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Sunday, January 5, 2014

05 Jan 2014: Updated my blog's music playlist!

Current mood: Not so good coz I will be facing something really stressful tomorrow...shall try to cheer up nevertheless~ ;w;

Music playlist:
|| Make One's Way - CARAMEROUGE ft. aquascape
|| Eternal Night - CARAMEROUGE


So, just a quick update, guys!! :3

I've updated the music playlist of my blog as recently I've discovered this one Youtube Japanese music artist, CARAMEROUGE through one of VenusAngelic's tutorial video. After listening to her other songs, I fell in love with them immediately. :D

Techno songs aren't usually my fave kind of genre (in a way, sort of...I don't really like those heavy techno kind of songs), but since her songs kinda reminds me of Vocaloid songs, I can't help but to keep listening to her songs. :D

Her songs are more of the...uhh...soft kind of techno? (not so sure about techno songs terms, so...I'll just use words that I know which I think pretty much explains the way I think of her songs...if you do understand about how I'm trying to describe her songs 8D;;;) 
Not very heavy kind (sort of) which was why I love her songs. :3

I do recommend you to check her out if you are a fan of Vocaloid songs because her songs are somewhere along those lines. It's very pleasing to listen to, actually!! XD

In my blog's playlist, I've included three of her songs that I got most addicted to:
(in order of the playlist)
1. Make One's Way (ft. aquascape)
2. Q ; A
3. Eternal Night

You can check out more of her songs on her Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CARAMEROUGE/videos
And you can follow her on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/caramerouge

Just thought I'd share about her songs since sharing is caring~ 8D;; *slapped*

Her songs are kinda suitable for those looking for songs that can be used for their videos (what I'm thinking of are videos like tutorials or cosplay event features~ :D)

Back to stuff about my life, there isn't much update yet as it is only the...5th day of the year? 8D I've been working for most of the time so far though :3

Anyway, I shall update about other stuff when I get the chance, alright?

Love ya lots,


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