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Monday, August 29, 2011

29 Aug 2011: I'm back online, people ~ :D

Mood: excited~ :D

Currently listening to:
> Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
> Rolling In The Deep - Adele
> Tear Us Apart - Nadhira ft. Ron E Jones
> Takeover - Mizz Nina ft. Flo-Rida
> Freely Tomorrow - Miku Hatsune


Hey y'all peeps~ :D

sorry for not updating for the past two weeks, broadband was down~ :/
but here I am again~ :)

loads of awesome things happened in the two weeks time, and loads of un-awesome ones as well. But all experiences in life that I've been through helps me grow up mentally, and sometimes physically as well. ^^

My sayang and I have been okay all this while~ :D
And we're just getting even more closer by the day~ sometimes, though some people talk about us, saying that the differences between us will not make us last, but I know it's not gonna be that way.
We understand each other, and we're still trying to understand each other deeper. So no one can tell us not to be together 'coz they don't understand us deep enough~ ;)
thanx to all who supports though, you guys are the best~ <3 *hugs and kisses*

Oh yeah, speaking of which, some of you might've known that I've postponed my enrollment into college to next year~ this is due to some financial and personal problems, so I've decided to go take up a full-time job to earn some money to help ease the financial burden~ >w<
I will be working as a waitress in a fairly newly-opened restaurant in Jusco Kepong called Bar.B.Q Plaza.
I'll be starting my work there this Thursday (1 September) so if any of you folks are around that place, feel free to drop by and say hi to me~ :) (and of course eat there~ XD)
Realized that after I start work and since I'll be working full time, I'll be working 6 days a week, so I'll only be able to update my blog like....maybe once...or twice a week~ ;w;

sad life is sad.


Oh yea, one more thing.
Sunway University's annual cosplay event, AniManGaki will be held on 10-11 September 2011 in the same venue of course (Sunway University Multipurpose Hall...or something~). And for this year, I'll be going coz I'll be accompanying Hanatsu to go COD her Sakura wig~ XD
so to whomever is going to attend AniManGaki , keep an eye out for me~ :D Still not sure yet which day I'll be attending since I haven't started working and I haven't got my working schedule and all, so once I get it I'll inform you guys.
I will DEFINITELY be cosplaying, but as for what character I will be cosplaying, I won't be telling ya, so you'll have to find me til you get me, NO EXCUSES~ XDD

And also,

to all my Muslim friends and all Malaysians...




Gonna celebrate these two special occasions on the same day, which is on the 31 Aug in my sayang's house during his Raya open house~ :3

wait, I forgot something... 

As for birthdays...

Celebrating her birthday on the same day as Malaysia's Independence Day, it's my favourite Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune!!!!! <3<3

Happy birthday, Miku!! :D
my celebration for her birthday will be at night~ ;3

More updates from me soon in the next two days~

See ya!!! ^O^/

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