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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

02 Aug 2011: Preview of my life in Kem PLKN Miri, Kump.2 Siri 8/2011

Currently listening to:
> Bila Diri Disayangi - UK's (it's kinda like the 'official' seperation song of our camp, ehex~ =w=+)
> Hirari. Hirari - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> If - Kana Nishino
> Saat Terakhir - ST12


Hey y'all!!!! :D *waves*

Honestly speaking, I really really miss blogging ~ >O<
It's been so long since I last blogged (excluded yesterday, thank you very much~ ==) I actually forgot the format that I've setted for my blog when I wrote yesterday's post~ @@ holyyy~~
Things like these take time to get back used to, so I'm slowly gaining back my pace in terms of not only blogging, but also my life as an otaku and cosplayer. :D

Though honestly speaking I've kinda lost almost all my interest in cosplay and anime, but deep deep down in my heart I'm secretly wishing that I'll get my pace back and be actively involved in cosplay and catch up with all animes again~ :3
that's gotta take time, I know, but I can see the changes in me now~ XD


Movin'  on to today's main topic.....


I haven't really had the time to collect and sort out the pics from my time in PLKN yet, but since I can't help but frustrating over not having the chance to share my pictures with you on Facebook (I don't know why but it's so hard for me to upload my pics into FB...maybe because of the line~ =__=) so I decided to put some of them up here in my blog first~ :)

Chose some of the nice and...not-so-nice ones from almost 5000 pics that I've collected (300+ from my phone camera, 4100+ from the DVD we bought from our trainers~ :D) just some of them as a preview for all the pictures that I'm bound to upload into Facebook when I get the chance (which...is...I don't know when it'll be, unfortunately... ;w; hopefully A.S.A.P~) to show you just how fun and awesome my National Service life was~ :DD


Star of friends~ :)


Kumpulan gila dari Kem PLKN Miri, oooohhh yeaaaa~ =w=+


That's my room~ :D
P3A, the largest room in the whole of the camp~ *w* -proud mode: ON-


The hall @ dining hall view taken from one of the pondok beside the basketball court~ :D


The three PLKN buses parked outside Taman Awam Miri while we went for our midterm holiday outing~ :3


Kayaking is fun~ 8DD
(photo credits: Cikgu Hafiz)


More pictures coming up soon complete with organizing according to activities that has been carried out throughout the National Service session!! :D
Hopefully A.S.A.P, coz I know you want to see more~ *w* -ish kicked-


Well, that's about it nyaa? Coz I'll hafta go offline earlier tonight for I am going out to school tomorrow and also my sis needs to use the broadband now~ :3

this is your cosplay/KHR/yaoi fanatic, former NS trainee blogger, Yukino....




(P.S: A note to you if you know it's for you [yea, you know who you are~ ] Just because now I have someone special, that doesn't mean you are not special to me anymore. Above all, my family and friends are the most important. Yes, he's precious and special to me, but he's still not a level higher than any of my friends no matter what~ :/ So please don't misunderstand things, okay? I miss you a lot you know, and I wanna meet you guys faster coz, yea, I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Q^Q)

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