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Monday, September 19, 2011

19 Sep 2011: Ura-omote Lovers

Mood: Excited...reluctant...or nervous....it's either one of these moods for me to face my first day of work in Starbucks~ >A<

Currently listening to:
> Ura-omote Lovers - Miku Hatsune

> Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
> Romeo & Cinderella - Miku Hatsune
> Freely Tomorrow - Miku Hatsune


Hey netizens!! :D
I bet some of you would notice how hooked up I was with this song. XD
And after some consideration for some time, I finally decided to do a photoshoot PV for Miku Hatsune's famous tongue-twisting song, "Ura-omote Lovers" ("Two-faced Lovers")~~ :D
I've watched some self-made PVs of this song by some other Youtube users and they were pretty interesting, but neither of them still actually fits the song perfectly yet. In a way~ oWo (no offense to those out there~ >.< *infinity bows*

I have been wanting to do it for some time now, and since Ura-omote Lovers have had no specific descriptions in the costumes (if you have watched the original PV of the song, then you should understand it why, PERFECTLY~ *w*), so it's actually gonna be based on my creativity to make the photoshoot PV out of the song. Using the lyrics and making the shoot relate to it, I'm hoping that it will work out~ >w< <3 Already having some ideas on how my costume will be, but not how the video will be yet. So yea, giving myself some time to do it for now and hopefully I get to make it successful~ >A<

Don't know when I'm gonna commence this shoot, but yea, hopefully it's gonna be SOON~ 8D <3
Soon while my work schedule isn't so busy orz...;w;

I'm actually still waiting for my time to go to work now, coz apparently, my Starbucks manager called in not long ago and told me that I only have to report in for work at 6pm, so yea, I has time now to crap some craps in here while I wait. XD

Here's the original PV of Miku's "Ura-omote Lovers" if you haven't watched it yet.
Enjoy!! :D

And I'm off!!!
See y'all~ :D

(P.S: I'm in a seriously deep dilemma now~ D: friends are trying their best to talk to him and me, but nothing seems to be working so far to make things better. I'll still have to wait 3 weeks for him to give me his answer. And based on what he had told me the other day, which was that his answer contains both negativity and positivity, I'm kinda worried now. D: he did said that even if we broke up, we can still be friends, but I'm pretty sure things won't be the same again since I told him before that I wanted him to be my first and my last, and I don't care about him being a different race from me. :O)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

18 Sept 2011: The day after I quitted my job

Mood: On the top of the cloud~ XD but at the same time I'm going through a wave of problems, so I'm tied between being overly happy and overly depressed. So, let's just call it neutral~ .w.

Currently listening to:
> Super Bass - Ashley Gosengfiao cover (original by Nicki Minaj)
> Freely Tomorrow - Miku Hatsune
> Story of Us - Taylor Swift
> Tear Us Apart - Nadhira ft. Ron E Jones
> Last Friday Night - Katy Perry


Hey y'all netizens!!!

Yeap, people, as you've read the headline of today's post, I quitted my job at BarBQ Plaze yesterday.

Wanna know why?

Coz I can't handle the job stress there orz.
Not that I can't handle job stress, but the stress that I have to handle there is not the level of stress that I can handle. I know how many people have seen me handle loads of stress back when I was in high school, but the stress in the working world is different, and especially in there, it's something I can't handle~ @@
So, after some thoughtful considerations, I decided to stop my work there. :)
Now, I'm a happy free girl.
Free from that crazy job~ XD
Though I did have loads of fun time in there, but trust me, if I just have to stay there for another two weeks til the end of this month, I know I will go nuts. Go crazy. Crazier than I already am. @A@

But, not to worry, my good folks, I already have a backup job to back me up when I quit my job as a full time waitress at BarBQ Plaza. :D

I now work as a part time barista at Starbucks Coffee!!!! <3<3

Yea, it's in Jusco Kepong as well, but I know it's gonna be better than being a waitress at BarBQ Plaza. :3

Gonna start tomorrow and I hope this job will last til the end of the year. ^^

Oh yea, do you have any idea how much I miss my cosplay life? @@
not that I'm obsessed with it, I just kinda miss it. VERY VERY MUCH. TT_____TT
Planning to do a shoot by October with my dearest Hanatsu, so I'm hoping that time will be in our covinience so that I can continue to improve myself in cosplay. :D

And if I never mentioned, I'm on a cold war against my beloved sayang. :(
Must've been something that slipped out of my mouth again, perhaps, and also both of our tempers.
He told me loads of things that I never knew on Friday, and I'm hurt by his words, but at the same time I realized that I don't know him as much as I should know if we were to continue our relationship. :O
So right now, I'm waiting for his answer as patiently as I could, in 3 weeks time. I don't know if he would really personally call me on 8th October to tell me his answer, but somehow there's a downside in his answer. And if it's anything to do with having to break up with me, I don't know how I'm gonna handle it since I have never handled any break up before. TT_____TT
So, I'm praying my hardest that his heart would soften and he would forgive me, and that his decision would not involve anything that would drive me to (possibly) suicide or something like that. ;w;
but no worries, I know I'm able to handle it.


Oh wells, at least now I still have other things to distract me from it (lucky to have 'em) but seriously, I'm not ready to break up with him yet, moreover that he's my first, so I really want him to be my last.
And if there's anything I could do to fix this, I would do it.

Yes, my friends have advised me that I have to be patient and strong and not to think a lot about it and also to give each other time, but right now, only God knows how much I cry on the inside although all this while I'm always wearing a big smile on my face and laughing to every jokes. :/

So right now, I'm trying my very best to retain back my perseverance, strength, courage and patience, which I assume to have lost after I am together with him.
I know I have to get it back in me if I want to survive in my relationship with him. Without it, I believe I'm not me. I'm only someone who hides behind a mask.

Okay, leave that aside for now. >.<

I'm now just happy that I've quitted my job from there and I'm starting a new job tomorrow, a new job that I know I'll be looking forward to coz I went through the mind-boggling interview on my own, without my mom accompanying me and applied what I've learned back in National Service into the questions asked in the interview to help me to get this job. :) very proud of myself~ ^^


A little quote to end my post of the day, relating it to what I've been through this week. :)

I’m a girl. I overreact. I underestimate. I overestimate. I over think everything. I dream big. And when I say I love you...

I’m not lying.

See ya!!! :3 <3

(P.S: I have no idea when I will resume on my fanfiction project. TTATT been delaying it for too long til I have no idea how to continue it.)