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Monday, August 15, 2011

16 Aug 2011: A day out at Times Square~ :D

Mood: sleepy~ =__=ZzZz been a whole day trying to finish up this post, but I always end up doing other things orzzzz (this is actually a delayed post. it was intended to be posted on 15 Aug -yesterday- but had to post it up only TODAY coz while I was about to finish it up, I had to go on a temporary hiatus because someone just had to take the broadband from me~ =__= *annoyed*)

Currently listening to:
> Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
> My Moment - Rebecca Black (I don't know about you, but I find the tune really catchy~ :D and she sounds WAYYYY better in this song~ *___*)
> Butterflies - Alana Lee Hamilton (I wanna make a cover of this song!! >A<)
> Firework - Katy Perry (boom~~ boom~~)
> Selamat Hari Raya (I'm not Malay, but yes, I'm in the raya mood~ *w*)


Hey peeps!!! :D
So as some of you would know (or I think no one did since I never announced it on my blog, twitter or even Facebook~ oWo) I went out with my sistas and my beloved one to Berjaya Times Square last Friday (12 Aug 2011) for a little hangout session (so that I could at least hangout with them to have a little [or rather it was none~ .w.]birthday celebration~ XDD)

It started out as usual and ended as usual. But the unusual thing about this time's little outing of ours is that I brought together two different category of people in my life: my sistas and my special boy. (omg, I'm beginning to sound so whiny~ TT__TT)
So, nothing much to say about it then? XD Besides having to tell that I just bought an awesome pair of knee-high stockings from i-Socks for only RM16 which I am able to use for allllllllll my upcoming cosplay plans, HUZZAHHH!!!!! 8'D

(and since I'm in quite a rush to do something else for the day) So I shall use the wonders of pictures to tell my journey on last Friday!!! XDD
As the saying goes... "A picture is worth a thousand words" !!! 8DD

and please do be reminded that...there will be a my-life's spoiler picture in here~ *w*
and I bet some of you would know what it is~ :3

[and also do be warned that the following pictures are of a sucky quality because the camera of the day is my phone's camera~ ;___; with it being only 2.0 megapixels, everything looks so...SUCKY. ;___; *runs away crying*)

my fave picture of the day~ ^3^ <3
I like it so much coz I like how the background and myself is balanced in the picture~ :3


the picture of my butt? Durhurrr~ XDD
btw, the indoor theme park of Times Square was still not opened yet at this time, so it was a great timing to take picture near it~ :3 since the roller coasters are still not moving yet durrr~~


This is the friend I've been mentioning about in the previous post. Mizi, the guy who is one of those who are the first ones to talk to me~ :)

and guess what?

Here's the surprise. ;D


Yeap, you've guessed it. For those who are in my FB friends list should know this.
But for those who aren't, then let me introduce him to you properly...

This is Mizi, my special guy~ :D <3


Durhurhurrrrr~ *w* <3


This ish such a big Cosmo World patung~ XD


and oh, that's my full coordination for that day~ :D
[cap: PLKN cap (for freee, ngehehehehhh~ >D); top+half cardigan: night market @ Taman Mastiara (RM15); bubble necklace: Heart Attack @ Farenheit 88, KL (RM16); leather bracelet -on right hand-: Pusat Kraftangan Miri @ Miri, Sarawak (RM2.50, bargain price from teacher~ *w*); wood bracelet -on left hand-: Pusat Kraftangan Miri @ Miri, Sarawak (RM 3); sling bag: Pusat Kraftangan Miri @ Miri, Sarawak (RM14, bargain price from teacher); jeans: VJ Jeans; gladiator shoes: Nose (RM89.90)]

after hanging out at Berjaya Times Square for some time, we headed to Pavillion next to visit the newest street in town....



It wasn't all that bad, coz it had Daiso in there~ and Daiso's stuffs sold there are like, RM5 only for whatever that you buy~ 8DD
and they sell genuine kimonos there too~ D8 and they're priced at...RM400 or more.... ;___;

but they has a lot of food stalls and restaurants in there~ 8DD Mizi was the pity one coz he's fasting and he had to go through all those food stalls and restaurants to move on to the places where there's no food on sale~ OTL

Take a little picture with the big signboard of Tokyo Street (with our heads blocking the whole sign, durhurrr~~ =w=+) as a remembrance~ 8D <3
[I know, my smile looks weird right...? I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING RIGHT NOW!!! TT___TT]


We went and walk around the street and see what we found!!!!
I wish I could take this back home for FREEEEEEEEEE~~ =w=


Looks kinda like he's gonna kidnap it away at any moment~ = =|||


After walking around for a moment more, then it's just off back home~ :)
it's a pretty hard day, actually, coz neither of us have enough money to buy something special for ourselves~ :/ (and  no, the knee-high stockings that I bought wasn't something special in any way~ = =)

either way, we had tons of fun walking around the place like a bunch of idiots, so it was rather a cool day, I...guess...? XD

Off to rush the second post now, so tata for now~!! ^^

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