiko @ Tsukino and Molly~
we will be debuting this extremely special group in Comic Fiesta 2010 day 2~
be there to witness the debut of this wonderfully awesome group!! <3


My wig is bought from Fantasy Sheep via taobao.net. It's RM74, btw~ XD

Okay, apparently this is the only picture that blogger allows me to upload.
(WTF is wrong with my server??????)

Okay, so this is how I look like.
Hahah, I know~
I look FARNEHHH~~~~
I don't think the structure of my face goes well with the wig~
or is it because I haven't really style my wig properly yet OTL''

But yeah, this is how my wig will look like!! XD
(somehow~~ =w=)
by the way, this isn't my full look yet~
it is just PART of my look (well....my wig only, that is~~)
you'll apparently, only will be seeing my full look on that day.
Yeah, with all the make up and contact lenses and stuff~~

Any suggestions on how to style my wig to a better condition? 8)
Coz personally, I think I look so shota-ish with this wig~ ;w;
and heck no, my character is not a shota-ish kinda character!!!
(though my character is...kinda....uke-ish~~ =w=)

So, yeah~ hold on to that day and you'll see how my full look will turn out to be, kayz?
And witness all the other MUCH MUCH more awesome people that are part of this awesome and amazing group too~
(P.S: seriously, this group is made up of many amazingly amazing and AWESOMELY AWESOME Malaysian cosplayers!!! WHEEE~~~)


hahah, so there you go, yet another of my sucky cosplay skills~ TTwTT
hopefully, though now it looks, well...sucky, it will turn out well on CF that day~
wish the best for me...? <:3

Okayz~ gotta go do something else now~ XD

This is your cosplay/yaoi/Kuroshitsuji/Vocaloid/KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: call me stupid, but I think I'm hooked with SHINee!!!!! <3)

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