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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Aug 2011: Remember the Urge~ ♪♫

Mood: Kinda bored, but I'm feeling really excited after watching their new PV!!! 8D <3

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> Remember the Urge - the GazettE (looping mode: ON)


Hey guys!! :D

So, I find myself being immersed into the world of the GazettE fandom lately - always keeping up with the latest news from them, always waiting for their latest songs to be released, go "KYAAA!!"-ing with their latest PVs and all - though I know that I'm still not qualified enough to be a true fan of them since I do not know them enough like the other true fans do~ ;w; *ish disappointed with myself to the max orzzz*

But anyways, it's not wrong for me to love them and their songs, right?
Coz for me, they're awesome~ :)

and I bet if you're a true GazettE fan, then you should know about their latest PV release, "Remember the Urge".

And here's the PV that I've been "KYAAA!!!"-ing over for the past few hours. XD


and in case if there's something wrong with the PV vid and you can't view it anymore (rumours going around that this vid is bound to be deleted~ ;___;) then here's the video with the lyrics to the song~ :3

Enjoy the song and video, folks!! :D
 (while I continue to go all fangirling over this song~ :3)

If there's any problem with the vid, I'll upload a new and official-that-won't-be-deleted-one as soon as I find it, yea? :D

Til then,

\m/ (_ _)\m/

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