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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15 Dec 2010 (2): CF2010 is only 3 days away!!!

||Mood||: No idea...O.O happy, excited for CF2010, but at the same time I'm feeling kinda stressed out, coz I'm short of money to pay for Rina Chan's cosplay prints and my Magnet Miku top hat~ Q3Q

||Currently listening to||:
> Still An Innocent - Taylor Swift
> 1/6 - Hatsune Miku
> Lucifer - SHINee
> Tell Me Goodbye - Big Bang
> Gee (japanese version) - Girls' Generation
> Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
> If I Had You - Adam Lambert


SECOND POST OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(That's because I'm...too bored and I don't have any ideas for my KHR fanfiction....TT^TT)


Okay, so based on the title of my blog post, you should know what I wanna say now.


Comic Fiesta 2010 is, well, THREE MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!
All you CF goers, are you pumped up??
All you cosplayers for CF2010, are you all ready??
(if it's for me, well......I'm pretty ready, but not in terms of financial~~ TTATT)

Looks like it's going to be a pretty big event this year~
considering that there WILL be a lot of people that I will be meeting this year.
and also the number of people from my school that will be attending CF this year.
not just as attendees, but also as cosplayers.
yup, the number of cosplayers from my school have increased.
and odd to know that one of them is the daughter of my school's counselling teacher.

Haha, believe it or not, my couselling teacher, Pn Yeong, asked me one day whether or not I love cosplay.
When she asked me, I was like, O.O|||.
but then later I opened up to her on my love for cosplay.
then she also told me about her daughter and that she will also be cosplaying this year in Comic Fiesta.
I stayed silent for a moment....
coz I was thinking....if it was only her, then it's okay.
But if my teacher comes along....? O.O
Ahh, I knowwwww, there's nothing to be feeling awkward about anyway. I'm pretty close to Pn Yeong, btw~ (although she always mistakes my name for Josephine...all the time~~ =3=)

Next issue, about ALLLLLL the people that I'm gonna meet on both days!! <3
besides meeting up with my friends from school, I'll also meet up with my old cosplay buddies (like Airi~ XD) and new people and cosplayers~ (like....Akihiko...and RINA CHAN!!! <3)

Yup, as mentioned above, the all-time famous Hong Kong cosplayer Rinabyakuran (her deviantart account name) is COMING TO COMIC FIESTA!!!! <3
I'm not really sure why she wanna come, but who cares!!! As long as she's coming!!! <3
One of the reasons, I think, is to COD her cosplay prints ordered by some of us CF goers.
I asked Akihiko one very...kinda stupid question. Being Rina's big fan all this while, I asked her whether or not I can take pictures with Rina on CF. The answer was an obvious yes, duh~ XD
(now I feel dumb OTL")

Next issue, these are my cosplay plans:
> Day one_Miku Magnet with a twist of Yukino
(why call it a twist of Yukino? that's because instead of wearing the default black dress, I'll be wearing a white with navy blue small polka dot dress, so that people will be easier to spot me on that day~ :3)

> Day two_Hiroyuki Sayuta (Fujoshi High School)
(as mentioned in my previous post~ *winks*)

Well, right now, the other BIG BIG BIG issue that I'm facing is...financial stuff.
I'm facing really serious financial problem~ TTATT
I have to pay for my Magnet Miku tophat, which costs RM30, and also Rina's cosplay prints, which costs RM 12 altogether (I ordered 4 5R-sized prints~ mwahahahhhh~)
and....and...pay the entry ticket!!!!!

or, if you are nice enough, you can donate money to me~ <:3

Either way now, the problems, I think I'll just extort money from...anyone~ XD

The most important thing now is to think about THE FUN that's bound to come this Saturday and Sunday.

So, are you all ready????

Brace yourselves for the biggest ACG event in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I finally have the heart to continue to write my KHR fanfic and somehow solve my financial crisis for the sake of Comic Fiesta.

So, this is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino..

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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