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Thursday, April 5, 2012

05 April 2012~ (3) : Some fun in Starbucks :D

Current mood: I'm feeling quite sleepy now, actually~ XD

Music playbacks:
> I=fantasy - SeeU
> Part of Me - Katy Perry
> Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
> Rocketeer - Far East Movement
> Through the Eyes of Love - Britt Nicole


So I'm gonna end the day by uploading some pics of me while I'm at work.
Taken on Tuesday out of boredom when our store was extremely...nothing to do. |D

So the new partner, Qiela, had her new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II (yes, I extremely envy her~ ;w;) and had this really cool camera app in her phone (IDK what it's called since I don't use Samsung phones...orzzz) and since we were all kinda bored to death, so we decided to have her take our pics. :3

These are the best six, using all sorts of different effects of the camera filter. :)

from left: Ken, me and our supervisor, Tan Sri Elavarasan~ XD (lolllll~ :3)

photobombing level: customer standing in front of the pastry case~ =w=

Feel like a movie star~ *w* <3

"Somedayyyy my prince will come~ <3"

Yes, I do daydream while I'm at work.

Your arguments are invalid. :3

Trying to act cute = FAIL.


Happy happy day~ ;3

Ahhhhh well, I'm lifeless, as you know it. (as always durhurrr~ XD)

Anyways, along with this post is one last picture I would like to share with everyone out there. :3

And here it is...!!!

 I hereby officially announce that I am in an official relationship!!! :D

Yes, I know, some of you might say I'm a man eater or something like that, but trust me, I know a guy that's good for me when I see one, and be together with that one guy that I believe who will be able to take care of my heart. :)
Idk if there's gonna be a whole load of my friends who will get to know about this status (except for those who already knows) before him and I officially announce it on Facebook (where most of my friends are~ 8D) so yea, depending on how many of them reads this posts, then only those who now knows, knows. :3
In the mean time, I'd like to express my thank and love to Ken for being a really good boyfriend to me since the first day we started dating. (and yes, you are WAYYYYY better than my previous ex. :3)

Off to bed now, guys, Imma be working morning shift tomorrow. QuQ

Tata for now!!!


05 April 2012~ (2): We'll be safe and sound....

Current mood: The current song I'm listening to now is making me feel real drowsy...and relaxed, of course~ XD

Music playback:

Listen to the whole damn song and feel the lyrics.



Enjoy~ :3

(repeat mode: *ON*)

05 April 2012~ : Part of me

Current mood: Mood swings are at its finest. It's PMS, for your info. :)

Music playbacks:
> Part of Me - Katy Perry
> One Thing - One Direction
> We Found Love - Glee cover version (original by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris)
> Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars


Hey guys!!! :D
Sorry for the long-time-no-update on my blog, have always been extremely busy for the past months to the point that I really couldn't find any time to sit down in front of my PC to update my blog. Most of my updates were done mainly by using my phone, so I apologize for those who couldn't able to keep up with my life if you don't have my twitter of facebook account. TT_____TT


I'm going to do a few short updates on what are my faves nowadays (though my ultimate fave is to try on makeups nowadays, but I can't possibly find a time to do so, so I'll just keep it to a minimum~ ;w;)

I've been hooked to a really  awesome song by Katy Perry, a song meant for her ex-husband to show that she's not going to break in the wake of their divorce.
The lyrics to this song really means a lot to those who are going through a lot of hard time in their lives, and also to me. And this is from me, dedicated to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in my life who are the parts of me that strangers aren't able to take away from me. :)

So here it is. Enjoy. :)

(P.S: I've been watching loads of makeup tutorial vids. Idk whaiii~ ;w;)