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Sunday, January 5, 2014

05 Jan 2014: Updated my blog's music playlist!

Current mood: Not so good coz I will be facing something really stressful tomorrow...shall try to cheer up nevertheless~ ;w;

Music playlist:
|| Make One's Way - CARAMEROUGE ft. aquascape
|| Eternal Night - CARAMEROUGE


So, just a quick update, guys!! :3

I've updated the music playlist of my blog as recently I've discovered this one Youtube Japanese music artist, CARAMEROUGE through one of VenusAngelic's tutorial video. After listening to her other songs, I fell in love with them immediately. :D

Techno songs aren't usually my fave kind of genre (in a way, sort of...I don't really like those heavy techno kind of songs), but since her songs kinda reminds me of Vocaloid songs, I can't help but to keep listening to her songs. :D

Her songs are more of the...uhh...soft kind of techno? (not so sure about techno songs terms, so...I'll just use words that I know which I think pretty much explains the way I think of her songs...if you do understand about how I'm trying to describe her songs 8D;;;) 
Not very heavy kind (sort of) which was why I love her songs. :3

I do recommend you to check her out if you are a fan of Vocaloid songs because her songs are somewhere along those lines. It's very pleasing to listen to, actually!! XD

In my blog's playlist, I've included three of her songs that I got most addicted to:
(in order of the playlist)
1. Make One's Way (ft. aquascape)
2. Q ; A
3. Eternal Night

You can check out more of her songs on her Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CARAMEROUGE/videos
And you can follow her on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/caramerouge

Just thought I'd share about her songs since sharing is caring~ 8D;; *slapped*

Her songs are kinda suitable for those looking for songs that can be used for their videos (what I'm thinking of are videos like tutorials or cosplay event features~ :D)

Back to stuff about my life, there isn't much update yet as it is only the...5th day of the year? 8D I've been working for most of the time so far though :3

Anyway, I shall update about other stuff when I get the chance, alright?

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

01 Jan 2014: Happy New Year 2014!!!!

Current mood: It's actually already 3am here in Malaysia as I'm typing this out, but mehhh YOLOOOO

Song playlist:
|| Jiyuu no Tsubasa (Piano version) by Animenz and TehIshter
|| Timber - Pitbull ft. Kesha
|| The Reluctant Heroes (piano version) by Animenz
|| Venus - SHINHWA
|| This Love - SHINHWA

|| Ringa Linga - Taeyang


Happy New Year, guys!!! :3

To be quite honest, 2013 had been full of ups and downs, left and rights all over the place. It is pretty much obvious if you are a follower on my Twitter and Facebook. Towards the end of the year, I didn't update my Twitter much, but yea, most of my stuff are on Facebook. I rarely update my blog too unless it's for event coverage and all .w.

But really, my 2013 was probably one of the most messed up one. Before 2013, my life was already chaotic and then 2013 came along. Heck, it was nothing like I've ever seen. XD
So many problems here and there, issues popping up all over the place, shits happened. God, for sure I was about to give up at one point but I managed to keep myself in check. My depression problem got worse somewhere in the middle of the year this year, but thanks to a few friends, I managed to get back on track. Had suicide thoughts before but thank God I didn't do it. ;w;

The first half of the year for me was rather...depressing. I think I've ranted enough on Facebook and Twitter for you guys to know. Second half of the year was no different too.

But what made my year special were the rewards that I've received after all the sacrifices and pain that I had to go through. :)

Being able to meet new friends as well as meet the people that I admire and look up to a lot meant so much to me in the whole of 2013, and those rewards I've received was what kept me going and helped me to last until 2013 was over. :)

I felt truly blessed to be able to FINALLY meet one of my idol, May'n, who appeared as the special guest for Animax Carnival 2013. I've missed the one chance to meet her in 2010, and to be able to meet her up close and shake hands with her was like a total dream come true!! TwT (wanted to hug her but I was too excited and nervous at the same time that I couldn't really think right OTL)

I was also able to meet Reika, one the cosplayers that I admire a lot who had inspired me in so many ways, as a cosplayer and as a person. She was a truly unique individual who had taught me a lot just by spending a couple of days with her. She was a kind and understanding individual, and although we have a pretty bad language barrier, but we still managed to understand each other~ TwT)/

Towards the end of the year, I was able to meet and guide around another one more cosplayer whom I admire a lot as well, Zeasonal from Thailand. She was another one cosplayer who inspired me a lot as a cosplayer and as a person as well. Spending one week with her, although it started out as awkward, the both of us tried our best to break that awkwardness and in the end, it feels as if she is my own elder sister. XD
(I know I've promised to write a post about her time here in Malaysia, but I'm caught up with work at the moment, so...maybe a little later? ;w; hopefully latest by next week orz)

Thoughout this whole year, I've met and became friends with so many awesome people. New friends and long-time friends, all awesome alike. XD
The fun times I've spent with all of you made my year special for me. :)
Regardless of whether we've met during events or just normal outing, we've definitely had tons of fun with each other's company. :D

For this new year, I wish for nothing more but for my life to be better. I've done way too many mistakes in the past year. 

I know, it's normal for humans to make mistakes. That's what makes us humans. But not when too many mistakes are made. Sure, I've learnt from them. But, if possible, I do not want to repeat the many same mistakes that I did last year. ;_;

I also wish for the health and prosperity of my family and friends. I wish to be able to spend more quality time with all of them and bond with them even more. 

I want to get rid of all the bad habits that I have (which includes sleeping late, but...I kinda have insomnia problems, so I need to get that one checked just to be sure TwT) and start anew with new goals to achieve this year. 

Above all, I look forward to another chaotic but fun-filled year!

Thanks to all of you for making my 2013 a special one.

May we all prosper in 2014 and may the new year be in our favour.


God bless,