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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

24 June 2014: AniManGaki Idol 2014 audition

Current mood: Feeling a bit tired, but thinking back about this achievement is making me hyped!! :)

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 It's been a while, hasn't it? :) 
and it seems to me that I only update my blog whenever there's an event, but really...other than giving a report (or more like, opinion) on events that I've attended...I barely have anything to update on ;w; (because it's lame to just read about my everyday life orz I knowww)

This post is going to be partially event-related and also an achievement I've made over the previous weekend!
(I am a delusional person. Forgive me ;w;)

So, last Saturday (21 June), the committee of AniManGaki held the auditions of the annual AniManGaki Idol at their campus. AniManGaki Idol is one of the biggest platform for singing enthusiasts in the ACG community, and most of the winners of this competition become invited performers for events *w* my friend, Leena, who is the leader of the well-known Harmonia ACG, was a former winner of the competition as well (and it was also how Harmonia ACG started~ XD)

I joined the audition for last year's competition, but due to my nervousness and lack of stage presence and confidence, I was placed in the waiting list by the judges, and eventually eliminated. Of course I was sad and all, but I decided to join again this year for the heck of it to test my luck. 

The announcement for the audition came up about two weeks ago, if I'm not mistaken? And the moment I saw the announcement, I was like "HELL YEA TIME TO DO THIS". BUT as the date for the audition drew closer, I started to panic and chicken out ;w;

I chose the song "Ambiguous" by GARNiDELiA because I wanted to challenge myself with the vocal range in the song. I was a bit worried before the audition date because I realized that I couldn't hit the high notes when I was practicing, so I decided that "JUST YOLO WITH IT".

The audition was scheduled to start at 10.30a.m on that day, so I rushed like hell to the venue (Sunway University) by public transport. I live at the other end of the LRT line, so I really had to rush like there's no tomorrow @@ luckily I managed to arrive in time before the audition begin and I was able to watch the other auditionees before me perform. 

To be quite honest, a lot of the participants were really good this year! The competition was tough and I started to panic when I get to see so many other better singers than myself ;w;

My turn came at about...four hours later? (First come first serve basis lol) and I just went up the stage and YOLO.

Although I'll have to say my YOLO session was very much worth it, because...


Being all nervous and paranoid kinda paid off because it forced me to practice and give me confidence to perform the song with all my might. I love my paranoid side sometimes. Working under pressure makes me really productive (DOES NOT RELATE)

And here I present to you the video of my performance :)

The judges, Bin Yun and Leena, gave me really positive feedback on my performance! They said that I had really good stage presence and crowd interaction. I also had better control of my vocals compared to last year and I also had more confidence. The only thing I needed to do to amp up my performance was to add subtle nuances as I sing to make it sound substance-ful instead of just trying to reach the note for the sake of reaching it.

I was really happy when they gave me the green light to advance to the top 12! But that means I will be going against a number of much more experienced singers, all the senpais who are far better than I am ;w; 
Regardless, I shall do my best!!

The top 12 preliminaries will be held on the first day of AniManGaki 2014, which is on the 09 August 2014 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. Not sure about the time yet, but when you hear people singing on stage...then yea, that's when the competition starts xD
I still haven't decided on which song I should choose for the preliminaries and for the finals IF I get through. I'm also partially nervous about the line up of the judges. I can only imagine myself freaking out if the judges are international judges. I'll cry on stage if it is. ;w;

I hope you guys enjoyed the performance video, and if you are heading for AniManGaki 2014 this coming August, I'll catch you guys there, hopefully! I won't be cosplaying this time around due to restriction in terms of time and freedom to roam around, so I'll let you guys know about my attire for both days so that you can try to spot me :)

Thank you guys so much, and I'll catch up with you guys soon!!