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Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's been a two-week long exam and it's finally the time for me to relax...

So long since i updated my blog, eh? Hehe....

Tonigaku~ Lots of things happened since i left my blog alone for several weeks untouched...

Dunno where to start, so i dunno how to end it....

KHR?? Hmm....updated till epsiode 145 so far....not bad~ XD

Started watching it since Nov last year, so getting to chase this much episodes in three months is considered okay....eh? XD

Made lots of new frens via Facebook and CF forum as well...speaking of CF....I MISSED CF AGAIN LAST YEAR!!!!! GYAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So darn disappointed....but what to do....replying "no" to my mom's orders is considered ILLEGAL in my family~ LOLXZ!!! I know, but that's the total truth....>w<

Found myself some new characters to cosplay for this year, whee~~
>Miku Hatsune, magnet version (VOCALOID2)
>Kyoko Sasagawa, "Funny Sunny Day" [OP 7] version (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
>Ciel Phantomhive, pink dress @ episode 2 version (Kuroshitsuji) -currently in the process of finding myself a Sebastian....-

Maa, i know it's gonna take a lot of cash to get it done, but i hope it'll all work out!!!!

one more thing.....

Hopefully i can make it to collect enough money just in time for her concert....I love her sooo much!!! She's my ultimate favourite in terms of anime theme song artists....hope i can get to sing with her on stage on day, which i think is impossible...XDD

well, i'm going to sleep now....tomorrow gotta wake up early to prepare to go make a passport....coz my family and i are going to the Philipphines for CNY'10~ so excited!!!!

Oyasumi, minna~ *yawns*