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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 Aug 2011 (2): A (not so) happy 18th birthday to me~ ♥

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I just celebrated my 18th birthday on the 14th Aug 2011 (Sunday). :)
Though it is my 18th birthday and I should be happy that I've finally reached the legal age (MORE YAOI!!! 8D *smacked*) but I wasn't so happy with my date of birth because...well...for the chinese, you should know why... .___.
14th August falls on the 15th day of the 7th month in the chinese lunar calendar, which is the day (according to the chinese folk legend...I guess...) that the Gate of Hell closes and all the hungry ghosts go back to the underworld.
Unlucky day for me, eh? .__.



But, anyhows, I got to have a whole afternoon of sleep (hurhurrrr, I ish a sleepy person on Sunday afternoons~ =w=+) and Japanese cuisine for dinner~ :3 (yes, I miss sushi very much~ TTwTT)

and, as usual again, pictures hold thousands of words~ ;D


started off the meal with a nice big steaming hot cup of chawan mushi~ :3 nyummmm~


a plate of potato salad as an appetizer~~ *drools* I want more of it~~ TTwTT


and for my dad and elder sis, it's green salad~ :D


main course #1 for me!!!!!
two California rolls~ :3
if you do notice, the left one's a little weird-looking...that's coz I nom-ed it half way before I remembered of wanting to take a picture of it. OTL...


and main course #2, Unadon!!!
It's basically just eel and rice~ :3 a very satisfying meal with this, since I like their grilled eel very much~ ;w; <3


this is my younger sis's main course, tonkatsu curry rice~ :D


my younger sister and I~ :D


hehe, two sisters~ :3


my elder sis and me~ :3
don't we look alike? except that my face is more chubbier~ ;3


durhurhurrrrrrr~ 8DD


the OMG face~~ |DD


Blur face much? =w=|||


Smiles all around for the day~ :D


Initially there's another three more pictures that I'm supposed to upload it here as well, but since their sizes are just too big *cries* so maybe no then~ :/

it was a rather pleasant way to end the day, coming back home with a big tummy~ :3
though couldn't properly celebrate it, but at least I know I have my family, friends and my sayang who loves me for who I am, and that's what counts most in my life~ ^^

anyways....my birthday present from my parents are still pending. I requested a turqoise-coloured headphone from them because I really want a headphone (and also, I could double use it for Miku casual cosplays as well~ *w*) and I'm already having my eyes on one of it~ 8D
all that's left to do is to wait for the money to come rolling in then the headphone's mine~ XDD

I'll definitely post up pictures of the headphone if I do get my hands on it~

but til then , see ya later!!

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