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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 Aug 2011 (3): It's Vampy!!! ♥

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Hey folks!!!! :D
Just a quick post for this third one of the day~ (omg, I don't have a life, do I? QwQ)

Here's a video that I stumbled upon, a video by MYXTV who did an interview with one of my favourite cosplayer, Linda Le or better known as Vampy. :D
been following her works for quite some time now, and she's a really nice person (got to chat with her on twitter some time back!! and she's real nice~ ;w; <3 love her LOTS)
she's also my cosplay inspiration aside Saya. Although Vampy's more to the daring and sexy kind of characters, but her view and love towards cosplay is what motivates me in my cosplay. :D

I know some of you might've known her for a period of time longer than me~ but if you don't, and you are a big fan of cosplay, then I suggest you check up on her coz she's just so AWESOME!!! <3

so here it is, folks, the video of Linda Le @ Vampy.


(and yes, how I wish I could talk to her face to face like that~ ;w; and dayummm, she's just so HOT!!! <3)

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