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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Aug 2011: Remember the Urge~ ♪♫

Mood: Kinda bored, but I'm feeling really excited after watching their new PV!!! 8D <3

Currently listening to:
> Remember the Urge - the GazettE (looping mode: ON)


Hey guys!! :D

So, I find myself being immersed into the world of the GazettE fandom lately - always keeping up with the latest news from them, always waiting for their latest songs to be released, go "KYAAA!!"-ing with their latest PVs and all - though I know that I'm still not qualified enough to be a true fan of them since I do not know them enough like the other true fans do~ ;w; *ish disappointed with myself to the max orzzz*

But anyways, it's not wrong for me to love them and their songs, right?
Coz for me, they're awesome~ :)

and I bet if you're a true GazettE fan, then you should know about their latest PV release, "Remember the Urge".

And here's the PV that I've been "KYAAA!!!"-ing over for the past few hours. XD


and in case if there's something wrong with the PV vid and you can't view it anymore (rumours going around that this vid is bound to be deleted~ ;___;) then here's the video with the lyrics to the song~ :3

Enjoy the song and video, folks!! :D
 (while I continue to go all fangirling over this song~ :3)

If there's any problem with the vid, I'll upload a new and official-that-won't-be-deleted-one as soon as I find it, yea? :D

Til then,

\m/ (_ _)\m/

Monday, August 29, 2011

29 Aug 2011: I'm back online, people ~ :D

Mood: excited~ :D

Currently listening to:
> Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
> Rolling In The Deep - Adele
> Tear Us Apart - Nadhira ft. Ron E Jones
> Takeover - Mizz Nina ft. Flo-Rida
> Freely Tomorrow - Miku Hatsune


Hey y'all peeps~ :D

sorry for not updating for the past two weeks, broadband was down~ :/
but here I am again~ :)

loads of awesome things happened in the two weeks time, and loads of un-awesome ones as well. But all experiences in life that I've been through helps me grow up mentally, and sometimes physically as well. ^^

My sayang and I have been okay all this while~ :D
And we're just getting even more closer by the day~ sometimes, though some people talk about us, saying that the differences between us will not make us last, but I know it's not gonna be that way.
We understand each other, and we're still trying to understand each other deeper. So no one can tell us not to be together 'coz they don't understand us deep enough~ ;)
thanx to all who supports though, you guys are the best~ <3 *hugs and kisses*

Oh yeah, speaking of which, some of you might've known that I've postponed my enrollment into college to next year~ this is due to some financial and personal problems, so I've decided to go take up a full-time job to earn some money to help ease the financial burden~ >w<
I will be working as a waitress in a fairly newly-opened restaurant in Jusco Kepong called Bar.B.Q Plaza.
I'll be starting my work there this Thursday (1 September) so if any of you folks are around that place, feel free to drop by and say hi to me~ :) (and of course eat there~ XD)
Realized that after I start work and since I'll be working full time, I'll be working 6 days a week, so I'll only be able to update my blog like....maybe once...or twice a week~ ;w;

sad life is sad.


Oh yea, one more thing.
Sunway University's annual cosplay event, AniManGaki will be held on 10-11 September 2011 in the same venue of course (Sunway University Multipurpose Hall...or something~). And for this year, I'll be going coz I'll be accompanying Hanatsu to go COD her Sakura wig~ XD
so to whomever is going to attend AniManGaki , keep an eye out for me~ :D Still not sure yet which day I'll be attending since I haven't started working and I haven't got my working schedule and all, so once I get it I'll inform you guys.
I will DEFINITELY be cosplaying, but as for what character I will be cosplaying, I won't be telling ya, so you'll have to find me til you get me, NO EXCUSES~ XDD

And also,

to all my Muslim friends and all Malaysians...




Gonna celebrate these two special occasions on the same day, which is on the 31 Aug in my sayang's house during his Raya open house~ :3

wait, I forgot something... 

As for birthdays...

Celebrating her birthday on the same day as Malaysia's Independence Day, it's my favourite Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune!!!!! <3<3

Happy birthday, Miku!! :D
my celebration for her birthday will be at night~ ;3

More updates from me soon in the next two days~

See ya!!! ^O^/

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 Aug 2011 (4): If I Die Young....

Mood: Rather neutral...I guess...?
Currently listening to:
> If I Die Young - The Band Perry
> Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri


If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song...


A beautiful song that has been playing repetitively on Hitz.fm lately and has gotten stuck in my head as well.
Yea...somehow the song's got something related to me in a way~ :)
dedicating this song to everyone, especially those who are most important in my life.
a little message to all my loved ones...in case something DOES happen to me...

Enjoy the song, people. :)

16 Aug 2011 (3): It's Vampy!!! ♥

Mood: rather tired...sleepy... .w.

Currently listening to:
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine
> Melt - Miku Hatsune


Hey folks!!!! :D
Just a quick post for this third one of the day~ (omg, I don't have a life, do I? QwQ)

Here's a video that I stumbled upon, a video by MYXTV who did an interview with one of my favourite cosplayer, Linda Le or better known as Vampy. :D
been following her works for quite some time now, and she's a really nice person (got to chat with her on twitter some time back!! and she's real nice~ ;w; <3 love her LOTS)
she's also my cosplay inspiration aside Saya. Although Vampy's more to the daring and sexy kind of characters, but her view and love towards cosplay is what motivates me in my cosplay. :D

I know some of you might've known her for a period of time longer than me~ but if you don't, and you are a big fan of cosplay, then I suggest you check up on her coz she's just so AWESOME!!! <3

so here it is, folks, the video of Linda Le @ Vampy.


(and yes, how I wish I could talk to her face to face like that~ ;w; and dayummm, she's just so HOT!!! <3)

16 Aug 2011 (2): A (not so) happy 18th birthday to me~ ♥

Mood: neutral~ :D

Currently listening to:
> On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine



I just celebrated my 18th birthday on the 14th Aug 2011 (Sunday). :)
Though it is my 18th birthday and I should be happy that I've finally reached the legal age (MORE YAOI!!! 8D *smacked*) but I wasn't so happy with my date of birth because...well...for the chinese, you should know why... .___.
14th August falls on the 15th day of the 7th month in the chinese lunar calendar, which is the day (according to the chinese folk legend...I guess...) that the Gate of Hell closes and all the hungry ghosts go back to the underworld.
Unlucky day for me, eh? .__.



But, anyhows, I got to have a whole afternoon of sleep (hurhurrrr, I ish a sleepy person on Sunday afternoons~ =w=+) and Japanese cuisine for dinner~ :3 (yes, I miss sushi very much~ TTwTT)

and, as usual again, pictures hold thousands of words~ ;D


started off the meal with a nice big steaming hot cup of chawan mushi~ :3 nyummmm~


a plate of potato salad as an appetizer~~ *drools* I want more of it~~ TTwTT


and for my dad and elder sis, it's green salad~ :D


main course #1 for me!!!!!
two California rolls~ :3
if you do notice, the left one's a little weird-looking...that's coz I nom-ed it half way before I remembered of wanting to take a picture of it. OTL...


and main course #2, Unadon!!!
It's basically just eel and rice~ :3 a very satisfying meal with this, since I like their grilled eel very much~ ;w; <3


this is my younger sis's main course, tonkatsu curry rice~ :D


my younger sister and I~ :D


hehe, two sisters~ :3


my elder sis and me~ :3
don't we look alike? except that my face is more chubbier~ ;3


durhurhurrrrrrr~ 8DD


the OMG face~~ |DD


Blur face much? =w=|||


Smiles all around for the day~ :D


Initially there's another three more pictures that I'm supposed to upload it here as well, but since their sizes are just too big *cries* so maybe no then~ :/

it was a rather pleasant way to end the day, coming back home with a big tummy~ :3
though couldn't properly celebrate it, but at least I know I have my family, friends and my sayang who loves me for who I am, and that's what counts most in my life~ ^^

anyways....my birthday present from my parents are still pending. I requested a turqoise-coloured headphone from them because I really want a headphone (and also, I could double use it for Miku casual cosplays as well~ *w*) and I'm already having my eyes on one of it~ 8D
all that's left to do is to wait for the money to come rolling in then the headphone's mine~ XDD

I'll definitely post up pictures of the headphone if I do get my hands on it~

but til then , see ya later!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

16 Aug 2011: A day out at Times Square~ :D

Mood: sleepy~ =__=ZzZz been a whole day trying to finish up this post, but I always end up doing other things orzzzz (this is actually a delayed post. it was intended to be posted on 15 Aug -yesterday- but had to post it up only TODAY coz while I was about to finish it up, I had to go on a temporary hiatus because someone just had to take the broadband from me~ =__= *annoyed*)

Currently listening to:
> Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
> My Moment - Rebecca Black (I don't know about you, but I find the tune really catchy~ :D and she sounds WAYYYY better in this song~ *___*)
> Butterflies - Alana Lee Hamilton (I wanna make a cover of this song!! >A<)
> Firework - Katy Perry (boom~~ boom~~)
> Selamat Hari Raya (I'm not Malay, but yes, I'm in the raya mood~ *w*)


Hey peeps!!! :D
So as some of you would know (or I think no one did since I never announced it on my blog, twitter or even Facebook~ oWo) I went out with my sistas and my beloved one to Berjaya Times Square last Friday (12 Aug 2011) for a little hangout session (so that I could at least hangout with them to have a little [or rather it was none~ .w.]birthday celebration~ XDD)

It started out as usual and ended as usual. But the unusual thing about this time's little outing of ours is that I brought together two different category of people in my life: my sistas and my special boy. (omg, I'm beginning to sound so whiny~ TT__TT)
So, nothing much to say about it then? XD Besides having to tell that I just bought an awesome pair of knee-high stockings from i-Socks for only RM16 which I am able to use for allllllllll my upcoming cosplay plans, HUZZAHHH!!!!! 8'D

(and since I'm in quite a rush to do something else for the day) So I shall use the wonders of pictures to tell my journey on last Friday!!! XDD
As the saying goes... "A picture is worth a thousand words" !!! 8DD

and please do be reminded that...there will be a my-life's spoiler picture in here~ *w*
and I bet some of you would know what it is~ :3

[and also do be warned that the following pictures are of a sucky quality because the camera of the day is my phone's camera~ ;___; with it being only 2.0 megapixels, everything looks so...SUCKY. ;___; *runs away crying*)

my fave picture of the day~ ^3^ <3
I like it so much coz I like how the background and myself is balanced in the picture~ :3


the picture of my butt? Durhurrr~ XDD
btw, the indoor theme park of Times Square was still not opened yet at this time, so it was a great timing to take picture near it~ :3 since the roller coasters are still not moving yet durrr~~


This is the friend I've been mentioning about in the previous post. Mizi, the guy who is one of those who are the first ones to talk to me~ :)

and guess what?

Here's the surprise. ;D


Yeap, you've guessed it. For those who are in my FB friends list should know this.
But for those who aren't, then let me introduce him to you properly...

This is Mizi, my special guy~ :D <3


Durhurhurrrrr~ *w* <3


This ish such a big Cosmo World patung~ XD


and oh, that's my full coordination for that day~ :D
[cap: PLKN cap (for freee, ngehehehehhh~ >D); top+half cardigan: night market @ Taman Mastiara (RM15); bubble necklace: Heart Attack @ Farenheit 88, KL (RM16); leather bracelet -on right hand-: Pusat Kraftangan Miri @ Miri, Sarawak (RM2.50, bargain price from teacher~ *w*); wood bracelet -on left hand-: Pusat Kraftangan Miri @ Miri, Sarawak (RM 3); sling bag: Pusat Kraftangan Miri @ Miri, Sarawak (RM14, bargain price from teacher); jeans: VJ Jeans; gladiator shoes: Nose (RM89.90)]

after hanging out at Berjaya Times Square for some time, we headed to Pavillion next to visit the newest street in town....



It wasn't all that bad, coz it had Daiso in there~ and Daiso's stuffs sold there are like, RM5 only for whatever that you buy~ 8DD
and they sell genuine kimonos there too~ D8 and they're priced at...RM400 or more.... ;___;

but they has a lot of food stalls and restaurants in there~ 8DD Mizi was the pity one coz he's fasting and he had to go through all those food stalls and restaurants to move on to the places where there's no food on sale~ OTL

Take a little picture with the big signboard of Tokyo Street (with our heads blocking the whole sign, durhurrr~~ =w=+) as a remembrance~ 8D <3
[I know, my smile looks weird right...? I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING RIGHT NOW!!! TT___TT]


We went and walk around the street and see what we found!!!!
I wish I could take this back home for FREEEEEEEEEE~~ =w=


Looks kinda like he's gonna kidnap it away at any moment~ = =|||


After walking around for a moment more, then it's just off back home~ :)
it's a pretty hard day, actually, coz neither of us have enough money to buy something special for ourselves~ :/ (and  no, the knee-high stockings that I bought wasn't something special in any way~ = =)

either way, we had tons of fun walking around the place like a bunch of idiots, so it was rather a cool day, I...guess...? XD

Off to rush the second post now, so tata for now~!! ^^

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Aug 2011: An experience like no other~

Mood: A little frustrated, but I'm now in the process of trying to calm myself down~ :)

Currently listening to:
> Freely Tomorrow - Miku Hatsune
> Glow - Celestial Chorus (cover version, original version by Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK)
> Anak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat (K.2, S.8/2011 Kem PLKN Miri trainees' fave song~ XD)


Ohaithar, internet folks!! :D

And as you can see, today's topic will be on my experience of a lifetime like no other, which is the time that I spent in National Service. :)

Honestly, when I first got the news that I've been chosen to be a trainee for National Service, my mindset was on 50/50, which meant that I was 50% excited and 50% reluctant to go for it. :/
but after being heavily lectured and convinced by my family and friends, I finally made that mindset of mine to 80/20, which was obviously better though there's still some 20% of reluctancy to go for it.

When the first batch of trainees were announced, I was rather disappointed that I wasn't chosen to go for the first batch~ :/ but since I had no choice, so I had to wait for a good 5 1/2 months at home, rolling on the bed and sitting in front of the computer for hours everyday while waiting for the news for second batch to be announced. (gained quite some weight along the way~ :/)

Til one day, 3 weeks before the second batch of trainees are scheduled to go to their respective camps, I recieved the letter from Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara.

And guess what? I'm to be sent to Miri for National Service!! And my first reaction upon seeing the place I'm being sent to was as below...


MIRI, SARAWAK???????????

SO DAMN FAR!!!!!!!!

But then, I heard from my seniors who had been to National Service camps in Sarawak that Sarawak camps are the best in the country~ so after taking their words into consideration, I began preparing for Miri, Sarawak. :)
went for medical checkups, photostating this and that, filling up all the required forms, preparing myself both physically and mentally for the time to arrive.

And when 16 May finally arrived, I was really really really excited yet reluctant to leave my family~ D: wanted to cry when I was about to board the bus, but I just held my tears in~ D':

Arrived at the Miri camp at about 4pm on the same day~ and of course, first time alone in a distant and foreign place, no sense of comfort without my family along me. Though there are my newfound friends along with me, but their presence serves as just a mere minor distraction for me.

First week while I was there, of course there was not much activities yet, so it was pretty boring. :/
the fun (kinda) started when our Character Builing class began, when I was placed in the same class as one of my friend that I made back when we were still in KLIA. He, Mizi, was a really nice guy (though he's kind of a softy~ |D) and he was the only person whom I talk to in class. XDD we would always hangout with each other during class, during breaktime and after class, and we got really, really close~ ^^

Soon after, more physical activities kicked in and situations in the camp started to kick up a notch and became more interesting and awesome~ ;D
A-frame, creative sports, silent footdrill, friendly sports competition, Flying Fox, M-16 shooting, Jungle Trekking and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
All were pretty tiring while doing it, but along the way, they were all REALLY REALLY FUN~ <3

As time passes by, I began to enjoy the life in the camp. Though there were strict rules to follow (yea, it's under the supervision of the army, what d'ya expect?? =w=+) but the trainers were all really supporting, so all things done and life there was a fun time to go through ~ :3

So much fun, in fact, that I actually forgot how time was passing by REAL FAST and 2 1/2 months was gone, JUST. LIKE. THAT.
and 30 July came around in just a blink of an eye.

30 July was a real hard day to go through, because of the mixed emotion of having to leave my new found friends behind and meeting my family again~
happy, sad, all in one. It was a really complicated day for me.
But after returning home, I realized that...I'M HOME. :D
and there's no place like home.
I know I missed my family a lot while I was in camp, but I know...at the same time, how I wish I could go back to the camp and go through the National Service training all over again~ :3
But what can I do? I've left the place after completing the training, so there's no way I could go back there to undergo the training again, UNLESS I go back there and work as a trainer~ ;) (which is obviously I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E coz I have to continue with my studies for the next few years while my special someone go back there to become a trainee and I won't be able to see him for a few years~ TT____TT)

Now, almost two weeks after I've returned from National Service and I look back at all the ups and downs I've went through during my 2 1/2 months time as a National Service trainee in the Miri Camp, I realized how lucky I was to be sent to Sarawak as I was able to learn a whole new culture (unlike if I was just sent to a Peninsula Malaysia camp, just the same thing~ ==) and also learn how to live like them. And also, a Sarawak camp is better in my opinion because they are being run by the Sarawak locals, and usually that means they run it a tad bit better~ *w*
also, I'm lucky to have been sent to that camp because the trainers are real nice and kind, which made it more fun to have been able to be in that camp for 2 1/2 months.

Being able to go for National Service in the Miri Camp was an experience like no other for me, and it is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
And, if given a second chance, I would very much like to go back there again. :D
If not as a trainee or even a trainer, just as a visitor will do very much for me. <3


A little note for all my widdle juniors and those of the same age as me who have yet to go for National Service:
Don't look National Service at a negative way. Though there will be some sacrifices that you have to make while in the camp, but as you go through your life there, you will find that it's a really really precious experience.
Yes, we all heard the news that from next year onwards, each National Service session is 6 months long. Don't freak out. Look at it as a real good opportunity for you (as for me, I curse the government for not implementing that session time length for when I was still in National Service~ =3= and I would do anything to go through 6 months of training. And yes, 6 months' time of training means I get to shoot using the M-16 TWICE!! OR EVEN THRICE!!! Q^Q)
Look forward to it, and try not to postpone it to later years to continue studying first (unless you really have to) when you recieve the letter. It's better for you to go for the training now rather than later coz, sooner or later, you'll still have to go through it, unless you have a real good reason for not being able to go~ :3

Learn how to enjoy every hardship of the trainings, coz they will be worth it when you enjoy every single moment there~ ^^


That's about it for today ne~ :3
the pictures will still have to wait coz the damn broadband is being a nuisance to me. It's making me not being able to upload my pics~ =3=
any hows, maybe throwing them into my blog will work, but that's gotta wait til....maybe later~ >_< coz I still have some sorting out to do. Latest by next week, they should be up. This weekend's gonna be pretty busy~ @@

and oh, just so you know, I'll be celebrating my legal age year (18 years old~ XDD) this coming Sunday~ 8DD (14 August!!!! O3O) <3



(P.S: I'm still currently finding a way on how to continue my fanfiction project...coz right now, my brain's still NOT WORKING TO THINK OF HOW TO CONTINUE IT~~~ TTATT)

Monday, August 8, 2011

09 August 2011: "I'm Overboard..."

Currently listening to:
> Overboard - Justin Bieber ft. Jessica Jarrell
> Corruption Garden - Luka Megurine


『So crazy is this thing we call love
And now that we've got it we just can't give up
I'm reaching out for you
Got me out here in the water and I...』


Though things may be rough at times between the both of us, but in the end...
I'll always need your love to help me get through the days...
Coz in times when things are at its worse while you're not around, you are my livesaver... :)


Justin Bieber ft. Jessica Jarrell

It feels like we've been out at sea, oh
So back and forth that's how it seems, whoa
And when I want to talk, you say to me
That if it's meant to be, it will be, whoa, whoa

So crazy is this thing we call love
And now that we've got it we just can't give up
I'm reaching out for you
Got me out here in the water and I

I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me up
I can't swim on my own, it's too much
Feels like I'm drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver

Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver
My lifesaver
Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver
Whoa, wow

Never understood you when you said, whoa
Wanted me to meet you halfway, whoa
I felt like I was doing my part
You kept thinking you're coming up short
It's funny how things change 'cause now I see
Oh, whoa, whoa

So crazy is this thing we call love
And now that we've got it we just can't give up
I'm reaching out for ya
Got me out here in the water and I

I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me up
I can't swim on my own, it's too much
Feels like I'm drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver, oh

It's supposed to be some give and take, I know
But you're only taking and not given any more
So what do I do? 'Cause I still love you
You're the only one who can save me, whoa, whoa, whoa

Oh, I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me up
I can't swim on my own, it's too much
Feels like I'm drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver

Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver
My lifesaver
It's crazy, crazy, crazy, yeah
Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver

Oh, lifesaver, oh, lifesaver
My lifesaver
Lifesaver, oh, lifesaver

A song dedicated specially to my special someone (yeaaa, if you're in my FB friends' list, you'd definitely know who is it already~ :3 but if you're not, then I'll prefer to keep it still as a secret...until I decide to announce it~) who had helped me through my down times though we had some minor bump on the road that both of us walk on. 
I also dedicate this song to my beloved family, dear friends and my soul sistas for being my shoulder to cry on and someone to always share my joy with~ :3
each and every one of you have become my lifesaver whenever I needed help most~ ^w^
All the precious people in my life, you are valued in my heart...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

02 Aug 2011: Preview of my life in Kem PLKN Miri, Kump.2 Siri 8/2011

Currently listening to:
> Bila Diri Disayangi - UK's (it's kinda like the 'official' seperation song of our camp, ehex~ =w=+)
> Hirari. Hirari - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> If - Kana Nishino
> Saat Terakhir - ST12


Hey y'all!!!! :D *waves*

Honestly speaking, I really really miss blogging ~ >O<
It's been so long since I last blogged (excluded yesterday, thank you very much~ ==) I actually forgot the format that I've setted for my blog when I wrote yesterday's post~ @@ holyyy~~
Things like these take time to get back used to, so I'm slowly gaining back my pace in terms of not only blogging, but also my life as an otaku and cosplayer. :D

Though honestly speaking I've kinda lost almost all my interest in cosplay and anime, but deep deep down in my heart I'm secretly wishing that I'll get my pace back and be actively involved in cosplay and catch up with all animes again~ :3
that's gotta take time, I know, but I can see the changes in me now~ XD


Movin'  on to today's main topic.....


I haven't really had the time to collect and sort out the pics from my time in PLKN yet, but since I can't help but frustrating over not having the chance to share my pictures with you on Facebook (I don't know why but it's so hard for me to upload my pics into FB...maybe because of the line~ =__=) so I decided to put some of them up here in my blog first~ :)

Chose some of the nice and...not-so-nice ones from almost 5000 pics that I've collected (300+ from my phone camera, 4100+ from the DVD we bought from our trainers~ :D) just some of them as a preview for all the pictures that I'm bound to upload into Facebook when I get the chance (which...is...I don't know when it'll be, unfortunately... ;w; hopefully A.S.A.P~) to show you just how fun and awesome my National Service life was~ :DD


Star of friends~ :)


Kumpulan gila dari Kem PLKN Miri, oooohhh yeaaaa~ =w=+


That's my room~ :D
P3A, the largest room in the whole of the camp~ *w* -proud mode: ON-


The hall @ dining hall view taken from one of the pondok beside the basketball court~ :D


The three PLKN buses parked outside Taman Awam Miri while we went for our midterm holiday outing~ :3


Kayaking is fun~ 8DD
(photo credits: Cikgu Hafiz)


More pictures coming up soon complete with organizing according to activities that has been carried out throughout the National Service session!! :D
Hopefully A.S.A.P, coz I know you want to see more~ *w* -ish kicked-


Well, that's about it nyaa? Coz I'll hafta go offline earlier tonight for I am going out to school tomorrow and also my sis needs to use the broadband now~ :3

this is your cosplay/KHR/yaoi fanatic, former NS trainee blogger, Yukino....




(P.S: A note to you if you know it's for you [yea, you know who you are~ ] Just because now I have someone special, that doesn't mean you are not special to me anymore. Above all, my family and friends are the most important. Yes, he's precious and special to me, but he's still not a level higher than any of my friends no matter what~ :/ So please don't misunderstand things, okay? I miss you a lot you know, and I wanna meet you guys faster coz, yea, I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Q^Q)